Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney and China

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on 15.09.2012

Hi, I’m Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager at Obama for America.
  We have a new challenge for you. And no, it
doesn't involve explaining how Mitt Romney became a fan of Snooki.
  The Romney campaign says it won’t be, quote
– “dictated by fact-checkers”  In other words, they won’t be driven by facts.
  But the thing is, whether the truth matters
in this election is not up to the Romney campaign. It’s up to you.
  So, here we go.
  Romney is out with a new ad about manufacturing
and trade with China. It lies about the President’s record – and doesn’t tell you the truth
about Romney’s, either.  
Let’s break it down.  
First, Romney’s ad blames President Obama for manufacturing job losses. Of course, it
fails to mention that those losses happened in the first months the President was in office,
before his policies took effect.  We were in the depth of a recession.
  Here’s the full story: in the last two and
a half years, we’ve added more than half a million manufacturing jobs. That’s a big
deal – they’re actually the first manufacturing jobs gains since the 1990s.
  Let’s compare that to Romney’s plan. He
wants to eliminate taxes on profits American companies make overseas. One study said that
could add 800,000 jobs – not in the United States, but in China, Mexico and other countries.
 That’s because his plan encourages companies to create jobs there, instead of here at home.
  Next, the ad says the President hasn’t challenged
China over unfair trade policies. Now, this is one Romney knows isn’t true. That’s
because he actually attacked the president for being too tough on China when they were
flooding the market with tires.     
Seriously.  When the president stepped up on behalf of American tire workers, saving
more than a thousand jobs,, Romney said it was quote – “bad for the nation and our
workers.” He also called the President a "protectionist." Don’t take it from me – it’s
on page 119 of Romney’s book – No Apology.   
I guess he’s also not going to apologize for the investments he still holds in Chinese
companies.   Or for the American jobs he outsourced to China as the President, CEO,
Chairman and sole shareholder of Bain Capital.   
President Obama has stood up for American workers by filing trade cases against China
at twice the rate of his predecessor.  
Romney isn’t serious about investing in American manufacturing. We know this because
he called the President “out of touch” for encouraging young people to pursue those
Yep. Mitt Romney called someone else out of touch.
  President Obama has fought for manufacturing
jobs since day one.  
And now he’s set a goal of 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of his second
term.  Opening up new jobs in the energy sector. Training workers in the skills they
need.  Doubling exports.  Cutting taxes for manufacturers.   
  That's an America that makes the goods and
products that the rest of the world buys.   
That’s the truth. No wonder the Romney campaign doesn’t want to be guided by facts.
  That’s why we need to get these facts out
there. Share this video with your friends, post it to Facebook, Tweet it. I’m going
to ask the president to post it on Reddit, now that I know what that is.
  Thanks for everything.