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Ow, you guys.
Ow, ow.
BETH HOYT: OK, hello little dolls faces.
It's me, Beth Hoyt, your host.
This is My Damn Channel Live, and it's Monday.
And I'm OK.
How was your weekend?
Did you watch the Emmys?
Um, I didn't watch them yet.
But I did assess all the dresses, which is
like 80% of it, right?
I liked Ginnifer Goodwin's dress the best.
By the way, there it is.
Isn't it pretty?
Um, also I met her at the Young Hollywood Awards.
She, um, she was the style icon for the year.
And she deserves it.
And she was so-- she was super friendly and cool and nice.
And that's not why I liked her dress.
It helps that she's a nice person.
But anyway, I really like the dress.
And my friend did the embroidery, which I found out
after I'd said that I liked her dress the best, which
means that I also have good taste in friends.
Um, what else?
I watched, this weekend, I watched my alma mater,
University of Michigan, play terribly and
lose to Notre Dame.
I also started watching Vampire Diaries this weekend
because Retta told me to.
And at first I was all like, uh.
But now I'm, like, pretty ready to, like, call in sick
for life because I just don't want to stop watching it.
Like, I love being here and hanging out with friends.
But everywhere I am, I'm just kind of thinking about their
love life and, like, what they're doing and, like, who's
killing who.
It's just-- it's, it's--
I'm actually kind of--
yeah, I just love that show.
And I just don't, you know, want it to end.
And I love it.
Do you guys like Vampire Diaries?
Um, what else is going on?
Uh, this weekend I also spent some time doing damage
control on my mom.
Um, see, because--
oh, I love you, Mom.
Did you see on Thursday when my mom-- when I told Retta
that my mom--
it was a lie--
that my mom uses instant potatoes for Thanksgiving?
I really remember this being true.
Apparently, my sister also called me and
said, that is not true.
Mom did make potatoes from scratch.
I just don't remember this.
But, anyway, I told Retta she didn't make
potatoes from scratch.
Um, it was just a ruse to get invited to Retta's for
Anyway, my mom was very upset.
She texted during the film and said, that's a lie.
You lie-- she said, you lie like a rug.
I do make my own potatoes.
And then, um, Retta and I laughed about her saying lie
like a rug.
And I was like, I don't think she did.
And then later on, I texted my mom and I was
like, that was hilarious.
And she wrote back, not for me.
Um, and then she didn't respond to my texts.
And, oh, but she did get so upset, you guys, about that
happening that she figured out Twitter.
That's how upset--
I've been in this job and, like, now I've been doing this
stuff for so long.
And she's never done it for me.
But because she was so upset, that she was embarrassed that
people, um, thought that she didn't make her potatoes that
she figured out Twitter, made an account, and
tweeted at me and Retta.
I was very proud of her.
But also, she's still pissed.
Basically, those potatoes that she makes are homemade and
from scratch and delicious.
We have a comment, um, from YouTube.
This is from Bruce Moellenhoff.
Why are sagging pants still in fashion?
It's because, um, we'll never forget MC Hammer.
And it's because women sometimes want to have things
that are stylish.
And they want to be comfortable on days that they
have their periods or are just feeling bloated.
So there will always be some element of fashion that
involves loose bagginess because we need those articles
of clothing, you know?
That's, that's why.
And that is official.
We have another comment fromYouTube, yoonafan18.
Have you traveled outside the US, Beth?
Yes, I have.
I have.
Um, I've been to Japan.
Went to Japan for like three weeks to my Sister City and to
Tokyo with a choir when I was 14.
Um, also on that trip I turned 15.
I had my birthday.
And then they were like, you know, uh--
they're like, how old are you?
And I said, 15.
And they all looked at each other.
And apparently you're supposed to be 16 to be on the trip,
like, legally.
And they all just thought because I looked older,
because I looked the same way I do right now, and, uh, so
then they were all really in trouble.
And they were like, just don't tell anyone ever.
But I just told all of you.
And I've been--
I went backpacking in Europe in college.
I went to, um, all, you know--
I went from--
I landed in, uh, Paris.
And I went to Amsterdam and Prague and,
uh, Venice and Vienna--
Vienna then Venice and then Florence and Rome.
And I've also been to Berlin.
OK, um, rap.
Um, I want to hear about what you guys did this weekend.
Um, keep talking to me.
Is that what-- is that what sign you meant?
You have to make sure with Nate.
He just held me an upside down hand-- an upside down sign.
Luckily, I can read upside down.
It's one of my talents.
All right, we're going to keep talking.
But you guys know what happens here on Mondays, right?
We talk.
Also, it's a new McMayhem.
McMayhem Monday, it's called Stop or I'll Squirt.
Play it.
Play it.
MATT MCMANUS: Intro the bit, Steve.
This one's called Stop or I'll Squirt.
STEPHEN SEIDEL: Hey, can you shoot my friend
with this water gun?
MATT MCMANUS: No, shoot my friend.
No, shoot my--
STEPHEN SEIDEL: Uh, oh, oh, wait.
Whoa, whoa.
MATT MCMANUS: You slept with my sister.
STEPHEN SEIDEL: You were hitting on my mom.
Get him!
Oh, go!
Yeah, get him!
Here, hit him.
Get him.
Get him.
Shoot him.
STEPHEN SEIDEL: Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!
MATT MCMANUS: Give me a bite or I'll shoot him, I promise.
Give me some of that salad.
Give me a little bit, a crouton.
Shoot him.
Get him!
STEPHEN SEIDEL: Retaliation!
MATT MCMANUS: Is this how it is?
We got you.
As soon as I see--
As soon as I see the trigger pulled, you're all going down.
MATT MCMANUS: This is how it's going to end, huh?
In the friggin' eye.
Boom, boom, boom.
Come on, sir.
Help me.
Help me.
You're on varsity.
You're on varsity.
Help us.
MATT MCMANUS: Shoot him.
MATT MCMANUS: No, no, no, no, no, no.
STEPHEN SEIDEL: Matt McManus in the face.
Oh, what was that?
MATT MCMANUS: We're going to put out the
cigarettes, I'm sorry.
STEPHEN SEIDEL: We're here to put out the cigarettes.

BETH HOYT: What's up?
What's happening?
What are you saying?
What's a--
here's a comment from YouTube.
It's, uh, angelfeelsbored.
Beth's mom is nice.
I remember when you called her the other day.
She is nice.
Let's all say nice things about my mom.
No, she is nice.
And she-- have you heard?
She makes the best potatoes on Thanksgiving.
Uh, she makes sweet potato crunch and
regular mashed potatoes.
Sweet potato crunch is crack in a pan.
It's like when you've eaten everything--
like three times the amount of meals you should have had--
then you dip into that because your belly just is like, you
can handle that.
You can eat it because it's just sugar and
butter and real potatoes.
Another comment from YouTube, ms123emma2.
What is your best childhood memory?
My gosh, it's probably, um--
this is tough.
But it's probably, uh, you know, like, eating, uh, my
mom's potatoes on Thanksgiving.
It's just a really strong memory for me.
And, like, there's been-- you know, there's other
meals that are good.
But she makes these, like, potatoes from scratch.
And it's just something I'll never--
uh, it's just one of my favorite memories.
Next comment from YouTube is from 23cookies007.
Do you like "Dirty Dancing" the film?
I love that movie.
I love it so much.
I love the soundtrack.
I have it on cassette tape.
I used to listen to it whenever I mowed the lawn.
It's true, that and "Reality Bites." Um, we
had a riding lawnmower.
Our lawn wasn't that big.
But we did have one.
My dad liked to buy toys.
And, uh, that was--
I like loved-- we all used to fight over who
got to mow the lawn.
It was really a calming, peaceful experience.
That's one of my other favorite childhood memories is
listening to "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack
and mowing the lawn.
Am I a farmer?
It sounds like I am.
I ruined your image of me.
I was very cool and led a very urban life
in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Definitely did that.
Um, we have maybe-- we have another comment from YouTube.
We do.
This is from Jukelispukelis.
What's your favorite alcohol drink?
It's so tough.
I think these come in categories,
like for the seasons.
In general, it's a--
mmph, it's a--
it's usually a gin martini.
But lately I've been allergic to all my jewelry
when I drink gin.
So I changed it to vodka.
I prefer Tito's, if they have that, with a twist.
I like that.
Um, that's really what I love to start the night off with
and just, like, just get to it.
You know, just like have a martini and just get there.
I just want to get to another level.
Um, I'm not trying to get, like, wasted.
But just like, let's just not have, like, a beer.
Let's get there.
I love margaritas in the summer,
red wine in the winter.
Next comment is from MrsLarzy13.
Apart from making videos, what are the things you
like to do the most?
Um, I love watching TV.
I'm not lame.
I like watching [INAUDIBLE] people and talking about it.
But I feel like I've been talking about that a lot.
And it's something I really love doing.
And you know how you do that thing when you're like, what
do I want to be doing right now?
Often it's watching TV, but, like, with a purpose and
through a series and with friends.
Um, I like hanging out with my friends.
I really love, like, dinner parties and games and playing
games with friends and doing things, like, uh, as a group.
I really like, um, playing volleyball and tennis, which I
haven't done in years.
But in my mind, I'm always like, this weekend I'm going
to do that.
There is a volleyball court in Brooklyn that I
really want to go to.
It's sandy and it, like, overviews--
you can look at Manhattan and the water.
It sounds dreamy and beautiful.
And that's something I really like to do even though I
haven't done it yet.
Um, I like, uh, talking about my fears and never getting
over them, even though that's a goal.
I like making goals.
And I love making lists.
Another comment from YouTube is from Bryce Schoening.
Do you prefer marathoning a series or waiting through the
week and watching it as it comes out?
Man, marathoning doesn't get to happen very often.
You really, I mean, you need to have the time and then,
like, the, you know, like lack of self confidence to, like,
leave your apartment and--
and then also the confidence to be like, it's OK that I'm
not leaving.
Um, and then also, you know, to have not seen it and to
have it all available.
But if you can get all those things combined and then have
a season in front of you and just click next, next, next.
It's just really not a lot better than that in life.
But live!
Live your lives, you guys.
Get out and live your lives.
Uh, that's a wrap on Monday with a great
lesson at the end.
Thank you for watching and commenting, you guys.
Subscribe, if you haven't already.
Tomorrow Grace is hosting.
And her guest is-- speaking of TV--
Emma Caulfield from Buffy.
And on Wednesday we have a really, really exciting
episode planned with Andrew WK.
I'm so excited.
I will see you then.
You're my favorite.
Love you, Mom.