Cómo hacer leche de alpiste para adelgazar, bajar el colesterol, diabetes (milk) by Pilar Rosado.

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Hello everyone, welcome to the channel.
Today we will talk about food for the birds
And today we will prepare our canary seed milk.
But be careful because they do not is the birdseed of the bird store
but herbalists, organic stores ...
So follow me.
we will make our canary seed milk.
The properties of the milk of birdseed
that we do today are many
but look to the five tablespoons birdseed to put away equals
4.40 pounds of meat.
the good news is that although we take that amount proteins
are easily absorbed. In contrast to animal protein.
Contains stable amino acids
therefore is not as harmful as The animal protein.
It has a great antioxidant power
and contains many live enzymes that will help to reduce inflammation
among other organs the liver, kidneys, the pancreas....
...And this is going to help reduce diabetes, cirrhosis, hypertension...
It also contains the enzyme lipase
that will help cleanse and purify the clogged arteries and veins
Therefore it is very beneficial for all the cardiovascular diseases.
It also helps in cellulite, lower cholesterol,
obesity and to eliminate ciscitis.
So we have no excuse not to take it.
You can add or mix with other milks
to enhance the flavor
And let's start that it´s made in a few minutes.
Come into the kitchen.
First we have 1 liter of mineral water.
We cast 1.41095 oz almonds.
click on the link to see the video
about the importance of soak the dried fruits
and remove toxins, tannic acid
heating the almonds for 30 seconds
We take 3 tablespoons of flaxseeds.
We take 1.76369 oz pumpkin seeds.
to soak overnight
We strain the water.
And finally add 5 spoonfuls canary seed soak the night before.
Previously wringing out your water.
We Beat all the ingredients.
First put everything in a coarse mesh strainer
Can also be performed with a blender.
This would be the easy version
It also could be done with blender
The remaining seeds can be used to
croquettes, cookies make for example.
For remove any traces of seeds we return to pass the milk through a sieve of fabric.
and we cast the milk again
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Ok after 5 minutes
We have already prepared our milk
and we toss the milk to the jar
Ok, with your permission I am going to serve me a glass of milk.
To your health, I'm going to take this milk
Very nourishing full of benefits
that we have enriched with almond and with pumpkin seeds ...
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Also you can sweeten with
sirope, stevia, organic sugar cane...
To your health a kiss
and see you in the next video