What are the benefits of ordering from Impact Shirts?

Uploaded by impactshirts on 08.02.2011

so what are the benefits of ordered from Impact Shirts The biggest one is our
design process
and that's where you're gonna go onto the website you're gonna choose a template
work one-on-one with a designer to uh... change around to make it exactly
what you want
uh... if you've got your own design and want to send it to us to go to work with that
designer and get the design exactly the way you want
there's there's other services out there where you go on their website and design
your own design
but uh... you know you're working with a professional designer that's going to make sure you get
the best design possible best
definitely what sets us apart in a big way You're gonna end up with an amazing picture designed
just for you another thing that's important is is our pricing you're gonna
get great pricing from us
but it's also all-inclusive you don't have to worry about other hidden fees coming out
of the woodwork
you know our pricing includes shipping includes set-up includes artwork includes you know anything
else you can think of its it's all included there's no other there's no other charges
it's right there than black and white definitely what you're gonna be really really happy about
at the end of the day is that you got to use our design service 'cause you're gonna see that shirt
and think that's a great looking shirt