This Week @Minnesota: NFL players on campus, exploring the stars and the farmers market

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[music, female narrator] Welcome to This Week @Minnesota.
[Adam Weber] Coach Kill and the whole entire staff has been
very gracious.
They've kind of opened up their arms
for this whole entire summer program
and they're letting us use all the facilities.
Its more than you can ask for.
You know, you get to work out with guys who have, um,
proven themselves in the league.
You know, a guy like myself and there's a few others out here-
undrafted free agents and so its nice to be able to work
with guys, um, you know, that you get to watch on Sundays.
Larry's just been great about it.
He's such a nice guy and its just been
such a great experience...
and so its been really nice being able to come back here
and work out at the U of M. [Sally Brummel] Ah,
the ExploraDome is a portable planetarium
and so this is the place where we bring the sky inside.
We get to see the stars;
we get to see constellations and planets.
This summer we are, um, giving tours of the universe
to the kids at the Bell Museum's summer camp in the morning
and then we're keeping it open
for museum visitors in the afternoons.
We get in a spaceship and we fly around, all through the planets.
We see Mars close up and we go over the rings of Saturn,
and take you out to the farthest reaches of the universe.
[male narrator] The U of M farmer's market returned
to Church Street Wednesday offering locally grown fruits,
vegetables, berries, herbs, and fresh cut flowers.
The produce arrives from gardens, fields,
and farms located within two and a half hours of the Twin Cities.
The market is open from 10 am
to 2 pm every Wednesday through October 5th.
[music, female narrator] That's This Week @Minnesota.
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