Drew Brees - Moving Everyday

Uploaded by letsmove on 08.02.2010

Mr. Brees: What gets you moving?
>> Because when you get moving an hour a day --
Mr. Brees: -- you fuel your body --
Bugs Bunny: -- and your mind.
Mr. Brees: Whether you like to throw around the football --
>> -- play Frisbee in the park --
>> -- or dance in your room --
Mr. Brees: -- moving every day helps give you a healthy body and mind.
Bugs Bunny: And that makes you part of a winning team.
Daffy Duck: Hey, that was my line!
Bugs Bunny: Get up and play an hour a day, Doc.
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Mr. Brees: Head online to get tips on great ways to get moving every day.
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