Pregnancy Diary Intro

Uploaded by trehuginhipee1 on 07.12.2010

Hi everybody this is my first youtube video. So I guess I'll start out with an introduction.
I'm Dawn my uh, the reason for me making these videos is because i'm pregnant. So, my channel
is pretty much going to be a pregnancy diary type of thing. We found out we were going
to be expecting on Thanksgiving Day 2010. This is baby number five for us. I have three
bio..two biological children, excuse me. Their ages are 7 and 9, and my fiance has two boys
ages 4 and 3, and this is, as I said, number 5 for us. We did have a previous pregnancy
that ended in miscarriage. I was pregnant in March and miscarried in june, two days
before the second trimester was to start. So, we're very excited about this pregnancy.
We've wanted another child since we've been together, so this kind of will complete our
family and yeah we're really excited about it. So, this channel like I said is basically
going to be a pregnancy journal/diary type deal. We also are very unconventional parents
so we'll probably share some of our ideas, philosophies and the like just to put them
out there. Um, we also...yeah it's really late and I'm kinda tired. What else did I
want to say? I forget! Oh! um, I also might make a few tutorials to put up on here. Um
sewing maybe like sewing some maternity clothes or baby clothes, t-shirt reconstruction, like
I don't know we'll figure it out as we go. And another reason I made this channel is
because there aren't very many women out there ah, that have pictures or videos online of
themselves pregnant when they're already overweight to begin with. I'm considered morbidly obease
by my doctor from the bmi chart. I'm only 4'10 1/2" and I weigh probably around 170-
180ish. I'm guessing I haven't weighted myself in a year maybe more.So Yeah! I'm also like
as a size comparison like pants size I'm about like a 15-16 which realy isn't saying much
for womens clothes because the sizes vary so much. But none the less that's about my
size. Um, uh ..Oh yeah! My blood pregnancy test that I got from my family doctor, Uh
she ordered that on Friday December 3rd. And We got the results back Monday December 6th.
And it's now Wednesday the 8th. 12 o'clock in the morning. Um, So I'm going to be going
for an ultra sound at 10 o'clock in the morning.I have to be there by ten to register and blah
blah blah. And then the ultrasound starts at 11. We're just going to make sure that
the baby's okay and the pregnancy is going along normaly and maybe hopefully get a picture
or two from the hospital. What else? Yeah I'm probably going to show my belly rhough
most of the videos that I do, that are my pregnancy diary videos. Just like I said because
there aren't many women out there that look like me. And I'm not ashamed to show what
I look likeIt's my body and it's the only one that i've got. I could prolbably stand
to loose a few pounds, but I don't mind, my fiance doesn't mind, my kids don't mind so
whatever! Um Yeah so I'll show you where I'm starting out at, what I'm looking like now
at um, I'm approx. um five weeks three days pregnant according to what I had guessed before
according to the date that I tested postitive for pregnancy.Um, Sorry, its hard to tell
what angle I need to be at, there we go. ok that's what I look like at five weeks already
kinda chubbyWhich is find I don't mind. This shirt doesn't help with these virtical, er
horizontal stripes. Not the best idea for a plus size gal to be wearin a shirt that
looks like that.but I guess that's all for now. I'm going to try to get some sleep before
my ultrasound I also have class tomorrow morning yippie skippie! Um so have a good day guys!