How to Make a Hooded Towel for Kids

Uploaded by TheCraftyGemini on 17.07.2011

Hey! It's Vanessa from and I post weekly crafting and cooking videos
here on YouTube. Today we are focusing on a sewing tutorial so I'm going to teach you
all how to make those cute little hood towels for your kids. So let's go over the supplies you'll need
and jump right into the project. We start off with one regular sized bath towel. Then
for the hood part you are going to need to square pieces of the same towel material (terry
cloth) that measure… here I'm using ones that measure about 10" x 10". And that would
be a good size for about a 2 year old to a 4 year old. If you're going bigger you want
to start off maybe 11" or 12" square. And if it it's for a baby obviously go smaller.
Then you need the rotary cutter with the corresponding mat, some rulers, the coordinating thread,
and some coordinating fabric that we're going to use to line the edge of the hoodie. We
start off by working on our hood. So I lined up both my pieces so that the raw edges are
flush all the way around. I'm going to make a curved edge here so that my hood goes nice
and curved like this. I lay a plat down here so that this edge is flush here and the same
thing up top. Take your chalk marker and just mark that curve so you know what to follow
when you're sewing. No we go over to our sewing machine and using a zig zag stitch or an overlock
stitch on your machine you what to sew down two sides. So like an "L" shape. We'll come
down here and you're going to follow this curve and come all the way down. Make sure
to back-tack at the beginning and at the ends and then we'll just trim away this excess.
Trim away the excess here. Make sure not to cut into your stitching. Now you're going
to flip this inside out. And that's gonna be the hood. Now let's work on our trim.
So, you cut a 2" wide piece of fabric long enough to go all the way around the front
part of the hood there. You take it to your pressing mat and we're just going to fold
this in half. make sure that the ugly side is facing up so when you fold it you're seeing
the pretty side of the fabric. And you're going to press this the entire length of the
strip. Now we go back to the beginning and open it up. Now you want to take each end
and fold up towards that crease line that you created from the first fold. But you want
to leave a little gap in between there. So don't bring it all the way up to the fold
line. Instead, just bring it just a little bit before it. And you're going to press that
in place. Now that we've done that to one side we want to do the same thing with the
other side. Again, you want to end up with that little gap that you see right there in
the center. And then the last step here is to refold it on that first crease line that
we created. Just like that. Now go back and grab your hood and the binding you've just
created. I like to open it up like this. We're going to feed this raw edge…basically sandwich
it in between our binding. Just put it right there in that space that we left open. That's
where you want to put the edge, that raw edge of your hood. And you're going to feed it
through there and with a straight stitch or zig zag stitch, whatever you want, just stitch
here close to this edge and make sure that you're catching it on the back end. So I like
to stitch every 2-3 inches and stop and double check that the towel fabric is sandwiched
in there good and that when I'm stitching, I'm catching both sides. Now we take our regular
towel and fold it in half on the long side of it. Ok. Fold it right in half. And this
is going to be the inside part so make sure if you have a tag or something that you put
it to the inside or you cut it off. But here is our half. And we're going to line up this
halfway mark up with the center seam of our hood. And what you're going to do is… the
pretty side is on the backside here and so is this. So you're going to take pretty sides
to pretty sides and bump them up against each other. And then you're going to put a pin
right there to secure that spot. You want to make sure that that center seam of the
hood that you sewed, that it's in the inside. Ok? Because this is how the towel is going
to look. So make sure that everything is facing the right way.