TICK TALK with 4minute, The uprising cutie So-hyun - INSITE TV

Uploaded by insiteTV1 on 06.09.2012

Hello! We're '4minute.'
Hi, I'm So-Hyun the youngest member in 4minute.
It was interesting.
I am So-Hyun.
I love them.
It's Jiwon.
She is so great and I thank her to be my fan.
Thank you for that.
It's embarassing.
It's great memories.
Earn money as much as you can.
My pretty face.
I am sorry.
We became friends recently.
A awesome group!
A pure and sexy girl.
A sexy girl.
A cute girl.
A cuter girl.
Ji-Yoon. She is quite adorable.
Ji-Yoon again!
Because of what to eat.
Please let us release our new album.
People think I'm an adorable girl.
The rooftop in our company.
I feel comfortable because it's a wide place.
Don't tell me I'm short. I'm the youngest one!
My height is still the same.
I would be a taller girl than now.
Even if you can't see us often, always be our fans.
Please give us much love and atttention. Thank you.
Actually, my height is... about 160cm or something.