Crow Review for iPhone & iPad

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 27.04.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a review of Crow
for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Crow is a very different type
of game than you usually find on iOS with a heavy emphasis on the
setting and feel of the game. You play as a crow and the game is
split half into a free roaming flight mode and half into an on-rails
fighter. While the gameplay is definitely very unique the real draw
is in the fantastic setting and theme. Throughout the game you’ll
find different narratives which will explain a bit about the story
and try and convince you to either spare or curse the boss of that
level. While in free flight mode you’re able to look around at the
level for the story points along with trinkets. These allow you to
upgrade various skills such as shield, attacks and more and are
quite important toward the end. You can also discover challenge maps
which can allow you to get more upgrades as well as provide a fun
little diversion for you to get ready for the boss fights. As far as
the core gameplay goes on paper it sounds very bizarre but it’s
actually not bad. The crow goes onto rails and you are able to move it
by dragging your finger around the screen. Sometimes you need to avoid
obstacles and collect powerups but the majority is the combat. Each
enemy and level is different but usually you’re either swiping to attack
or drawing a circle to form a shield. All of this uses magic which
regenerates as you fly and pick up the powerups and how you use your
magic definitely requires some planning in the later boss fights.
It’s hard to bring across on video but one of my favorite parts of Crow
is the theme. The graphics overall look great on the iPad 3’s Retina
Display although sometimes you can notice things look a bit rough when
it gets up close. The music is also just excellent.
Crow definitely isn’t a perfect game. My first playthrough had issues
with a glitch that made me force quit and I grinded away at the final
boss for over 20 minutes before realizing the way to win was by using a
mechanic the game hadn’t really even explained or used before.
On the flip side, the presentation was fantastic for an iOS game and
the entire premise of the Crow was quite interesting and kept me hooked
all the way through for the two hours or so it took to complete. It
might not be for everyone but I have to say that Crow is one of the best
games I’ve ever played on iOS. If you enjoyed this video definitely be
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