[Real JOO] JOO comeback!!!

Uploaded by joojype on 11.01.2011

Are you here to cheer up?
Of course
From now each person will come
Do you want them not to come?
Thank you
I finished monitoring you in China. Yesterday as well, as soon as I got here
Junior older brother, sit here
Jo director, have a seat
It is the day when Joo comes back
Originally, doing the last is important
And you should do well at music broadcast where I am in
Okay okay
You did well at the previous camera rehearsal
Wooyoung stopped by, right?
Yes he did all monitoring for Jason older brother, then left
He said he would leave after watching yours
You should do well about introducing Kwon
Today, so say that I am the queen of ballad
Queen of ballad
How about calling princess?
Queen of ballad who came back breaking two years of vacuum
Come back special
Do we want to say princess of ballad?
Princes and queen and king of ballad?
Best of best
Legend of ballad
the best
Arrived arrived
Of course, sorry for being late? Am I the only one who is late?
No no you actually got here early
There are still lots of people who did not arrive
Oh, really?
After missA, Wooyoung older brother came, then you
Since I came, I can do better today
It will be magnificent today
You will be able to sense my energy
I will stand in the middle
Yes, I will do a bad guy
Hero of music video~
I came here to cheer up
Where is woman, woman?
Woman? I dumped
I came back
Bad guy came back again
I knew it
Older brother, your mean smile, it is really mean
Chansung’s reaction on this music video was really good
Handsome, cool
Your smiling looked really bad
Did you feel my gaze?
Is not it majestic?
As expected, as expected
I sang whiling thinking about Jinwoon and Chansoung older brother
Show me your expression again
Smile once, smile once, hahaha
It was overreaching, overreaching
How come you are so kind