Round Robin House Auction

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and the w_w_w_ dot guy dash to me back and i am derek and you are watching the round robin house auction episode
democrats show
by carter
no kidding
they have a large series
we have a whole option today that i'm headed out
receptacle as we go
it's appropriate we started advertising a week ago we have an option to buy this
towards both reads warning
or pay about two
a normal myself for about two eighty to ninety percent covered i would like to
short sale it is important for certain so it's the best offer weekend isn't
good enough we can't write a short sale robbers dissect them and there we can
get a raise me
when we get a little bit closer how short it weird harsh criticism of the
sides of the house i'll talk a little bit more about what's happening
and we're going to sell a house today
what we're doing with this tells me that were watching
like i said i have got a reduction
with the marketing if you want to sell our house
just like this in five or six days ago
serious bargaining
we have between a hundred and two hundred and the signs are up for the
previous uh... they would put ads in six or seven newspapers talking about the
close to the over fifteen fifty a hundred and decides what up last sunday
telling about the auction this weekend
then friday night with one another batch of bad insides we also have the has
writing in today's paper now the auction started yesterday and so they auction
we're having an open house from ten o'clock to five o'clock
saturday inside
to start marketing it the week before
we have a website up w_w_w_ dot alburn auction that speak albita
games tsetse i always w_w_w_ dot delbert auction dot com you can check that out
which give what information about the auction
with a video there it's all about the house we have pictures of the house we
have all the bidding rules
handsome ads and all those newspapers drive into the website
but also give the real phone number of of one of my guys remember before we get
forty or fifty calls me a lot of people look at the house yesterday
with three beds non-traditional here to get more goods on sunday the new set of
a lot of people will get its saturday
comebacks and they've been tonight we're going to a round robin auction
where we start calling for some talk about that little bit later after that
after the auction of the way home
marketing marketing
we're going to have four five people would greatly sides standing at the
major intersections driving to the right to the house and they also said the
emails before your fifty realtors
so we've really part of our homework parts added
to get this summer sold today
and makes a mysterious object
what should i was gonna held talks again when i get out by the house and we get
this site is in place
have a good one this is an exile
on your point of view probably for about half a second
the incident were buried
there's just so you with that signs up on the street they've been signs
over here so i felt for its content to the house and gets is everyone that's
not how sharp brothers nice day and send them down
really hoping to use those signs on those supporters uh...
like i said get attention and some of the a lot of people driving through
neighborhoods looking for houses
we have
six of those signs and different markers
directing people to the house or not only that we advertise all the newspaper
sent out letters and all that were also driving people towards the house
well it'll prob look cochran force with the told us that we couldn't have signs
in the ground
it's uh... log
but he said we could put them on cars cris carter carter property so
you do what you got it though
so here's the house itself
people in there right now
bizarre scientific assy for about a mile down the street
then so far so good we've got home and we were on the nine birds and was going
out with a year with him
destroyer club rentals for women but were cited and the and off-broadway
and inside the house now
taking a look around we got a break in the action
this is scott
is one of our project managers
figured out there scott handles the rule of scott is also a
mortgage broker so we offer that to someone people come through the house
if they don't have webbing and place we can handle that
so we got that set up here
and i think i mentioned before we got a little benji over here
as people come in
they can bid
there's everything she we've just had a bit coming over the phone somebody who
was here yesterday and
and in places that they can't believe it over the phone if they come in the house
to visit once
who's quitting close to the and now we have already have left that we always
find that the last few minutes we gotta rush of people
we use a memorable quote qualified i would have been as
okay here we are doing got lucky and talk about
exactly how it works in surrounded by an option
people come through the house
now we don't like their names at the bargaining table a result of these three
letters from five dash twenty miles east of an area
Round Robin Auction, that sells a house for a large profit
also obj supposedly travelers get scared
unsolved cases
more growers will page two three four thousand dollars policies
across like this
it's a mortgage application depending on how many do you expect that
adoption works
glycerol overload spent the whole allowed into had come out
which is a refund at the solid consciousness that works
aren't the only one child that is harming
offers up houses they've never seen exactly
considerable scott
rotten that you have to be prior to five o'clock sunday
your initial interview him out one painting is supposed to be sold
strategy some people might want to put first
stress here at the bottom of the all our people might limit of white house about
their yeah balancing out his homework about is the lowest levels in our
interest earned
to seventy-five regarding that also
bengal if we don't have anything it's just that i think the most of the world
initially is to be changed the title seven o'clock sunday night
snyder's son and i will be the first caught in the road
folks wanted
have on the way home
ended up with general of india
or how much of a little bit
sports tonight
at about seven
between seven seven-thirty amusement park with all the hard their first
missing congratulations you have a hybrid
with the heighth
i don't have to forty-eight now would you like to raise your bank
what we call the restaurant
arbiter presents a leader yes i want to raise
porno where two-thirds of the incident where it is not always been
love all the best person on the list say
behind his desk
would you like your back today
and basically what's going to happen is there going on
inhibitor dropout if they did it raises
the dropout the dropout
not go through the list of all the first person that can assembly really were the
first person before and it was some forty eight
one hundred dollars to six weeks or whatever it might be i have no idea
where it will be at mars
and uh... i was like to do that
delivers the highest better will go into a contract tomorrow
put in the bidding rules they have to go about an hour ago i'm going to get rid
of the next day so
was very promising
we today was more quality than quantity sometimes you do not have a lot of
people but it's good to talk to get in the bed
claiming to have a lot of people but i would say seventy five percent of the
world's leading would have been
soul works cited
going to go home a little better
begins the office
grabbed as well make some calls
like a set of other call it so easy it's awfully but we do is take their money
sienna vista
elections all of our or epperson co-authors last night at the auction
we are not what i did the around two hundred sixty thousand which really
wasn't as hard as we wanted more and more
before we get more but this is a sign of lands where the market is
in any case we did buy right
the only rose to fifty
the good news is using for closure
here's a second mortgage for around twenty five thousand that we know we can
get down to a few thousand eighty five five slash their lose everything that
ready to serve all the papers they don't lose and everything so we'll get that
back off
owners are still the first one
we had the seller called the owner
seller call the mortgage company this morning on the date for nurses forces
around two thirty
and he discussed the abuse the discussing a deed in lieu of foreclosure
very just gives the hospitals that are going to hold or for the process
and they said this morning while we've been willing to do pretty good deal of
people find somebody who by the samples on a discount
we know what the house bank
so one of our boys of a we have about four people an envelope with your
business we need to thirty five and two sixty
we're going to get this thing down we're going back off the second pretty much
all together give us a lot about two thirty and then we're going to get that
two-thirty burials twenty others penalties interest of back payments so
it's about two thousand running at that time but i want to yourself
war who cares but in any case word-of-mouth but no one paid about one
ninety were opened one eighty two hundred for the house somewhere in there
we're going to go through sixty for the house yesterday was a good day for some
people yesterday with a good year if you still said none of us
you don't fall off in the russian worms business
she just hit me was kind of money and warehouses greg does the five business
we've worked real hard to get their cuba and like i said we're going to make
fifty seventy thousand bucks when the dust settles thanks for watching i'm
like this is w_w_w_ dot sorry i dash tv dot com is the flip it right shoulder
round robin house auction flip it right
certainly but there are two
thanks for watching