Halo 4 Specializations Trailer

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-What the F-ing H is going on here, man?
Something's not right with this place, man.
I can't figure it out.

-Hey, hi.
Listen, sorry I had to be so secretive back there, but
thanks for coming.
Here, have a seat.
-No thanks, man.
-I'm glad you came.
We're glad you came.
Right guys?
-They say you know him.
-Know who, man?
-Shut the F up, Frodo.
-The Maker.
They say you know the Maker.
-He doesn't know what he's talking about, dude.
-Don't listen to him.
-What the F, man?
-And I, the Maker, will send the chosen one, and by the
chosen one, will the oppressed be liberated.
-F'n shut the F up, Frodo.
-They say you're the chosen one.
-Hell, he's not the chosen one.
He's the punk bitch who left me to die in Black Temple.
I know that voice.
-You better damn well know my voice.
I'm the one who talked you all the way through the F-ing
gates of Anchorage while you were carrying a bottle a
diaper cream in one hand and your fuzzy
drop 'ems in the other.
-Ah, Jesus.
No way, man.
-Don't make your PP look so surprised.
-I can't believe it, man.
I just can't believe it.
How did you get here, man?
-Same way you did, ass sack.
He brought us here.
-Did you start feeling bad when he disappeared?
-Start really taking a deep look at your life and what you
were doing with it?
-Yeah, I did, man.
-Well, didn't you think it was a bit of a coincidence that
right at that moment, right at the lowest point in your
gaming life, you got an invitation to this place?
-Oh well.
-Think about it, bro.
Just think about it.
He brought us here.
-What does he want, man?
I mean WTF?
This place, man with all the, you know the--
-The sharing.
The caring.
-The spooning, man.
I had to spoon this guy.
-And then they keep making me touch PPs and--
-Listen to me.
Get a hold of yourself.
We formed a guild.
-Well, it's not official.
-We are the ring of infinite sorrows.
-Like it?
-And ye shall wait until I return.
And then fire shall rain upon Peopleburg.
-Eh, yeah.
So look, are you in with us?
Have you seen him?
Where is he, man?
I want to talk to him.
-None of us have seen him yet.
-They say he walks among us.
-Have you ever seen him, I mean, in real life?
-Same thing here.
But they say he's always around watching us.
Well, anyway, it's good to see you again.
Think about the guild and keep it under wraps, butt snatcher.
OK, man.
Hey, did you guys just see that?

-So you want-- you want to know what the secret to
Peopleburg is?
-Well, yeah.
-Well, strap on your stupid and let's get at it.