World Science Day for Peace and Development

Uploaded by unesco on 13.11.2012

Dear friends
We live in a new age of limits in resources
and for our planet .
This means we must make far more of the boundless energy of human ingenuity .
We must release the full powers of innovation and creativity
to craft new solutions that are inclusive,
and sustainable.
This calls for stronger science for sustainability.
This is the theme of the 2012
World Science Day for Peace and Development.
Science holds answers to key questions we must address today,
about equitable and inclusive development ,
about global sustainability.
And when I say science
I mean all the sciences.
Global challenges pay no heed to academic boundaries .
Sustainability requires multidisciplinarity .
We must build knowledge across all disciplines. Bringing together the
Natural and the Human and Social Sciences .
Crossing disciplines is the path to innovation and social transformation.
This calls also for connecting knowledge with policy,
by strengthening the science policy interface,
by bridging the public and private spheres,
and by capturing the insights of local knowledge systems.
UNESCO is pioneering at all these levels through its unique intergovernmental programs
in the Natural and Social Sciences, as well as as its work for Education for
Sustainable Development.
UNESCO is building on these foundations to lead the response to the
United Nations Secretary General's request
to create and international scientific advisory board
to advise him and other organs of the United Nations .
This was a recommendation of the report by the Secretary General's High-Level
Panel on global sustainability :
"Resilient people, resilient Planet"
For UNESCO, sustainability and lasting peace are two sides of the same coin,
both are essential for crafting the future we want for all
UNESCO brought this message to United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year .
This is our vision for World Science Day
and all of our work for global sustainability