Robert Cenedella, Drawing from Life Class — Art Students League of New York

Uploaded by ArtStudentsLeagueNY on 06.05.2010

It's inspiring to see any given student progress.
So, in this class, because of that
there's a great sense that
the students are very positive amongst themselves.
I came to the Art Students League when I was a kid.
I was here when I was twelve years old.
My mother sent me here.
I spent two years on Saturday mornings
before I went to high school.
I had a good reputation in advertising and won all kinds of awards, and when I came here,
it was a very humbling experience.
The key for me is making sure that I design the page.
The same way I would design an ad - a full-page newspaper ad - I design the page.
I look at a model and I say,
"What's the best design that I can make out of that?"
I started at the Art Students League like three months ago now and
before that I never really drew.
I've drawn a bit all my life but never really seriously like it is now.
I mean this is like three and a half hour days so...
I feel like I'm improving already so I feel like that it helps me already.
Now what I'm trying to do is really to do the human shape and all that and
I really think it's getting better.
I can see the improvement like in the beginning, each week, and now it takes a little
slower, but I I feel like I'm improving all the time. That's really what I'm going for.
The other thing about the League of course is
that what they teach is this very basic atelier system.
A working artist is the teacher.
In this situation in a class where everyone wants to be
drawing, wants to learn things...
it's more interesting for me.
Before New York, I was in Italy and Florence. I was there about four years studying art.
I learned in Italy mostly 19th century classical, figurative art.
I have had shows in India, back home,
and I have a gallery there as well.
So I think that's my goal here for the next couple of years - to work towards a collection,
and get a gallery for myself.
I think the League is like a culture. It's a very inspiring place because you get
to see so many different kinds of work and it's very independent. That's what I like about it.
The people are great and its nice to be around artists.
It's the most democratically run organization that I know of, and totally unique.
To me it's where art really is.
There's nothing like it and I don't know how you can replace it.