Marlee Matlin 'I'll Scream Later' (with English caption)

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H: It is hard to believe that 22 years ago
Marlee Matlin became the youngest and only deaf person
to win an Oscar for best actress.
Now she is revealing the emotional journey
behind her glamorous Hollywood life
in her autobiography. And it is terrific.
It is called "I’ll Scream Later". We will explain that in a moment.
But the trauma is in a happy ever after.
She has worked so hard to achieve and even fight it all in the book
and here is her inspirational story. Then we will talk to her.
WH: Speak to me! Speak! Speak to ME!
M: #Screaming#
H: The anguish scream we all remember so well.
Marlee Matlin was just 19 when she landed the role in „Children Of A Lesser God“
and began a career as an actress.
She won the „Golden Globe“ and „Academy Award“
and launched a glamorous Hollywood life.
Relationships with William Hurt, Rob Lowe, Richard Dean Anderson and David E. Kelley.
JS: What are you, deaf?
M: Bingo.
H: So many memorable movie and television appearances.
M: Oh, was that in? #laughter#
H: But beneath the desiring facade there were dark clouds along the way.
Her relationship with Hurt was tempestuous and she says sometimes violent.
And even if she was winning accolades for „Children Of A Lesser God“
she was preparing to check herself into rehab
to battle drug addiction.
Now, happily married with four children those demons seem long gone.
Last year she wowed us on „Dancing With The Stars“.
And now she has a new book.
Looking back on a career that overcame so many odds
and revealing shocking secrets none of her fans could have ever suspected.
H: So true. And joining us this morning. There you see her, Marlee Matlin.
Along with her longtime interpreter Jack Jason.
Very good to meet you. I have been looking forward to this.
M: I am so happy to see you.
H: „Dancing With The Stars“.
You are very cool with your kids because you did „Dancing With The Stars“.
M: I became the coolest Mom because of that show.
I asked them if it was alright if I got on that show. And they said: „Absolutely“.
My daughter looked at me like „Hello. You are gonna do the show.“ And I said: „Yeah, okay, fine.“
H: And it helped writing the book?
M: It, well, it did. I had always thought of writing something
and doing it before „Dancing With The Stars“.
All the E-Mails I got, all the fan letters I received
from people saying that I was inspiring them by dancing
because I was the deaf woman who went on „Dancing With The Stars“
and they wanted to see more of me, share more of my life, so I decided to do it.
H: And boy. You chose to share a lot of your life.
In the book, you talked openly about as a teen taking drugs.
Where you rebelling like most teenagers?
M: I was very rebellious. I was very fiercely independent.
And actually that independece came from my parents.
I mean, they gave me the opportunity to explore
but I think I did a lot of my own.
So I made my own decisions
whether they were good or bad I had to live by them. That is what it went.
H: Yeah, that is what teenagers sometimes do.
But Marlee, you also talked about the sexual abuse that you suffered.
A babysitter, a teacher. You have not share that before.
Who were you hoping to help?
M: I have a daughter who is thirteen and as I saw her growing up
I remembered all those things that happened to me.
Doing drugs at thirteen, beeing molested when I was eleven
and then with a teacher when I was fifteen.
And seeing her really sparked those memories.
I thought there is so much about me that she does not know,
there is a lot about me that a lot of people do not know.
I want to help my daughter, I want to help people out there
who went through the same thing that I went through.
H: And it is gonna help a lot of people.
And we feel like we know you, cause I remember when you won the Oscar
and you think that your life is perfect, everything is just beautiful.
M: I know. It was just Hollywood. You know?
I mean, it was a great honor to win the „Academy Award“
but work in terms of that is kind of up and down.
But the same time it is most important to focus on your life
and I focused on my life just before I won that Oscar and got myself sober.
H: But tell folks how, when you did learn about that nomination,
we did not realize you were in rehab at the time.
M: Of all the places to be I had to be at the Betty Ford Clinic to get that nomination.
Right in the middle of rehab I found out that I was nominated, I was stunned.
That is where it came from. It was the words I said.
They needed a comment. „How did you feel?“
I could not tell anybody where I was
so I looked around and I said: „I’ll Scream Later".
And that is now. I am screaming now.
H: You can scream now, loud and clear.
At the time we knew that you were with William Hurt
and you are very honest about talking about the relationship beeing abusive,
physically and emotionally. You said that going to rehab
was really a way to help you turn your life around.
M: It absolutely turned my life around
and honestly if it was not for William Hurt
I would not be in rehab and I would not be here.
So in some way he was the one who encourage me to go
and help myself and I guess that was a big turning point in my life.
Especially beeing just 21 years old and doing it all by myself.
I did it all by myself.
And I am glad that I am 22 years sober today.
H: You were 22 years sober today? You got cheers for that. You do.
William Hurt had no comment about what happened.
But what do you tell women that find themselves
this morning in an abusive relationship? What do you say to them?
M: You know what? It is absolutely not worth.
The life that you lead whether in an abusive or mental relationship.
There is a world out there that is better then where you are right now. There is.
All you need to do is open the doorknob, go out that door, walk out.
It is as simple as that. I can understand that it is not that easy I have been there.
You do not know where to go, you do not know who to turn to for help,
you do not know how to call 911, you do not know how to ask a neighbor.
And I hope that anyone who is apt to hear this
or read this book or even watch this program can understand and know
that it is okay to go out and that it is okay to leave.
H: Now you are happily married and you have four beautiful kids
and I want to read one last thing that you wrote that I think that is wonderful.
You wrote: „Though I am deaf it is not as if I live in silence.“
What do you mean? That is beautiful.
M: You know what? I have always said that silence is the last thing
anyone will ever hear from me. I am the loudest person. I really am.
H: #laughing# You have been in the studio for a little bit and you ARE a loud person.
You are all over the couch and you are hugging folks.
M: I want to make myself comfortable.
H: Yes. You are comfortable and you make us comfortable with your talent.
Thank you so much. Thank you for beeing so revealing.
I love the picture too. It is so you.
Continue success and blessings to all that you do, Marlee.
M: Thank you.
H: Thanks so much. And "I’ll Scream Later" is on sale today.