Outtakes from Emily's Storytelling Interview - Written by a Kid ep. 3: La Munkya

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Aug 8, 2012


-And then actually he ate the bard because he was hungry.
-He ate the barn?
-The bard.
-Oh, the bard.

-And one big, ugly man that is a wrestler that got beat up a
few days ago.
-And what was the wrestler's name?
-The Big Boy.
-The Big Boy.
-The Big Boy.
-And the Big Boy went and saw him.
So the Big Boy jumped in him--
jumped in the barn with all his weight and then all the
[INAUDIBLE] and the horse came down up in the water, and the
Big Boy was down below.
The grandmother was smacking them with her purse.
Her purse was so small and tiny.
It was adorable.
And then she's like, yeah, get out of my house, you.
She was funny.
And then he went.
The horse smashed the Big Boy.

That's kind of creepy.
-It's kind of--
-What, me?
-Both of you guys [INAUDIBLE]
both stopped at the same time.
-Oh, that we did at the same time.
-Thank you so much.

-OK, and cut.