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lt's been all of seven years since you left the village.
l'm not going to let you go back now.
lf l didn't need money to build a hospital...
l wouldn't have come even now.
l'll go back after l sell off my land.
Ram, in all this time, you never once thought of your village?
Bhabhi, however hard l tried, l couldn't forget our village.
When has anybody ever got what he wanted in life?
l'm not blaming anybody.
lf you aren't, why isn't there any sign of joy on your face?
l'm still living, am l not? That's already a lot.
lf only our elders had been alive today...
they could've seen the fallout of their intransigence.
What would've been the harm if you and Sushma had got married?
- The two of you were so in love... - Now let it be, bhabhi.
l'm only speaking the truth.
That poor girl has been pushed into hell now.
Bhabhi, l hope Sushma's okay?
You know it hasn't rained at all.
ls Bansidhar a God of sorts?
Can Bansidhar make a hole in the sky?
Pay up, otherwise my shoes are waiting...
Please excuse us this time.
What's all this noise about?
Memsaab, they're asking for the taxes to be waived.
lt hasn't rained at all. The lands are dry.
The lands are dry every year.
l want to know why you've not slapped them with shoes by now.
Memsaab, even if you burn my house...
even if you flog me to the maximum...
l just don't have the money.
l know how to extract my money.
Have mercy, Memsaab. My child's dying from hunger.
Let her die.
Let her die?
No, don't say such a thing, Memsaab. You too have a child.
- Accountant? - Yes, Memsaab?
Seize all his belongings.
For the poor, God has seized their everything at birth itself.
Come, Ram, come.
Excuse me, brother, l couldn't come to the station myself.
These are collection days. l'm busy with collection day and night.
You look exactly like your father.
You totally forgot all of us, once you left for the city.
And even when you've come back after seven years, it's only to sell your land.
Now how fair is that?
Even when you buy it, l will still consider it mine, brother.
Now, if the papers are ready, l'd like to leave tomorrow evening.
Ram, what sort of bitterness is this?
One should forget the past.
Thakur, the landlord of Bachranwa is here to see you.
Okay. Ram, you go on. l'll join you later.
Ram, forget these scars.
You can't live the rest of your life, thinking of the past.
Sushma is now a widow.
So what can l do, bhabhi?
Stay back! Here, with us. With me, your bhabhi.
Like any mother, l want my son to be near me.
Ram, what's going to happen to you?
What are you going to do with your life?
l myself don't have the answer to that, bhabhi.
What l do know is that...
l should leave this place soon.
Okay, if that's what you want.
But before you leave, do drop in at Sushma's place.
And what's the need for that, bhabhi?
She's a widow now. You need to at least offer your sympathies.
What's she going to get anyway, by my offering my sympathies?
l'll be embarrassed if you don't.
Fifty... fifty-one... fifty-two...
Khan saab, what sort of life is it, being a landlord?
What's all this happening, bhabhi?
Go, see for yourself.
l've also seen lots of landlords in my life.
But l haven't seen anyone quite as brave as you.
See how much work l get done by my men.
Why have you stopped?
Saheb, he's fallen unconscious.
So you think l'm going to get him a doctor?
Pick him up and throw him out.
Pick him up! Throw him out!
Khansaab, this is all just acting. l know these guys very well.
They beg like this every day, they plead...
but there's nobody here to listen to them.
Forget your own sorrow by immersing yourself in others' sorrows, my son.
l don't have the courage, bhabhi.
l just don't have the courage.
lt looks like the accountant got upset.
Step back! Come on! Pick up everything.
Come on, pick up everything. Take everything.
Accountant Sir, all this is going to Madam's house, right?
What do you then get out of this?
Here, take this vest.
And should l remove my dhoti as well?
lt could come in handy at your funeral.
Your tongue has started wagging a bit too much nowadays.
Accountant saab, the rich wield their power, the poor their tongue.
Take everything! Take everything! Be careful.
lf something breaks, it will be a loss for Memsaab.
Pack up everything.
Father, they've taken all our utensils.
How will you eat tonight?
My little girl is always thinking of me.
What does it matter, my dear? At least Memsaab's house is filled, isn't it?
God knows how many people like us are there in this world...
who fill their saab's homes, but go hungry themselves.
- Manglu! - What is it now?
You owed Memsaab twenty rupees, twelve annas.
Your assets are not worth even five rupees.
So what to do now?
Till we recover the money, your daughter will work in Memsaab's house.
Sher Singh! Take the girl to Memsaab's place.
Father! Father! Father!
Oh God, why do you even give birth to the poor?
Father! Father! Father! Father!
Gajadhar, tie him up.
- Where are you taking her? - To Memsahib.
Salutations to you, Sahib.
Who are you? And what's all this?
This girl's wretched father pays neither the levy...
nor does he clear his debt.
So what fault is it of this little girl?
You torture such a little girl. Don't you have any shame?
What can we do, Sahib?
We are only servants.
Whose servants are you?
Sushma Devi's, Sahib.
- What is your name, little girl? - Sundariya.
Babuji, please free me. These people have badly beaten up my father.
Beaten him up very badly.
Who is your father?
You may be knowing him. She is Manglu's daughter.
- Oh, so she is Manglu's daughter? - Yes, Sahib.
Let her go.
Sahib, l am after all only a servant.
lf we let her go, Sushma Devi will not spare us.
No, Babuji, no. Tell them to let me go, Babuji. Tell them please.
Manglu! Manglu!
- Who are you? - l am Ramu.
- Which Ramu? - From your village.
Sahib? You? Sahib?
l bow before you.
Who's behind all this, Manglu?
Who am l to say anything, Sahib?
You owed Sushma Devi money?
Yes. She can punish me as she likes. After all, she's the Memsahib.
And l owe her money.
Sahib, please do save my little girl.
lf you say so, they'll give my girl back to me.
Sahib! Sahib!
Very good! Very good! Very good!
Did you throw this at me?
Yes. Not with my hand. With this.
That's not a good thing to do. Good boys don't do such things.
Say sorry.
Sorry? Forget it. We are landlords.
lf you don't say sorry, l'll take this away from you.
l'll beat you up.
You'll beat me up?
My mother will beat you up. Sushma Devi.
Oh, so you are Sushma Devi's son?
Yes. She is a real terror. Everybody runs miles from her.
So should l call her?
- No, let it be. - You're scared!
- Yes, l am. - Then get me that.
- What? Oh, okay. - Get me that quickly.
Looks like l will have to.
Yes, of course. Come on, hurry up.
Then you come down. Careful!
Here you are.
So are we friends now?
Oh! So l can become friends with such a big man?
l'm no big man!
See, you're even taller than me.
- What's your name? - Munna.
Munna! Oh Munna!
- Go quickly. - Why? - Mother's coming.
Understand one thing. We have to take revenge on Ram.
And the time for that has come now.
How, Madho bhaiya?
From tomorrow, Sushma and l will become the owners of Ram's land.
He's come to sell it. And we will buy it at a throwaway price.
Have you forgotten the way Ram's father treated your father and mine?
l remember. But l want to forget the enmity between our elders.
And everything else.
Everything else.
Whatever you wish. But l'm going to buy the land.
Because l don't want to forget that enmity.
Think it over once again. But be quick.
Because Ram is leaving tomorrow evening.
Madho bhaiya, one thing.
Mausi, one doesn't ever forget one's love, does one?
Ram will leave tomorrow.
Tomorrow evening.
- Accountant? - Yes, Memsahib?
Drive Manglu out of his house and take possession of it.
l said, drive Manglu out of his house and take possession of it.
But Memsahib, as you know, Ram babu is on Manglu's side.
He will come again.
Don't talk nonsense.
Why are you following me?
l want to talk to you about something.
lt's better if you don't.
l've come here out of desperation.
lt'd be better if you just leave.
So you can't even listen to me for two minutes, Sushma?
No, Ram babu, l cannot!
Why not?
- l can't talk to you. - And why not?
- l am a widow. - l know that, Sushma.
lt is a sin for me to even think about those times.
Those times?
There is no sin in being in love, Sushma.
We are just wooden puppets, you make us dance so
You sit on a high pedestal, and have fun watching us
We are just toys in your hands. Play all you want with us, oh Lord
Whether sorrow or happiness, take all you would, oh Lord
Play all you want with us, oh Lord
This impulsive mind dances all the time. Every moment desires rise unfettered
And yet, each dream gets shattered, and all that remains is pain
Stealthily you do your bidding, making your home in our hearts, oh Lord
Whether sorrow or happiness, take all you would, oh Lord
We are just toys in your hands. Play all you want with us, oh Lord
Whether sorrow or happiness, take all you would, oh Lord
Play all you want with us, oh Lord
We are just toys in your hands
l didn't come to ask anything for myself.
l'd come on behalf of some people who are suffering because of you.
There's nothing l have that l can give anybody.
Do you know that people call you a tyrant?
They can call me whatever they like.
ls this what you've got from your prayers to God?
This is exactly what l've got.
Distress, suffering, grief.
And that is exactly what l'm distributing to others.
My sympathies are with you.
l cannot even accept them.
l can empathize with the loneliness in your life.
l cannot even thank you for that.
Look here, Sushma. These poor farmers are already suffering a lot.
What do you get by harassing them even more?
lf you care so much for the farmers, why are you selling your land?
Why don't you stay here and help them?
- ls this your opinion? - Who am l to have an opinion?
l am just suggesting a way out for your pain.
My heart does tell me to stay back and serve them.
l feel very sorry for them.
l feel very sorry for them, Sushma.
But you also know very well that l cannot stay here.
You could've stayed here a bit longer.
But you're adamant that you'll leave this evening.
So l decided to call the Registrar here.
Get me those papers.
Sahib, you're selling the land. l have tears in my eyes.
But no. The mind says greed isn't a good thing.
Whatever happens, is happening for good.
- Sahib, being a landlord is hard work... - Enough, enough now.
He knows.
See Ram, you're selling the land. And l'm buying it.
But that doesn't mean you should stop coming to the village.
All this, after all, belongs to you alone.
Even if l'm unable to come, it doesn't mean l've forgotten the village.
For me, everything remains the same.
Okay, where do l have to sign?
One here. And one here.
There's one thing l want to say, brother.
The farmers here are suffering a lot.
Please try to be as kind to them as possible.
You don't know them.
lf you're nice to them today, they'll sit on your head tomorrow.
Petty folk.
Petty? Very petty.
Sahib, don't even talk of these people.
Their daily diet consists of kicks and abuse.
lnsolent girl! What are you looking at?
Babuji, help me! Babuji!
Ram! Ram! Ram, where are you going?
Ram, what's the matter?
Brother, l've decided not to sell the land.
l'm going to stay here. And do what l can for the poor.
l've put you through a lot of trouble. l apologize for that.
Sushma, what is this you've done?
You upset all our plans. What are you playing at?
l need to go.
Sundariya, take these two annas.
- Why, Memsahib? - Because l'd beaten you. Now, go play.
Oh dark clouds, please don't leave. Please don't go away to other lands
Stay, and play the sound of your thunder. Let the nectar splash down
Wheezing winds rekindle the dying flames
Secrets of the heart rise up to the eyes, yet l can't speak them
Oh dark clouds, please don't leave. Please don't go away to other lands
Stay, and play the sound of your thunder. Let the nectar splash down
Vermilion on my forehead makes me weep. And my tresses are like snakes
l may put kohl in my eyes a thousand times. lt just flows away with the tears
Like a lost traveller at the crossroads, hesitant to ask for directions...
which way should l go, to which land?
lf only God could help me understand these things.
You can understand them, Sushma...
if there is no hatred in the mind, no bitterness.
lf there is love.
What sort of talk is this, to a widow?
There's a reason why they work like this, Sushma.
l'll have to ask Madho bhaiya.
Don't you have any opinion of your own at all?
l don't have a choice.
Doesn't your heart tell you anything?
What my heart tells me is none of your business.
l'm amazed at you, Sushma. l really am.
l don't know whether to feel sympathy or disgust at this.
Your sympathy or disgust make absolutely no difference to me.
This is inhuman. Totally inhuman.
- You have a right to speak. You can say whatever your like. - Sushma!
Sushma, whatever else may happen, do send Munna to school.
Why do you want to care about an inhuman mother's child?
l don't want him to end up uneducated, like his elders.
Maybe it's best he remains uneducated.
- So... - What?
Do you want to study in my school?
- No. - Why?
My mother will beat me.
Our lesson for today is done. You can go now.
Children, you come here.
lf you come to school, l'll give you the gun.
l said, l'll give you the gun if you come to school.
l'll come to school.
You are talking as if l'm responsible for this school, not Ram babu.
lndeed. lf you hadn't beaten Sundariya that day...
he wouldn't have stayed back. And this school wouldn't have existed.
Who knows, Madho? He's very cunning. Maybe he came here to start this school.
Even if a school does get started, what's the big problem?
Problem? Sushma, you don't understand.
These farmers will get educated and become smart.
They'll begin to understand things. They won't fall at our feet anymore.
They'll stand up on their feet to greet us.
They'll form a union. They'll go on strike.
They'll refuse to work for us. That'll be the end of our landlord days.
Oh my god! What did you say? End of our landlord days?
l tell you this boy is taking his father's revenge on us.
l've been taught that a snake's young should be defanged at birth.
You never know when it will come after you.
Ok, Mausi. We'll have to do something to protect our landlord status.
What do you think, Sushma?
You're the one who handles land matters, Madho bhaiya. What can l say?
But l do need to know if you're with me on this or not.
What does it matter, whether l'm with you or not?
l am a widow. l am helpless.
ln other words, you can support me. But you don't want to take him on.
You're getting unnecessarily worked up, Madho bhaiya.
lt's not about what l want or don't want.
Who cares what she does or doesn't want? Just do whatever you think right.
You little devil! Wait, l'll teach you.
- Mischievous kid! - Munna, where did you get the gun?
Where did you get the gun?
Why don't you tell us where you got the gun?
Ram bhaiya gave it to me.
Did you hear that, Madho?
Ram gave it to you?
Where did you meet him?
Why don't you open your mouth? Did you go to that school?
Here, just listen to him!
You'd been told not to go to school, right?
Yes, but Ram bhaiya is very good to me. He gives me toys, he loves me a lot.
Oh God! Did you see how he's brainwashed our child?
You devil! lf you go to him once more, l'll break your bones. Understood?
Yes, understood.
Why to get so upset, Mausi? This same thing could've been said lovingly too.
Oh, so now l'm to blame, am l?
What big wrong have l done that you're now after my blood?
Madho, all l'm saying is, what's the need to go with the enemy's son?
What do l care anyway? lf he wants to go to school, let him.
Yes, l will.
You see, Madho? He's gone to school for one day, and this is the result!
Sushma, get four more pots for him to break tomorrow.
Sushma, you've spoiled this boy too much.
Oh, don't say anything about the boy. She'll get offended.
l don't care if she gets offended or not. Munna will not go to school.
What do you care? You want me to kill him?
He almost killed me.
lf he goes to school, he'll bring disgrace to us.
Sushma, why don't you just say you want to take Ram's side?
Nothing of the sort.
This is nothing, bhaiya. Heap more abuse on me.
l've to listen to all this just because of this brat.
So you will go to school, will you? You will disgrace your mother, will you?
l say, why don't you just die? That way, you won't be around...
you won't go to school, none of these problems would arise.
Did you see that, Madho bhaiya?
This is her way of venting her anger at us.
Then just tell her to send Munna to school.
l'll see how long that school is allowed to run.
Put this next to that bucket.
- Ram bhaiya? - So you've come?
So did your mother beat you?
Yes. Madho bhaiya said, don't go to school.
Mother then beat me up. Very badly.
The next time your mother beats you, let me know.
l'll beat up your mother.
- You will beat her up, right? - Yes, l most certainly will.
What's wrong with you?
l haven't slapped you in a long time. l'm going to beat you now.
No you won't. Ram bhaiya will beat you up.
He will beat me up?
Yes, Ram bhaiya was telling me...
"lf your mother beats you, tell me. l'll beat her up".
You got scared?
Why is Mother scared of you?
When your mother was young, l used to beat her a lot.
Then she must have got upset too.
How did you then make up?
Munna, what did he say today?
Mother, Ram bhaiya says when you were young, he used to beat you a lot.
- Really? - Then l said "Surely Mother would get upset then?"
- He said "Yes". - What did you say then?
l asked "How did you then make up with her?"
What did he say then?
At first he said nothing.
Then he began showering love on me.
- How? - Like this.
Come, learn to love this new life
Come, let's redecorate its beauty
Let us give up everything for its sake
Your dreams will come true one day
For how long will the heart be ensnared and restive?
The flow of time has now heard your heart's laments
Be patient for some more time
Come, learn to love this new life
Let us give up everything for its sake
Who's touching the strings of our hearts, humming a song?
Who's heralding in the Spring, smiling at us?
Who's this taking over my being, and my mind?
Surrender your heart to someone, and then see
Come, learn to love this new life
Let us give up everything for its sake
Come, learn to love this new life
Come, let's redecorate its beauty
Let us give up everything for its sake
Come, learn to love this new life
What brings you here today?
You're okay, l hope?
- Who, l? - Yes.
Hmm... hmm...
- How... did l land up here? - Sushma!
l've got to go.
"What brings you here today? You're okay, l hope?"
- "Who, l"? - "Yes".
- "Hmm..." - "What?"
"Nothing. How did l land up here?"
- "How did l land up here?" - "Sushma!"
"l've got to go!"
Are you tired, Ram?
Yes l am.
There's so much joy in what you're doing. You can see for yourself, can't you?
So much peace of mind!
Probably. Man has nothing under his control, bhabhi.
l think l should... go back.
Why? What's the matter?
You won't even tell your mother?
Here l sometimes...
feel a lot of pain.
Now if someone could just take care of this school and this hospital...
But without you all this will go to waste within just two days.
These people will not let anything remain.
What should l do?
- Ram bhaiya? - Yes?
- Yes, Munna? - Should l go home?
Okay. But l wanted to tell you something important, Munna.
So Munna, what did your Ram babu tell you today?
l won't tell you.
- Why? - Ram bhaiya says...
men's talk shouldn't be discussed with women.
Okay, Munna, tell me who is better, your Ram babu or l?
- You want to know? - Yes.
l can't tell you.
Tell me, otherwise l will tickle you.
l won't tell you.
- Tell me. - Ram bhaiya.
Am l not nice? l shower you with love, l feed you with my hands.
Ram bhaiya also feeds me with his hands. He also showers me with love.
He tells me, "When you grow up, l'll make you a doctor like me".
What else does he say?
He says "Munna, will you be my son?"
Mother! Mother! Should l become Ram bhaiya's son?
l've told you a thousand times not to come to me.
But you don't listen.
From now on, l'm going to thrash you with a broom.
Wow, Mausi, that was impressive. You've told Ram off very well.
Sorry, but l'm not like you. One thing in your mind, another on your lips.
l return enmity with enmity, a fight with a fight.
Wow, Mausi, hats off to you.
The whole village is ready to fight, if that's what you want, Mausi.
Did you hear that, bhaiya? Apparently, l'm the one who always fights!
l do all the work in this house.
l clean the house, l cook, l wash utensils, l make rotis...
and all l get to hear is that l'm always fighting!
Let it be, Mausi. Just let it go!
l'm always told to keep quiet. And l do.
Sundariya! Oh Sundariya!
What is it?
Memsahib, there's a plague victim in your house.
Sundariya will not work in your house anymore.
Why not?
l even give her wages now. You've even taken an advance.
Water! Water!
Water! Water!
Mother! Mother! Muniya's been affected.
Take her away from here immediately!
This is a house with children. We can't accept plague cases here, understood?
Why are you staring at my face?
What are you waiting for?
This isn't a government hospital, that you leave people here to die.
She's not going to make it anyway...
whether you bring her home, or to the cremation ground.
Sahib! Sahib!
Sahib! ls my Sundariya okay now?
Yes, now she will suffer no more pain.
So... can l then... take her home?
Yes, take her.
Sushma Devi!
Sushma Devi! Sushma Devi!
Sushma Devi!
- Who is it? - lt's me, Manglu. Manglu!
What's the matter?
"The little wench is fine..."
"See, she has come to work. See".
Totally ready. You know why? You pay her wages, don't you?
You've even given an advance of one rupee.
For God's sake, don't say anything more.
My Munna is also not well.
What? Munna is also not well?
Don't worry, Memsahib. God will make sure Munna recovers.
There's a big difference.
Have you informed Ram bhaiya?
Don't worry, Memsahib. Munna will get okay.
Yes, my Sundariya had some other illness.
Sahib, the news is that Munna is not well.
You have insulted the Devi.
There's no insult in these things. l'm taking Munna to the hospital.
Sushma! lf you like, Munna will just stay here.
So are you seeing the results of your brilliant decision?
That witch, these spirits...
Save Munna, Ram!
You are your own child's worst enemy.
l cannot live without Munna.
- You go from here. - Let me stay with him.
l'll just stay here in the corner.
lf you are here, l won't be able to do anything.
Please go from here, Sushma.
What's this you're doing, Sushma?
Will you ever be able to forgive me?
Please come in.
l was afraid you might not like my coming here.
At least occasionally think a kind thought about me.
Please sit down.
l understand that Mausi is not at home right now?
That's right. Don't you want to sit down?
Look here, Sushma. Whatever happens, don't fight with me today.
You're always the one who starts it.
You won't eat anything made by me?
You know very well that l've always liked anything made by you.
After a very long time, l've got a chance to eat all these things.
Why? lt isn't as if there's a shortage of anything at your place?
No, but... where do you get this type of butter and buttermilk in the city?
Neither do people drink these things, nor are they served so respectfully.
Why don't you get married?
Who should l marry?
A girl who is suitable for you.
Then you find such a girl for me, Sushma.
l've been thinking of this all night.
So does anybody come to mind?
l have yet to come across a girl who would be quite suitable for you.
They why do you tell me to get married?
You came here on business?
l wouldn't dare to come here if l didn't have some business.
That is my reputation.
How are you able to do this, Sushma?
Then tell me, what do you want to say?
What have you come for?
l've come to say something that l just have to.
The same thing again?
l will not ask you for anything for myself.
Because l know that...
this right has been snatched away from me.
And you know that l had nothing to do with this?
Yes, l know that.
- Sushma? - l'm listening.
ln a few days, l'll be leaving this place.
And that's what you came here to tell me?
l need to go.
So all this talk of being of service to the villagers was all an act?
- An act? - lf not, what was it?
Why don't you just say you like life in the city?
Who has stopped you from going back?
When did l say somebody has stopped me from going back?
And nobody will stop you either.
ln fact, we want you to go away from here.
So that these farmers come back to their senses.
This is exactly what l was fearing.
And only this will continue to happen.
l shouldn't have come here at all.
l take your leave, Sushma.
- Good bye! All l will say is that... - There's no need to say anything!
l know your nature very well.
Mother, is Ram bhaiya leaving the village?
Mother, can't you stop him?
Mother, can't you stop him?
l will stop him.
l will hide his coat.
He won't change his mind.
l will start crying. Then he won't go.
- There's no problem right? - No, Memsahib.
Then go break all this stuff.
And put the farmers back to laboring on the land.
- Dhiru? - Yes, Memsahib?
lf Ram babu objects, tell him this is my order.
And l am standing right here.
- Memsahib, Ram babu is not here. - He's not there?
Listen, if you eat from the master's money, and then come here to study...
then who will work the land?
You? Or your father?
Get up! Memsahib's calling you to work on the land. Come on, get up!
Oh, so you won't get up, eh? Then see what's going to happen.
Get up! Get up now!
Come for work!
So, all you followers of Ram babu, come on!
Don't come near us, Dhiru Maharaj! We're not coming with you.
Let me see how you don't come.
Come on, get him. Throw all this stuff.
- Was it you who got the school pulled down? - Yes.
- And you've got the farmers to till the land again? - Yes.
Just because you've started a school and hospital here...
doesn't mean the landlords are going to give up their methods.
ls it necessary for landlords to resort to such low means?
The harvest is ready. The produce needs to be cut.
Who will do all this labor?
What do you get by harassing these people so much?
Only l know what l get.
What's it to you?
You could have done all this even after l'd left.
What do l care, whether you leave or not?
l know what you're playing at, Sushma.
l know it only too well.
You know nothing.
- What do you know? - Now don't get me started.
All l want to say is that from now on, these farmers will not labor for you.
They owe me money.
You want only money from them, right?
Yes, why not?
l don't give them charity.
l'll collect my debt, l'll collect my interest, and l'll also make them slog for me.
Then here, take your money. And your interest.
And when you leave this world, take this pouch of coins and your land with you.
Maybe, in return for these, God will forgive you.
You've come to give me a lecture?
No, l've come to show you who you are.
Go ahead, show me.
When are you leaving the village?
You'll distribute sweets when l leave, right?
Yes, and also say a prayer in the temple.
This land of yours, and the money you have, has made you people lose your head.
lt will disappoint you, lady, but l've decided l'm not going to leave the village now.
l'm going to stay here. Let me see who makes who work on the land!
- Good bye! - Good bye!
How dare you not pay us taxes?
Sahib, already the whole village is reeling from the plague.
Don't give us this excuse of plague!
Listen, l need to hand over these taxes to the government.
lf l don't collect from you, what will l give the government?
But Ram bhaiya had said that he will waive our taxes.
Who's Ram to make these statements? Does he own all the lands here?
You are right, brother...
but it's also not true that all the lands belong to you.
Then do they belong to you?
The whole village knows...
that apart from you and me, Sushma also has an equal share in the lands.
But l am the one who manages her business.
l don't think Sushma is going to support you in this particular act.
Oh, so then Sushma is with you?
l firmly believe Sushma will support me against this injustice.
Okay, then we'll see.
What are you doing, Sushma?
Don't expect me to answer all your questions.
Ram, if you can take care of Munna...
l'm thinking of going on pilgrimage to Kashi.
My mind is not at peace here.
And it will improve if you go to Kashi?
Maybe the distracted mind gets back on track.
Sushma, l've come to discuss something very important.
Tell me quickly.
l want to know your position on this.
l am with you.
Will you be able to say this before the panchayat?
You want me to say this in front of everybody?
You need to say it in front of everybody, Sushma.
Okay, l will.
Greetings, Memsahib! Greetings, Sahib!
Whenever the buds flowered in the garden...
Finding me alone...
all the sorrows came to surround me...
whenever the buds flowered in the garden
l tried to reason with my own mind, but this mind belongs to me no more
Abrasions became festering wounds...
when l tried treating them with memories of you
Whenever the buds flowered in the garden...
There are a thousand excuses to meet, but my dear one doesn't want to
My heart, it was broken every single time...
by my innocent beloved
Whenever the buds flowered in the garden...
Finding me alone, all the sorrows came to surround me...
whenever the buds flowered in the garden
My destiny has a heart of stone and chains bind my feet
The secrets of my heart...
were narrated by the dew, crying
whenever the buds flowered in the garden
l remembered you...
Whenever the buds flowered in the garden...
Sahib, l suspect something's brewing.
l think Sushma Devi isn't going to be on your side.
- Why? - By the riverbank...
l saw Sushma Devi and Ram babu... what can l say?
- You saw it? - Yes, with my own eyes.
Sushma Devi was touching his feet.
Oh, l see. Then go spread this news in the whole village.
As you wish, Sahib.
- How will you go about doing that? - Sahib, as long as we have Bhavani...
Mother, oh Mother! What calamity is this?
So many children and older folk have died.
So many cattle have also lost their lives.
Oh Mother, say something! Why has this calamity befallen us?
Mother, what crime have we committed?
Dhiru Maharaj, tell us what's wrong.
Bhavani, tell us what crime we have committed.
Very good, it is going very well.
What did you say? A widow?
Brothers! lt's a widow!
A widow!
Bhavani, tell these poor folk more.
Oh God! Sin of the highest order!
A widow is harboring feelings of love! A calamity was surely bound to happen.
A widow harboring feelings of love! Sin of the highest order!
A widow harboring feelings of love! A calamity was bound to happen.
Dhiru Maharaj, tell us who this person is.
Be patient, be patient! l'll tell you everything.
- See Munna, you've lost. - Okay, keep playing.
lf we don't collect the farmer's taxes, if we don't get their harvest, how will we eat?
But Mausi, nothing's lost yet. lf Sushma just gives me her support...
Ram can't harm us in any way.
Of course, Sushma will support you. Surely she won't set fire to her own property?
- l will. - Why?
Mausi, to whom does this property belong?
You, who else? Or rather, it belongs to Munna.
- lt belongs to Munna, doesn't it? - Yes, it does.
- And who was it that saved Munna's life? - Who was it?
- Ram babu. - Right, as if he's some big god!
Yes, he is a god. And listen, Mausi, l won't say a word against him.
Did you hear that, Madho? My own blood is turning against me.
You please try to instill some sense in her.
Think twice before speaking in favor of Ram at the panchayat meeting.
People are already saying all sorts of things about the two of you.
And you listen to them?
What can l do? l have no choice.
l know you're behind all this.
Then know this too. lf you speak out in favor of Ram...
you won't be able to show your face in the village.
People will openly insult and humiliate you.
No, Munna, no. Munna, when will you grow up?
When will you take care of me?
Tell me, my child, tell me.
Okay Ram, l agree that the farmers are suffering...
but only God knows why they are suffering.
- Why God? - Sahib, everybody now knows why.
Ram, l don't want to waive the taxes.
As for Sushma, you ask her yourself.
l had a long discussion with Madho bhaiya on this yesterday.
All l want to know from you is this.
Can you waive your taxes?
No, l cannot.
l have my own cares also, other than just these people.
- Who do you have to take care of? - Myself.
Make of that what you will.
Okay, Ram, if Sushma doesn't want to give it up, she doesn't.
What's to feel bad about?
So brothers, you've all heard what's been discussed.
For the moment, the taxes cannot be waived.
l have Rs. 2100 with me.
For the rest, sell off every single thing you possess.
But save your lands from these monsters.
Your wealth is in your fields.
The soil in your fields will show you mercy, but these people won't.
lf you are indeed human, you won't beg before such people.
lt's okay, Sahib, you can try convincing Memsahib one more time.
Come on, let's get up. Let's go!
The enchanting world of dreams can never endure in the eyes
lt is difficult to share with one's dear ones, and also difficult to hide from strangers
My childhood is long past...
but the heart is still youthful
l may be able to console myself, but it is difficult to appease the heart
The enchanting world of dreams can never endure in the eyes
How can l forget your kindness?
l live, supported by the anguish of my memories of you
Else this breath which is dying, may not have returned to me
The enchanting world of dreams can never endure in the eyes
l will not try to please you again.
Then why do you ask?
Just for my own satisfaction.
So are you upset?
Either you're crazy, or l've gone crazy.
lf you hadn't created problems for me, l'd have left this village long ago.
But no, every single time you showed the cruel side of your character.
And even if you do something right, you burn somebody in the process.
Sushma, once and for all, tell me what you want.
What is it you want?
- Whose luggage is this? Ram's? - Yes, Memsahib.
Stop him.
l will not stay here anymore, bhabhi.
l didn't think my boy was a coward.
How will l face people here, Ram?
- So what? - You can live with this?
lt is you who is saying this? Look me in the face.
What's happened to you?
What's happened now?
l cannot change the lines of fate.
l cannot turn back the clock.
Bhabhi, the very soil of this village is toxic.
lt's a sin for a good man to even step on this soil.
For my sake, Ramu.
l am only human. l'm not made of stone.
l'm not made of stone.
You don't care about anybody?
She, who l care about, is the reason l'm leaving this place.
Then why are you doing this, my boy?
You want me to sit here, and silently watch her being disgraced?
lf you go away, she will forever be disgraced.
People will say, they had sinned, so they quietly slunk away.
She is a widow, Ramu.
She will have no honor left.
l'm... very tired. Very tired. l've... lost!
l don't know what to do anymore, bhabhi.
Come to me and cry to your heart's content, my boy.
Cry... but keep fighting. Keep fighting.
Yes, Ram has beaten up Dhiru.
The police have been informed. He'll be arrested tomorrow morning.
So this is what you've come to tell me then?
No, l've come to tell you a way to avoid being disgraced.
Sushma, there's a way to convince people that you had nothing going on with Ram.
"Ram beat up Dhiru in front of you".
You will not even have to lie. And you will be cleared of all doubt.
All you have to do is to give this as evidence to the police.
That's a lie. Go away from here!
Sushma, think it over.
Sushma, you may choose to live in disgrace...
but you wouldn't want Munna to be called a fallen woman's child.
- Mother! - Come here, Munna. Come here, my son.
Your mother is calling you.
Mother, why are you crying? Mother!
Son, if only you'd been a grown up. lf only!
Sahib, the police are here.
We have an arrest warrant in your name. And we need your statement.
Milord, Ram babu beat up Dhiru Maharaj very badly.
And even threatened to take his life.
He landed some strong blows on his chest. And even took out a knife.
Milord, l was first on the scene.
l ran up and snatched the knife from his hands.
Take the oath in God's name, that you'll speak nothing but the truth.
So Sushma Devi, did you see Ram babu beating up Dhiru badly?
Yes, l did.
And Ram babu also threatened to take Dhiru's life?
You have on oath, in the name of God.
Milord, Sushma Devi has given her testimony.
You can go now.
Ram babu, do you have anything to say in your defence?
No, l don't.
- Dhiru? - Yes, Memsahib?
Why did he beat you up?
Memsahib, Ram babu and Sushma Devi were having an...
Speak the truth! You tell me!
Yes, Memsahib, Dhiru Maharaj told me to declare Sushma Devi as a fallen woman.
No, no, Bhavani is lying.
Dhiru, tell the truth. Did Thakur Ram babu beat you up?
Yes, he did, milord. But it was my fault.
l had levelled false charges against him.
Why did you then tell lies?
What can l do? There was enmity between the landlords.
Madho babu said to find a way to get Ram babu to leave the village.
l am only a servant, milord. l told some lies.
lt's not my fault, milord. Please let me go.
Arrest Dhiru.
Long live the Thakurain!
Thakur saab, a case is being filed against you.
Before l go to jail, l'll ensure this village is destroyed. And so is Ram.
lf you say so, l will take care of Ram babu.
Yes, do it.
- Sher Singh! - Yes, Sahib?
- Take the gunpowder and go to the bridge by the river. - Why, Sahib?
- Today this river will not feed the fields. lt will drown the village. - Okay, Sahib.
- Mausi, Memsahib has gone to commit suicide. - Suicide?
- l'll go inform Ram bhaiya, Mausi. - Yes, do that quickly.
Go, you can go now.
The village will be submerged! Help! Help!
The village will be submerged!
Manglu! Save Sushma!
- Mother! - Munna!
Maharaj ji, you go from that side.
Munna, your Ram babu is here.
Call out to him, Munna.
Ram bhaiya!
Munna, louder!
Sushma! Sushma!
You must be upset with me right now.
l never managed to get upset with you, however much l tried.
When l was alive, l didn't manage a place at your feet.
At least in death, l am dying in your arms.
The nest of love burns in the garden
ln youth, it has been snatched away