8 Steps To Sell My Home At Auction

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So, you're liking the advantages of selling at auction like safely getting top dollar,
selling quickly with no contingencies, and avoiding haggling with buyer, and you wonder
"OK, what do I have to do to sell this way?". Well, it starts out not that much different
than selling the traditional way with a top agent. Top agents are prepared to succeed
for you at the BEGINNING of the marketing period. They don't wait until a buyer appears
to prepare...no, they're ALREADY prepared when the buy begins to shake their head "yes".
Hunter-Broker handles ALL its marketing for sellers this way. Consequently, even without
using the power of auctions, Hunter-Broker typically "beats the market" when it represents
sellers. It's just that, with the power of auctions, this is ramped-up dramatically.
We move quickly, so we photograph your home immediately, because it takes a bit of time
to produce our beautiful 4-page brochures, our two virtual tours, and our MLS and on-line
marketing. All of this is critical, because it is BUYERS who see your home on line who
decide which homes their agents will be showing them.
We have an 8-step plan for selling your home for top dollar to you:
1. Commission: You will pay no commission. a. The commission is paid by the bidder/buyer
as a Buyer Premium. 2. Upfront marketing: We have buyers fall
in love with your home before they even see it in person:
a. Our print and on-line marketing makes this possible
3. Viewing your home: We restrict viewing of your home to specified viewing times on
the weekends. a. We limit the viewing times to make your
home a little bit "hard to get", and, also, b. We want buyers to see OTHER buyers looking
at the home. Compressing the viewing into small time blocks makes it more likely that
they WILL see other interested buyers. c. Any, weekend-only viewing minimizes the
hassle to you of selling your home. 4. Paying the buyer broker well...
a. We typically pay them MORE than they can make selling other, competing homes.
a. We typically pay them 3%, paid from the Buyer Premium paid by the winning bidder.
5. Attracting all the best buyers in the market, and let them participate in a "bidding-war"
to buy the home. a. We do this with an attention-getting starting
bid. 1. Despite the starting bid, however, you
are protected by your unpublished minimum reserve price. You NEVER have to accept a
low bid. a. Having all the real buyers in the market
there on auction day makes a "bidding-war" likely. And, real buyers are compelled to
come to try to get a bargain, meanwhile holding off on other home offers until the know what
will happen with YOUR home.
6. Inspections: We have all inspections done before the auction, and also have all the
bidders sign off on the disclosures and purchase contracts ahead of the auction.
a. Unlike the typical sale, our AUCTION sales are NON-contingent and binding when the bidding
is done.
7. Scheduling: a. Depending on when you give us the go-ahead,
we will try to have the printed materials ready by the first weekend after we begin
the marketing. b. If so, our first open houses will be the
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the first weekend
c. Otherwise, they will be the 2nd & 3rd weekend, with Sunday of the 3rd weekend being Auction
Day 8. Escrow: We will open escrow the Monday
right after a successful auction. a. We will cooperate with any lender, but
the escrow will NOT be subject to appraisal, financing, repairs, termite treatment, or
anything else. 1. The ONLY contingency is that the property
remain as already approved by the buyer, including title as described in the preliminary title
report given the buyer. 2. In the typical sale, the buyer can back
out for 17 days after signing a contract. Not so with our auctions. Their deposit of
3% is at risk from the time they win the "bidding- war", so chances are they will close as scheduled.
b. Nevertheless, "short escrows are closed escrows", so we suggest that you provide an
incentive for all-cash buyers to close in 5 working days, rather than wait out the maximum
escrow time. We can decide on this when we know the selling price from the auction.
So, that's it! There is a lot more going on behind the scenes to be sure it all comes
off without a hitch, but this is how it will feel to you:
1. Safe 2. Top Dollar
3. Quick 4. No Hassle And
5. A certain close Welcome to the wonderful world of AUCTIONS!
Call me, Terry Hunter at 949-278-1595