Os Barbixas - Improvável - Troca (com Rafinha Bastos e Marcio Ballas)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 18.09.2008

Let's go again to the "Quick Change" Game.
You guys from the top, give me a place.
- The Moon! - The Moon, good!
Moon is alright. What are they doing at the Moon?
What's that?
Oh, I had heard 'licking the mother-in-law'.
It wouldn't make sense.
They're taking the mother-in-law to the Moon!
- Interesting. - Interesting, it's where all of them should be.
It's a lot of people's desire, right?
It's not right to say that... My mother-in-law is in the first row.
Daniel and Elidio play.
Daniel and Elidio. It's the "Quick Change" Game!
Taking the mother-in-law to the moon, go!
- Oh, my dear mother-in-law! - Oh, I like you so very much!
Welcome to NASA!
This way, please.
I'll show you where your son-in-law works.
Look at this rocket.
- What a beautiful thing! - Change!
What a big thing!
- Right. Let's enter here. - Change!
Come with me to the...
To a walk through all of NASA starting right here.
- I love walks! - Change!
- I don't really like walks. - Change!
Can it enter me first?
You would have to ask the rocket, right?
Mister Rocket!
Mister Rocket! Talk to me, Mister Rocket!
Did I break Mister Rocket?
- People here will get mad! - Change!
- People here will love it, this rocket was crap! - Change!
- People here is coming and... - Change!
And where's the rocket?... Oh!
The rocket's got some problem!
Can you help me?
- Of course! - Pick those parts to fix the rocket!
- Only if we take a rocket ride later! - We'll take a ride later.
- Come here! - Change!
Go over there just a little.
I want to go in the rocket!
The rocket goes to you!
Now I press this button
and we'll take a tour, do you see the screen?
- It will play a movie. - Change!
It will play a... A... It will play.
A lot of things will be played.
Thanks. I like you so very much!
- I'll pull this lever. - Change!
I'll pull this joystick.
Interesting video, isn't it?
'Three months of travel'
Oh my, I'm feeling lighter here!
- It's the diet we're under. - Change!
- It's that food in pills we're eating. - Change!
It's because you're on the Moon, old hag!
Give it up for the "Quick Change" Game!
- Any comments, ladies and gentlemen? - Anderson is a real lunatic.
Anderson was really convincing, I looked back and took a scare!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.