SNL 2012 Sophomore Interviews

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All the time
Joyce looks best when she's giving announcements
and she's really doing what she loves to do
When he's playing basketball, of course.
You see him take that jumper for the 3,
and his shirt lifts up? Ahh...
When he wears his gray Tyler's shirt
because I feel like it really forms his figure really well...
[heh heh heh]
I would say Jaewon reminds me of Debbie
because they both are on praise team,
and they both sing well.
He reminds me of Michael Chang,
but everybody knows that.
Because he's like, silly,
and they both are silly.
He reminds me of Sam.
Probably 2 or 3.
I think he'll have... 3 kids.
One, because she's gunna get so stressed out
about her one kid and not have any more.
Snorlax, because his head is really round
She reminds me, of like, a Chansey
I don't know.. I just think of, like,
a mom, nurse, kind of figure.
I think David reminds me...
of probably a Pidgey... or something.
A Squirtle.
Like Kevin Lee? You know?
It doesn't annoy me...
but it makes me laugh.
Like, her laugh.
Like... he like...
grabs me when I'm sore
Umm... like after I work out
I'll be like, "I just worked out,"
and then like, grabs my arm
because he knows it hurts
Uhh yeahhh, like sooo, like,
she always does this...
Sleeping Beauty,
because apparently he sleeps a lot...
and he's beautiful.
Snow White.
Minae reminds me of Rapunzel
from "Tangled".
Snow White.
Either Belle or Snow White because
they're both really calm
and I think they affect people really well
with their kindness.
Workout your biceps.
Gotta be like your daddy.
You're super lucky to have a mom
that everybody else wants to have as a teacher.
Watch out for major PDA
because her and Anthony tried to
"ppo ppo" (kiss) in front of me in the car once
and it was gross.
"Because of the Lord's great love
we are not consumed
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness."
Lamentations 3:22-23 (NIV)
A dog, because all he...
or a puppy, because he sounds like a puppy when he barks.
I would probably say, a teddy bear,
because, umm,
she's really, like, loving, and
that's why she's going to be a teacher
she's going to be a great teacher
and she's just really good at, you know,
working with other people, and being nice, and loving
A sq- a squirrel.
Because, like, whenever i see him
he's always running around from place to place, like,
super like, trying to act all cool and busy...
and so, he's like a squirrel.
Well Jin...
I would say not to let her go
'cuz she'll be yo' suga mama
Umm... I would say...
Just laugh at his jokes, even if they're not funny
just always smile too.
That'll make him really happy.
I would tell him that he is a very lucky man,
and, umm,
for him to get ready for
a very adventurous life, because
she's very full of life.
Hi, noona...
Oh hi...
Working on my thesis...
Yeahhh, you know like, I had this for lunch
Anthony always, like, does this
Umm... off the top of my head,
I would say, Angelina Jolie,
because, umm, she's just really confident,
and she carries herself really well
and she just reminds me of someone
like Angelina Jolie,
because she's independent, and a strong woman.
Uhh... Cameron Diaz, fun size,
because she's hot, stylish, and...
kinda cray...
She reminds me of the color yellow,
because she is always so
happy and bright,
and she brightens up your day.
And also she's Asian.
He... Kevin reminds me of yellow
because he's so bright...
and he's always really sunny and bright,
and never mad about anything.
Probably orange.
He's always wearing that orange shirt when we play basketball
yeah... orange. Burnt orange.
Business, because she's very like
straightforward, she's a great leader,
she's a great speaker,
and I feel like she would just be really good with, like,
people, and working with money.
I think Minae would be anything that involves
being an encourager,
so probably within the Communications school.
I think he would be in...
I think a music major because she sings so well.
If Tim was stranded on an island,
he would take a noraebang remote control,
noraebang tambourine, and a noraebang microphone.
She would take...
her lab coat,
and a Bible.
Hairbrush, teacher's apple, teacher's clothes.
Uhh, I definitely think he's blood type "B"
Bad boy... got some o' dat.
I think Joyce has a blood type "A".
"A" blood type.
"O" because she's so generous
and she can give blood to everyone.
Umm, I met Jaewon in El Paso
at my church when she came to... America.
Where I met Victor was at uhh...
the first small group meeting we had
the very beginning of fall semester.
I met him at my sister's place last spring.
I had no idea who he was,
and I was just like, "Who is this guy holding on to my sister?" but...
I met him at ACF
when Jessie first took me there
so I guess, like, last semester,
the beginning of last semester
and Chinese.
Girly, sleepy, and shopping.
First word, kindness.
Second word, lovely.
Third word would be dedicated.
I thought he was the pastor.
I thought Minae was a really
nice and cute fobby girl.
I thought he was really good looking.
he's so cool...
My favorite quality about Joyce is that
she has a great ability to motivate others
to get involved.
Physically, is her eyes when she smiles, and then
not physically, is she's super nice and caring
about her kids at school.
My favorite quality about her is
she has a really warm heart
that makes me really feel comfortable
and really want to talk with her.
My favorite quality about Kevin
is he's always willing to help
and he never says no
whenever I ask him anything.
Umm... in 5 years I guess he'll be doing his...
living his own life and keeping the world
a dynamic and happy place.
Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher".
I think she'll be working
as a doctor.
Umm... I'm sure she'll be a successful businesswoman
but I think she'll be making an impact
on everyone with her gentle spirit.
Umm... graduated...
doing computer science somewhere?
Umm... mini golfing because we decided to go mini golfing
but we never went, so
I guess that would be one thing I didn't get to do with him.
Umm... Di and I used to go out to dinner before ACF
and we always talked about doing that again, so
that's probably one thing that we haven't been able to do
after we did it the first time. So dinner, yeah.
The one thing I didn't have a chance to do with Victor
was play sports with him.
I didn't get to have our
1-on-1 rematch in basketball.
Because, umm, everything she's accomplished
all the med schools she's gotten into
and hopefully I'll see you there in two years.
Umm... even though I was a total brat when we first met,
she took such good care of me freshman year,
and I want to be just like her within ACTS.
Don't ever lose faith in yourself
because there are a lot of people that look up to you.
Just stay motivated, you know?
I feel like when it comes to school, you can try harder
because I know you can do better.
I know that MPA program is really hard
and that it might be difficult having to stay an extra year
to finish and get your Master's
but I think that what you're doing is really great
and that it'll all pay off in the end
so just keep working hard
and I wish the best of luck to you.
rest of your life...