120625 Diary E01 - MYNAME Cut [Eng Sub]

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CJ: It's working, it's working
GW: Hi~ Our Diary is starting now!
GW: What is this show about?
JQ: It's about MN's charms @#^%^ GW: Stop right there
GW: Everybody, MN's Diary is going to..
SY: Your hand is blocking my face! GW: Nope it's okay
GW: Everybody, our MN's Diary starts now!
17June - Japan Debut Showcase
[SBS Inkigayo Waiting room]
IS: 5minutes before dry rehearsal, members are warming up their voice
IS: Aigoo.. please hold on
IS: I just had my 'transformation' and it's done
IS: Too many things are going on now, I can't concentrate too
IS: Alright, we did our stage performance
IS: I would love to film the members too, but because of the 19 (R-rated), the members are changing clothes
IS: Shall I turn around?
IS: Did you see that? Woah
IS: Again? (another turn)
IS: That's why I cant film the members
IS: Shall we meet Seyong?
SY: Neh~ Hi~
IS: We just did our performance right? On SBS's IKGY? SY: Yes right, SBS
IS: Where are we now? SY: SBS's Inkigayo
IS: We just finished our stage.
SY: Today, many fans have showed up, I am really happy about it. Their cheers were louder than the musics, I love you (to the fans).
IS: Please say something for the fans.
SY: MYgirls, ashkjdsgkfjdf!!!!
SY: To all MYgirls, thanks for always supporting us, I love you all. In future, let's be together foreverrrrrrrr
IS: JunQ! Ahh, our innocent JunQ~ 20-yo JunQ~
IS: The mood is feeling kind of down right now, your face don't look really good
GW: I am feeling tired now
IS: Where are we going later?
GW: Later? Germany! (for Eurocup?)
IS: lol What are you talking about?
GW: We are going somewhere near, we are going to Japan. IS: Yes
GW: There is no surprising reason of us going Japan, but we are debuting in Japan soon, we will do our debut showcase there
[Kimpo Airport] IS: Where are we now?
JQ: We are in the airport now, we are flying to Japan to meet our fans, and to have our showcase.
IS: JunQ, please say ??? in japanese, ahh Seyong is here~
SY: You are not allowed to do recordings here
JQ: You can't do that in front of people IS: Let's ignore that~
IS: Oh Seyong is here~ SY: (sorry i don't understand this part)
IS: Let's go back to JunQ~
IS: Oh Seyong is here~ [Basically they are just trying to make Seyong to join in the conversation]
SY: Hi, I am MN's Seyong~
SY: My parents are not picking up my calls, and we are going Japan IS: But we are coming back on tuesday
IS: What do you think about flying to Japan, which is even nearer than Busan (SY's hometown)? It takes only 2 hours to reach Japan
SY: Yeah, it's true IS: What about Busan (travel duration)?
SY: It takes 3 hours to reach Busan by KTX (highspeed train)
JQ: Everybody, please give us strength. Because the members are probably ??? (sorry ;_;)
JQ: I really want to know what fans think about us, we are still rookies and it still feels kind of awkward and strange...
JS: Oh thank you (for helping to hold the vidcam)
JQ: (continues) still feeling unfamiliar... SY: You look like CF model, so cool~
JQ: When we divide it, and add it.. SY: It becomes Myname?
JQ: I have no idea about the outcomes, but I like Myname
IS: Seoul's weather is really good, I am curious about Japan's weather
JQ: It's really hot in Japan, it's almost imcomparable with the weather in Korea
IS: Are you sure?
JQ: My instinct told me so, because Nakamura (Japan's footballer).. Nakamura-san..
IS & JQ: Annyeonghaseyo
JQ: Right here, we have lots of people being here, our staffs are here too, and others.... many people (are here)
IS: See you in Japan JQ: Yeap~ see you in Japan~
[Tokyo Shibuya Performance Hall]
IS: We have reached Japan and we are at the Showcase venue
JQ: Not only we have Japanese song for our showcase, we need to know some japanese to use at other times
JQ: (in japanese) Hi, nice to meet you, I am JunQ. I will work hard, please guide me.
JQ: I am studying hard now, my palms are sweating
IS: This is me
CJ: Hi~ IS: Where are we?
CJ: This is showcase's waiting room IS: What place (country)?
CJ: Japan! IS: We came to Japan right~ what do you think about Japan?
CJ: It's been a long time, I feel nervous and looking forward to it. My heart is thumping (pit-a-pat)
IS: Thumping? Please say something to the fans
CJ: We are in the waiting room for the showcase, I really look forward to it
IS: Fighting? CJ: Fighting~
IS: Bye bye~
IS: It's Gyudon (beef rice), does it taste good?
IS: We are going up stage soon and you're still eating.. SY: 30minutes more (before going up stage)
IS: You have finished yours, JunQ? SY: Before this I have been eating only instant noodles
IS: You wont get energetic if you don't eat SY: That's true
SY: We are in Japan now, but we only did practice for the showcase. We couldn't sleep because everybody is nervous about the showcase
SY: But once the stress is over *snaps* we can just sleep
IS: You're not in the right condition now, so please continue to eat
SY: Bon appetit~
IS: JunQ~ it's finished (JQ's rice) JQ: Of course it's finished
JQ: You need to eat earlier before the stage, if you eat a lot like Seyong-hyung, you might get into troubles
SY: You have finished it? (some wordplay going on here, it's hard to translate .___. )
IS: Finally, our showcase is over, how do you feel?
JQ: I think the stress had been released, I lost all the strength on my legs, it felt like almost dying
IS: But this is yet the end.. JQ: Yes this is not the end, we are going to debut soon and we need more strength
SY: It's really sad that you all are not here during the showcase
CJ: The showcase is over~ It was really tiring~
SY: Does it look like me?
IS: Does it look like me? (repeats)
IS: The body part does! (look alike)
IS: And the face, he (the drawing) looks better than me
IS: What about the other members?
JQ: This is the hairstyle I had in 'Message' MV, I think the fan drew that hairstyle
JQ: Anyhow, thank you (for the drawing)
[IMO, I think my drawing looks alike to me. - JunQ]
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