Publishing Your ePortfolio - San Francisco State University

Uploaded by eportsfsu on 14.08.2012

last part
on the top right here is part of our site management area... starting
from the top in the blue area, you'll see your name which is your
account name and also the link to log out so after today or anytime that
you're done this site please log out of your account. Below that in the gray
area you should see a colored box or a square box that says private
you have control of
the view of your site
by default all your sites are private so if you're instructor were to
go to your site now it would require her to put in a password to view your
so, if you have sensitive material you can put your site private
and what happens is that they will ask users please enter a password to view your
and then there's disable say after you graduate here at san francisco state, you're like
I don't want people to find my efolio. I don't want it to exist, but you don't
want to delete any of the work that you've actually put into it you could
disable it so what will happen is when someone views your site and enters your web
address it'll say
error we cannot find that account
but you have a safety net of saying well i still have that account
so i can work on it anytime and if i want people to view it, I'll just turn it
and then there's public
that means anybody in the general public can see your site, they could search for your
name and you probably will pop up on google in one of the top ten lists
you'll see
your site so that's the difference of the security of this
site also some people have made the mistake that when they added a
page they had been used some of these icons, which are next to the private
these are actually forced new sites if you look in our drop-down menu
we have about twelve or fourteen sites related to one account
as I think Ruth mentioned it earlier you can have multiple
websites with your one account
but the great thing about multiple sites is that
you could use the same content without re-uploading, reinventing the wheel
basically to do that you would use these buttons here, so this is what this plus
sign does, this plus sign creates new sites and it tells you in the
rollover text so if you're not sure any icon that you use in the efolio
tool just put your mouse over it and it will tell you in the little banner what
it actually is