How to Make Sweet Potato Pone : Grate Potatoes for Sweet Potato Pone

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi, my name is Karl James, owner of Creolesoul Catering located in Round Rock, TX and on
behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you a sweet potato pone recipe. Now that we
have our sweet potatoes peeled what we need to do now is grate them. We're going to use
a grater I was just thinking about this, you might be able to use a grinder if you have
one, or a food processor with the right blades. But we're just going to grate these by hand,
here we're using the larger holes here. Like I said with the other step I think this is
basically the toughest part of the process. They kind of look like carrots, don't they.
So you just got to be patient if you're doing it by hand. Get everything grated, now I've seen a couple
of recipes done with this, where they actually mash the potatoes but I definitely think grating
is much better. Anyway, I'll continue to grate the sweet potato here and we'll get ready
for the next step.