The 21 Conspiracy ep.4 (web series)

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What if there's something you only learn when you turn 21?
- Hey, can you not call my house tonight? Just I was supposed to be at yours.
Yeah. Thanks a lot. I'll explain tomorrow Ok? Ok, bye.
Winston, these are bacon flavored chips. - Ah, shit... I'm sorry.
No, um, no.. - Trouble in paradise.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. - It's fine I'll just have the juice.
I'm so excited, do you reckon we'll hear it? - Are we meant to call Saul like during..
- Screw that, I'm listening to him first. - Hmm, in case we get caught.
- Hey guys, look who's arrived! The stripper.
- The other night with Sara, she mentioned you'd broken up with someone.
- Um, yeah. Well, we're officially getting to know each other.
I'm not supposed to have a boyfriend. - Well did your parents no?
- He was muslim. They seemed to be Ok. - Then why did you break up?
- Well, according to him because my parenthood history and I studied too much, but
really because he just wanted a girlfriend like his friends have.
He basically didn't want a good muslim girl.
- Hey guys, I just made a signal. - What?!
What are they saying? - Shit. - What? - Shit, shit, shit....
- What? - I'll call Saul Ok..
- What?
- What's going on in here? - We're just parked here.
- You kids doing anything I should know about?
- Marge, two teenagers fitting the description.
I'm going to need you two to step out of the vehicle.
- What the hell Collin? He saw my face!
- Start the car.
- Hello Ayaan? - Saul, you're on speaker phone.
- What the hell is going on? - They knew we were here.
- How? - I don't know.
- Just come back now, the group's here. - What the f#*k was that for Collin?
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