Lose Weight and Keep It Off - My Best Tips #03

Uploaded by jameskentonpresents on 17.01.2012

Hey my name’s James Kenton.
I lost a lot of weight recently and I’d love to share with you the best tips and secrets that I discovered to help me lose it.
Here’s one that you can use today:
One of the biggest problems with weight loss diets is that in the beginning most people feel hungry for most of the time.
Because they are hungry they snack, the weight stays on and they give up. I searched for a lot of tips to help me with this part of the problem.
So here’s one that can help you feel full for longer after a meal so you don’t need to rely on willpower to stop you snacking,
you simply feel full and don't need to snack.
A good friend of mine told me that thick, smooth soups stay in the stomach for longer and keep you feeling full for hours.
So I tried that. It worked - seriously - try it today - exactly the same ingredients will keep you feeling full for longer if you eat them prepared
as a thick, smooth soup rather that if you just chew it and swallow it in the normal way.
You could use this tip right now!
It’s cheap and it’s fast.
I used it as part of my weight loss plan — for a while I replaced one of my meals
every day with a tasty, satisfying soup and it really made a difference to the way I felt. I felt full, I felt good and I loved the taste of the soups.
The great thing is that you can cook soup in just one pot. And with a hand held electric blender it’s just so easy to do;
it makes less mess in the kitchen than making a normal meal.
Now I’ve got lots of tips like these: simple and easy tips that can help people lose weight without too much effort.
In my next video I’ll share more with you that will take this even further and help you to get even faster results!
So click the link just under here to see the video and learn more tips to send your weight loss in to overdrive!