20091029 Joe Cheng: Big Star 2 (English-subbed)

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You broke the rules.
Be good, and improve yourself in fashion.
You can do it.
Thank you.
He has been a candidate for Best Actor.
[Best Male Lead Award]
Act quite well.
You are really a good actor.
You can play any role
I will study hard in fashion, seriously.
- Just because of you. - Okay.
I will burn all my clothes.
- Start all over. - Good.
And your second wish is to take a picture with him.
Yes, with him.
Okay, I’ll help you.
Really? Thank you.
Too many buttons, which one to be pressed?
This one.
Camera lens?
look here.
Okay, look here.
We are here.
Xiao Gui
So, one two three.
Sir, you didn’t press the button.
You should press here.
I’ll do it.
What on earth is this camera?!
I love tall and strong boys.
And Joe totally meets the standards in my heart.
Do you profess your love?
Yes, I do.
And when he was in the studio
Doing rehearsal, Do you see his leg? So nice.
It is true. That moment his face was serious.
He was serious and formal.
So I stood on the side and hoped that he would see me.
He smiled at me ultimately.
I was so happy.
He smiled at his shoes.
Why do you look so old when you are talking?
It is true, trust me. And his finger is hurt,
so cute.
You always talk about his legs and fingers,
what about his face?
Handsome. Please, Sir, I just do emphasize.
I lay stress on that only if Joe’s hands or legs show up on the stage…
You mean he doesn’t want his face, don’t you? [In Chinese, this sentence means have no sense of shame]
I mean he is charming enough only with his legs and hands.
So, according to what you say,
Joe’s figure with NONO’s face, is okay?
no way.
Honduras’s face? (Honduras is a male artist in Taiwan)
No, only with Joe’s face.
Because his smile is so cute.
So what do you want to ask him?
May I?
Go ahead
How many girlfriends did you have?
- Good question. - Is the question intimately private?
- I appreciate his honesty. - Two
So what about their heights? The limit is?
No limit.
Good. I have more questions.
- Okay please. - One more question.
What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done to a girl?
Walking hand in hand in remote mountains.
Why did you take the girls to remote mountains?
It was an outdoor program, when I was still a student.
Were you a model then?
No, not yet.
What are you doing?
I want to collect Joe’s scent.
And yesterday, Mr. Kwok Lun…
Collected yours.
No, I want to collect Joe’s first and then put mine in it.
Why? Why do you want to collect scent? What do you want to do?
Because if someday I become unhappy, I’ll smell the scent and
I will recover.
You are otaku, aren’t you?
No, I’m otaku girl.
And I went out yesterday I specially bought this handkerchief.
So what’s your plan?
How do you collect his scent?
We can dance and I will help him to wipe the sweat.
Can I?
It feels strange.
It won’t be.
Getting out of control.
Miss Vicky, if his crazy fans want to collect Joe’s scent, will you stop them?
Of course I will.
My purpose is not collecting scent, just to help him wipe the sweat.
You undoubtedly said you wanted to collect scent.
You thought we are deaf, do you?
No, only wiping, wiping the sweat, you will be sweating.
You’ll bring Joe’s sweat home then put it on your face?
Have a facial.
I find that you are abnormal.
I am an abnormal.
Sir, come back.
No person will admit that she is abnormal.
You’re mad.
Wait, you are pretending for the effect of show, are you?
No, of course not.
If so, I will be more abnormal.
It’s from my heart.
What kind of stuff from you did your fans ask to collect?
Such as hair?
If they ask in person, I will refuse.
But they have collected some bottles I drank that are left overs from my signing event.
This is good.
And keep the straw…
It is not good. Disgusting.
So I would carry the empty bottles.
Carry off.
Really? I can’t have your scent?
- You do really want his scent? - Yes.
Miss Vicky is angry.
She is.
If I can’t have it, I have another request.
You have choices.
Yes, I don’t want to push him.
So, what do you want to collect?
I don’t collect anything.
I just want us to look at each other for 10 seconds.
Look in 10 seconds.
It is harder than collecting.
That’s not all, first looking at each other for 10 seconds and then hugging…
I will be satisfied.
But Joe will have nobody home.
Or scent? You can choose between them.
Both is difficult.
No, it is easy.
I settle for looking at each other.
And hug?
You can go to De Xing East Road…
No, I want to be close.
To be close.
No way.
How close?
This distance.
Why will you do that? Sir.
Come here, Joe.
Look at each other…
Joe is a real man. He’s great.
Can I take this with you hand in hand? The scent.
You still want to steal his scent, don’t you?
I say begin, then you guys start, okay?
Can I have a hug?
- Sweet… You can’t do that… - eight...
- Seven, - Charming
- No… Don’t make cutie. - five…
[Sudden attack]
Four, three, two, one.
Thank you so much. I’m so happy. Can we have a handshake? Thank you.
She will suddenly make a high-frequency sound.
So happy, thank you.
Okay, thanks, go back to your seat.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
- Your dream is fulfilled, is it? - Yes.
You are over. Sing, please, quickly.
Wait a moment, wait a moment.
Children’s folk rhymes?
Yes. My hit single.
That is monkey.
~ Grandma, grandpa, no killing chicken no killing goose. ~
~ Killing duck likes a bat. ~
~ Meat likes carambola. ~
~ You eat or not, I can’t force you. ~
~ Buy you a drink with river-snail. ~
~ But there is no drink. ~
Joe, you should look at me.
Are you drunk?
Are you insane?
Joe comes rarely. Is that okay?
You should give me a heart.
Thank Mr. Kwok Lun, thank you.
But I have a dream.
Tell us.
He releases revised record, right? I hope it sells well.
So I want him to sign on the CDs I bought.
I can promote him.
No problem.
How many copies you bought?
Few, it is embarrassed to say.
I hope my friend…
Can proceed with music.
Because he loves music. I know that
He is great. And he works hard on it.
I believe that someday he will be successful if he keeps on making music.
Today, Joe gives us a feeling.
That is…
He refuses nobody.
Thank you everyone.