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Episode 11
is painful.
It is only a scar that is painful.
But I still think of you,
I really miss you,
that's why I'm looking for you.
It's always at that place.
At that place,
only looking toward you.
Any moment without you,
I cannot live.
Please come back to me.
We're leaving now.
Where is Jung Woo?
He's not going.
Did anything happen to him?
Jung Woo... is with Su Hyun right now.
Kang Rae,
you'll be going with the other team.
In the event something happens,
whichever team is safe will save Atouba.
Yes, sir.
That person to whom giving entire world is not enough.
That person is the reason I live today.
That person who gave me reasons to smile,
I miss that person.
That person I draw with my hot tears.
That person I cannot erase from my heart.
No matter how much I wish, no matter how much I hope,
I can't help but to keep longing.
I will throw it all away, throw all away.
Even my heart that remembers you.
I will forget it all, forget all.
That person that is painful to love.
What's going on?
It's enough for me alone to cry in pain.
Even if I have to swallow the sun,
my love is not possible for anyone else,
I will not let go.
Excuse me.
Where is Jimmy? I'm looking for him.
Jimmy? I don't know. Maybe he's at home... somewhere.
I forget, I will forget all for you.
The one I cannot love.
What are you talking about?
Let's go. Hurry.
Go where?
Stop your nonsense. Hurry and get the weapons and the cars ready.
can't you understand the intentions of Jackson and your friends?
That woman named Lee Su Hyun...
you mustn't have seen her yet.
Jung Woo.
How can you leave behind such a beautiful girlfriend?
Have a good time.
How did this happen?
How did you come here?
That's what I wanted to ask you.
Jung Woo, why are you here?
What's all this about gambling with your life?
What would bring you to Africa?
Su Hyun...
You hurt alone, you break your own heart.
What kind of foolish love is that?
There's this orphanage in Namwon Jeju.
I was taken there immediately after birth...
and that's where I grew up.
When I was around thirteen,
these people came to the orphanage to do charity work.
There was this man who owned the largest orange grove in Seogwipo,
a very rich old man...
and his granddaughter.
All the orphans lined up, including me,
to accept what they had brought.
They gave each one of us a present and an orange.
That day, the orphanage Director...
took the switch to me until my calves bled.
I didn't know why I did that.
That night,
I took some of the orphans to the orchard.
I wanted that girl with the pure look in her eyes to become flawed.
Because only then,
she and I could be the same.
My plans were to totally destroy that orchard.
The moment I saw the girl playing her cello,
I couldn't breathe anymore.
I knew then how wrong my thinking was.
She wasn't a girl that could be tarnished by someone like me.
As I was running away, I found myself crying...
without knowing why.
Thinking back on it,
I think that was the first time in my life that I felt ashamed.
I made up my mind right there and then...
that if I ever saw that girl again,
it wouldn't be with that shameful feeling.
My past, all the flaws in me, I will erase them all...
and become like her,
pure and without flaws.
I had to meet her like that.
It was more than ten years later...
when I saw her again...
in a classroom at the university.
Even then, she was still the same.
With that same clear look in her eyes, playing her cello.
By that time though,
I'd already sold my soul.
To try and erase my past, I became as a dog
who barked when told, and pretended to die when told to.
Living the life of servitude.
I was still ashamed of who I was.
So I didn't reveal myself
and I just looked at you...
from a distance.
Because for a person like me to love someone like you is a sin.
I may commit a hundred, a thousand sins,
but I would never commit a sin against you.
There is nothing I need from you,
the only thing I want is for you to be with me.
Don't be heartbroken, don't lose faith
on this day that we can love.
There's so much more I want to do with you,
there so much more I want to do for you.
Don't apologize, don't be nervous...
on this day that we can be happy.
Just in case I misunderstood...
I doubt my ears on what I heard...
but you are pushing me away.
How long must I wait for you to hold me?
Was it your intentions all along...
to push me away about now?
Should I gain the entire world
but don't have you, it is not a good day for me.
Every once in a while...
I would think of the look that boy had, who stomped the oranges in front of me.
I had never seen such sadness in anyone's eyes before.
After meeting you again,
it never crossed my mind that you were that same child...
and I just told myself how sad your eyes looked.
I didn't always live with a clear look...
in my eyes like you think.
Just as you did,
I may also have sold my soul.
And just like the hardships you've had in your life,
I too suffered a pain that I can't bear to think back on...
and am also full of flaws.
We need to recognize the wounds...
and tend to the pain in each other.
So don't think those foolish thoughts anymore.
I was able to look at you with no shame for the first time ever.
I'll be back before the show closes.
Since you've forgiven me my sins,
I will now nurse the pain in your heart for you.
This is the briefing on the casino for the Chairman.
When is the deadline for the construction funds?
Once we get the funds from Chairman Moon,
pay the constructions costs first.
Did you found out who owns the Cho Seon land?
Yes. There are in all eight people, including two Korean-Japanese.
They might give us quite a headache.
Two people are living in Osaka, Japan.
We need that land, so try to get in touch with them.
Yes, sir.
Oh by the way, Jung Woo...
is said to be in Africa.
Why in Africa?
I'm not sure. But he's with Jackson,
so maybe he went there as a mercenary.
Oh by the way, Jung Woo...
is said to be in Africa.
- This is Su Hyun Lee. - It's me, Tae Hyuk.
Oh, what's going on?
I was just wondering how you were.
The performances are going well.
Nothing else is going on?
- Like what? - Just... anything.
Tae Hyuk, I'm sorry but I have to get to the rehearsal.
Oh right, sorry. Good luck with...
No-one said anything about any checkpoints.
We have the fake papers, so we'll be fine. Don't get too nervous.
We work for UNRO,
We're transporting emergency medicine and relief supplies.
- Where to? - To Nimaru.
Here, we have a pass.
Come down.
Hurry up! Get out, do you hear?
I said get out!
You over there!
Yes, you.
Quickly, get out of here!
Get in the car, get in the car. Move, move! Move!
Enemy attack!
Your angel, come now.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Ok? Don't worry about it.
This is a gamble I started...
and I will see it to the end.
The rebels will be here soon.
Let's hurry and get out of here.
It's the rebel army!
We are running out of fuel. We have to go back and refuel.
No, we have to get them! Turn this helicopter back!
Everybody look at the photo.
The person we are looking for should be among them.
Let's split into three teams.
I'll take Se Dol and attack the towers to get their attention.
Jimmy, prepare our getaway.
Jung Woo, go ahead and find Atouba.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
The game isn't over yet.
Let's go.
What's happening? Let's get out!
Atouba, Atouba.
Atouba. Okay, go.
Jimmy! Jimmy!
Put the gun down.
I came to save you.
Your father sent me.
Put the gun down.
I'm going to take you to your father.
Come on. Come on, put it down.
Your father's name is Cha Cha Bo, right?
Your father sent me. Trust me.
I'm on your side.
It's a call from Han Shin Bank.
I was just about to call you.
I apologize that you had to call me first.
Thanks to you, everything is going smoothly.
If the Nagwon Hotel transaction goes through...
I'm sorry?
The decision is final?
I see.
Tell Baek Sil Jang to come right away.
Did you ask for me?
How goes the deal with Nagwon Hotel?
The decision will be made tomorrow.
And the head of the legal department of Han Shin Bank...
said that there shouldn't be any problems with us taking over.
You bastard!
What do you think you're doing?
- Baek Sung Il. - Yes, Chairman.
Why have you been so incompetent lately?
Now that your belly's full, are your eyes and ears becoming dull?
That's right... I was too hasty in the responsibilities I handed over.
Do I have to make you to start again from the bottom...
so that you come to your senses?
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Nagwon Hotel has been taken over by Gyeong Sung Group.
That's impossible.
I will definitely obtain that...
The game is already over.
Don't be stubborn and with your absurdity,
wipe my face with shit.
This is the last chance you'll get from me.
If you make one more mistake, that will be the end for you.
Get out.
What's the use of being the richest man in the world
if you can't do anything about your own daughter's heartbreak.
If there's anyone that will make her happy,
I would gladly give that person everything I have.
There are just two things about Jang Min Ho I envy.
What are they?
Having a son to rely on and a man like you to trust.
I might have made some money,
but I have failed in bringing up men I can trust to work under me.
I have many flaws...
but I will become like a son to you.
If there's anything I can ever do for you, let me know any time.
Even if they're empty words, I'm grateful to hear it.
I'm not just saying it for you to hear, I'm speaking with sincerity from my heart.
Thank you.
It's good to see you dressed up a bit.
You two get going.
Here you go.
Go on.
I wanted to go to a hostess bar.
Aren't you sick of hostess bars?
Who is that woman?
It looks like Chairman Moon Sung Chul's daughter.
- Chairman Moon Sung Chul? - Uh huh. You didn't know?
Baek Sil Jang's been going out a lot with her lately.
Wow, if we can just nab a woman like that, we'll be set for life. What a waste.
Perhaps it's like that with every parent in the world.
But Chairman's love toward his daughter seems exceptional.
That's not true.
To my father, I'm really a bad daughter.
And to me, he is not such a great father.
You told me that I can ask for help anytime, right?
Just tell me.
Can you find out for me, where Jackson is?
It's been a long time since he's left Las Vegas.
Would that be too difficult?
To the best of my abilities,
I will try to find out.
- What is it? - What are you going to do about Sun Young?
What about her?
If you've used her that much, shouldn't you take some responsibility for her?
What responsibility?
Why are you being like this?
I can do anything you tell me to do...
but if you make our Sun Young unhappy,
I will not just sit by and watch.
How dare you let your thug side come out?
- Get out of my eyes right now. - You haven't seen anything yet.
If you leave Sun Young,
you'll see what a real thug is like.
Why did you call me out?
Do you know who Baek Sil Jang's been seeing lately?
- Why would I care who he sees? - You idiot...
It's exactly for this reason he takes you for granted!
I'll take care of my own business. Don't involve yourself.
If Baek Sil Jang dumps you, I might just kill him.
I hope that won't happen.
Jae Hyeon, go research the legends of Jeju and the local folk stories.
Also, make list of songs the maidens will sing while diving and give it to Tony.
When will the meeting start with the computer technicians?
- They will start next week. - Is it possible to do it sooner?
That's okay with their team but your schedule is full until then.
Cancel all other meetings, so we can have those meetings first.
Why would you meet with the computer technicians?
For a show like the "O", there are 75 performers in the show.
But the technicians in the background,
including the programmers, number over 150.
But first we have to determine the logistics and whether certain acts are possible for the stage.
We'll go ahead.
How much longer do I have to wait?
Oh. The preparations for the show could take more than a year.
Once headquarters decide on the venue,
we'll need at least six months to assemble the performing group...
Su Hyun.
Here I'm talking about...
How much longer do I have to wait for you?
I can be patient and wait,
but I wish you would come to me soon.
I wish your heart would accept mine.
I told you before not to wait for me.
If you do keep this up, it will become a burden for me.
And if that burden becomes greater, it will be difficult for us to work together.
By any chance, did you see Jung Woo in Africa?
Did you see him?
Why is my intuition off with positive things...
yet so accurate when it comes to negative things?
I thought perhaps you two might have...
gotten together there.
The person you're waiting for, is it Jung Woo?
Looking forward
I step back.
Tae Hyuk.
Is that why I keep falling?
The tears I held back
are falling now
I can't stop them.
As I watch you go farther away from me
I imagine your face
drenched by my tears, crying for me.
Lee Su Hyun.
What are you so deep in thought about? You didn't even notice my coming.
Oh, you're here?
Hey, did anything happen between you and Tae Hyuk?
I just saw him in the lobby and I was afraid even to talk to him.
No, nothing.
How was the match making date, was it successful?
What success?
I just couldn't talk my mom out of it, so I went just to get it over with.
That man wore pads in his shoes to look taller...
and he still only came up to here.
- So then? - What do you mean 'so then'?
How can I always look down when I'm on dates?
It looked like he was completely taken by me,
but I still rejected him.
How are you doing?
When did you came back? Does my father know you're back?
Yes, I let him know just a little while ago.
It looks like you've lost some weight.
It should feel good to hear I look slimmer, but it doesn't.
Why not?
I lost weight from stress.
Go on in. I'll come right after you.
I can't... I can't believe you're still doing that dangerous work.
You're not so young anymore, why put your life on the line like that?
My apologies.
Since Chairman Jang entered the casino business,
it's had a great impact on us.
We desperately need your help.
First, let me assess the situation to see what I need to do.
The operation funds for Chairman Jang,
are from Chairman Moon Sung Chul.
Will you be okay with that?
That man may flip when he hears you're here,
but I can no longer sit back and take it.
It is now time for us to counterattack.
I heard that Moon Jung Hae is currently on Jeju.
Will you really be okay?
I've forgotten all about her already.
This is all I can offer as my final gift to her.
Nothing here has changed.
Wow, the ocean smells exactly the same.
I'm starving. Let's go eat first.
Yeah, let's. I've been dying for the fish stew.
- Okay. - Let's go. Let's go.
Are you open for business?
Yes, I am, what would you like...?
Who is this?
Kang Rae, Se Dol.
- Oh my goodness. - Noona...
as fast as you can make some of your fish stew.
I thought I'd die from craving it.
And I want the sashimi plate.
You kids...
you show up after more than two years and all you care about is fish?
Are you boys okay? Are you hurt?
Don't worry, we're fine.
Our noona became so much more beautiful.
Se Dol!
Kang Rae!
You guys came back alive!
Of course, hyung-nim.
What about Jung Woo?
Right, Jung Woo...
Where is Jung Woo?
Oppa, Se Dol oppa and Kang Rae oppa are back.
How about Jung Woo?
Since those two are back. I'm sure Jung Woo is here too.
Did you just...
say that Kim Jung Woo has returned?
I'm glad to see that you're alright.
I heard that you were attacked.
Are you alright?
Oh, it was no big deal.
I didn't know if it was okay for me to be here, so that's why I called you.
Am I still a suspect in the Lee Soo Chang's murder case?
No, your name has been cleared.
You need to go to the police department for some simple questions then it'll be over.
- Who is the murderer? - I don't know.
There's someone I suspect but I have no evidence to back it.
I heard you went all the way to Africa.
What did you do over there?
Gambled. A gamble that put my life on the line.
So what did you end up winning?
Nothing I can hold in my hands but...
I've figured out what to do with my life.
What is that?
You know Chairman Jang Min Ho of the Dae Jeong Group?
There's something I have to pay back to him and to his son.
Do you know who I suspect as the murderer of Lee Soo Chang?
Chairman Jang Min Ho.
Why? Why him?
That person you were looking for, Kim Il Hwan... is Jang Min Ho.
I think to bury his past,
he killed Lee Soo Chang.
Jang Min Ho...
...is your father.
I miss that person.
That person I draw with my hot tears,
That person I cannot erase in my heart.
No matter how much I wish, no matter how much I hope...
I can't help but to keep longing.
I will throw it all away, throw all away.
Even my heart that remembers you.
I will forget it all, forget all.
That person that is painful to love.
That person I could not hold on to,
that person I should not love...