How to Make Swedish Pancakes-Pancake Recipe

Uploaded by jasonmichef on 29.03.2010

today I am going to make simple recipe for breakfast that's my recipe for swedish pancakes
and it's very simple it only consists of about six items that you're going to
first of all
you need one cup flour
you're going to need a quarter teaspoon of salt
one-third cup of sugar
three eggs
one cup of water
um we are also going to need some
or oil or butter to cook 'em and of course a little bit of syrup for topping them
to the bowl we are going to add one cup flour
one-third cup of sugar
quarter teaspoon of salt
to the flour sugar and salt we've added three eggs
and now we're going to
just about one-third cup of this water
thats all we want to add at the beginning so we can mix it together
so that way it's kind of stiff
okay as we worked the kind of stiff batter we want to mix it untill we get all the lumps out
once we have all the lumps out we can add our two-thirds cup water or the remainder of our
one cup water
we'll stir that together well soon we will be ready to start cooking our swedish pancakes
ok I am ready with a very hot pan
makes sure it's very hot so they cook nice and quick and brown up
add some butter so it doesn't stick
pouring our pancake batter
it's nice and thin it's going to remind you of a crepe
these pancakes are going to cook very quick and pretty much cook all the way through
you will see the top is not moist anymore
it's time to flip it over
as you can see that kind of a golden brown
of little bit almost crispy sort of texture
we are going to cook it on here for about a minute more
alright looking like its about done
remove from pan
transfer to my plate
i want to transfer the play i liked it
spread a little butter on the pancake
like so
then roll it up
take a fork
roll them up
we can arrange off three or four on a plate
little drizzle of syrup
there you have it swedish pancakes a quick easy tasty breakfast