Knocked Up (6/10) Movie CLIP - Double Date (2007) HD

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ALLISON: No. You know, l don't have to tell them.
lt's illegal for them to fire me over it anyway,
and l get three months maternity leave if l stay,
so l'm iust, you know, not gonna tell them.
That's a good plan. Yeah. l like it.
lt is a good plan until her water breaks all over Robert De Niro's shoes.
(IN DEEP VOlCE) ''My shoes! Hey, there's all this baby goo on it.''
''These shoes? On these shoes?
''Did you puke on my shoes?''
''Did your water break on my shoes?'' ''Did you puke on my shoes?''
lsn't it weird, though, when you have a kid and all your dreams and hopes
just go right out the window?
What changed for you? What went out the window? What plans?
You do everything exactly the same.
No, l mean, l love what l'm doing. Like, say...
Okay, say, you know, before you're married and have children,
you wanna go live in India for a year.
You can do it. But you can't do it once you have a family.
You wanna go live in India? l don't wanna go live in India.
Do you want to go to India? Go to India! Seriously, go to India.
What about you? Do you want to go to India?
l'm not going to India. You can go to India.
l get what he's talking about.
You know, honestly, like, when l found out about...
l totally, like, l iust had this flash of me, like in a white Ford Bronco,
and l'm iust hauling ass for Canada, man.
The chopper's taping the whole thing, and l just...
l bust through the border and l'm a free man!
That's all l kept thinking, man.
You know what l'm saying? It was a flash!
Wait. What do you mean? What are you... Don't look at me.
We can talk about our fears here. PETE: It's not like he did it.
l mean, honestly, like, if Doc Brown screeched up in front of you in the DeLorean.
Open the door, he's like,
''Hey, Allison, come on. l got the car here. What do you wanna do?''
No part of your brain would have been, like, ''You know, maybe we'll go back
''to that night and l would maybe put a condom on Ben's dick.''
You never got that flash? No.
And l don't know what you're talking about.
''Where we're going, we don't need roads.''
BEN: (LAUGHING) Exactly. You wouldn't do that?
l don't know who Doc Brown is.
What are you talking about?
Doc Brown is the guy who's Christopher Lloyd.
He invented the DeLorean, the time machine.
He's the one who made the time machine. What?
PETE: It's the time machine. Everyone has the time machine image.
Hey. l have a really good idea.
Why don't the two of you get into your time machine,
go back in time and fuck each other?
Who needs a time machine?
This is my time machine!
l'm gonna throw you in my DeLorean, gun it to '88.
You are a funny motherfucker, man. Jesus.
How can you fight with him? Look at his face. l just want to kiss it.
l think he's cute.
l like the way you move.
This is fun! We should do this more, l think.
l mean, this is, like, the most fun l've had in a really long time.