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" The phone call you got is real,"
" you answering that call is real,"
but it's not real that Rahul is here.
"What you see with your eyes is not always real, madam,"
there's an evil empire ofghosts and demons in the airaround us.
You can see it in the light ofalmighty Allah!
Understood it?
Have you understood everything?
Hey Bommali! I'll not leave you! I'll come foryou.
Go awayfrom this town.
Go away!
" Please go away, madam."
There are no humans inside.
Who is he?
My elder brotherVeerendra Varma. He died 30 years ago.
People say he's seen sometimes nearthatfort.
lt's their imagination. How can they see him?
Where are you now? - I'm in Vijayawada now.
Go away! - Hey Bommali! l'll not leave you!
What's it madam?
I want all the details about ourfort.
" Please, tell me Chandramma."
"Why are you asking about it? No, madam."
Please don't think about it.
What's the story behind thatfort?
" It's not a story, it's a bad dream."
A bad dream you never wantto think about again.
Please tell me about it.
You're asking the story about yourself. Yourown story!
"That's not a fort, it's Gadwal kingdom."
Epitome ofvalour and pride.
"With smiles ofchildren, affection and love,"
our kingdom was filled with happiness and festivities.
Your great great grandfather HRH Raja Chinnavenkata Rangarauyudu was king
"He had two daughters, Queen died when they were children."
" Elder daughterwas Bhargavi,"
" she was beautiful and very innocent,"
she neverwent againstfather's word.
" Youngerdaughterwas Arundhati,"
" a ferocious tigress ofthe empire,"
Nobody could challenge her in sword fighting or in archery.
She was born with leadership qualities.
" The valourand confidence in her eyes,"
" and the courage,"
she appeared like Gadwal's presiding deity Goddess Jejamma.
That's why everyone called her as Jejamma.
"Like in every story there will be a villain,"
this story too has a villain.
Hey Bommali! - Leave me...
He was a sex maniac!
Never left any woman he liked.
He used to chase like them like a pack of hungryjackals.
He was King's nephew Pasupathi.
Leave me...leave me...
He used to kill anyone opposing him.
He was a man in appearance but a beast in character.
King's biggest mistake was to get Bhargavi married to him.
His scheming motherJalajamma was behind all this.
King's sister.
"She cheated King by saying that their horoscopes matched perfectly,"
and got her son married to his elderdaughter Bhargavi.
" What's this, hubby?"
ls it good on your part to bring these cheap women to home?
"Ifthey are cheap women, then you too are cheap."
Come...come Bommali... - Leave me.
"This is quite common in royal families, why are you making it an issue?"
Go away!
That innocent girl's life got ruined by the duo of motherand son.
" One fine day, they wentfurther down."
"Arundhati was learning a special dance from a Varanasi danseuse,"
She was blind.
"LookArundhati, today I'm going to teach you a new dance."
"Royal women, especially future queens like you,"
"Like in archery, aiming target listening to sound,"
this is known as Dance ofsound.
" You make the sound,"
watch how I respond with echoes my dance moves.
Okay madam.
"Even if it's a heart beat, I'll hitthe bulls eye."
" Junior madam, King is calling you."
" Okay, you go, I'll come."
He came like a hungry beast fully drunk with desires.
Fresh smell!
I shudder even today when I think ofwhat he did that day.
"I'll come to take you, I'll do what l came here for."
Come Arundhati!
l'm going to teach you the dance of Pranava Bhairava.
"Ifyou do this dance before an enemy in an helpless situation,"
you can save yourself.
Who is it? Arundhati?
Why don't you answer me? Who is it?
Who is it?
You came here to teach dance ofvalour.
I came to you to learn the dance oflove.
Leave me!
Come here!
" Arundhati, madam Kanchana is not well,"
she leftjust now promising to come tomorrow.