Bulandi (2000) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 4

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- Will you kill him? - Listen carelully, woman.
lt's a game ol victoy and deleat. One who survives, wins!
How many eunuchs will you send?
Don't you have any real men?
Hurrah, brother!
You rascals! Stop right there. It's one against one.
ll you all enter the arena, we won't keep quiet either.
Stop! Don't hold them back. Arjun is my brother.
- He can lace 40, let alone 4! - As you command, sir.
Why did you do this Nakul? Il my lather sees this color...
- He'll kill me! - Nobody minds Holi coloms. Friends, nor loes.
Go tell your lather that l love you vey much!
Our love is like banks ol a river. Never the train shall meet.
Who says they can't meet? It just needs a bridge.
We'll delinitely build a bridge ol love between our 2 lamilies.
That's possible when the 2 banks are alike.
Your brother's principles and my lather are made ol stone!
Whatever, in the end, Love will win.
Tie this cradle and bangles on this branch. Here, take this.
- Why? - When a girl ties a thread on a branch here, and prays...
she gets married soon. And when a married woman ties...
this cradle and bangles here, she gets a baby within one year.
l don't believe in all this, Also, l'm in no hury to have a baby.
You don't have a child as yet. Tie them yoursell il you wish.
Forgive her, Holy Mother she's a child, so she's ignorant.
On her behall. l'll pray to you. Give her a darling son, vey soon.
Dear Lord, what sins have l committed to deserve this?
l can't enter your temple lor the past 17 years.
l'll return lrom the base ol your steps, lor one year more.
Forgive my son, lor his sins. Show him the right path, O Lord.
Look! That woman has lallen. And she's asking lor water.
- Don't go! - Why not? - Nobody can help her.
She and her lamily are outcasts.
One woman is dying ol thirst, and people will adhere to rules!
- What a cruel rule! - What he says is a lact.
This decision was taken by my Iate lather. Nobody can break it.