Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 5 ~ La Cité des Cloches 1/3] (English Subs)

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Frolo: Wait!
Frolo: Wait!
Sora: Huh? Me?
Sora: Huh? Me?
Frolo: I haven't seen you around here before... Who are you?
Sora: I'm Sora.
Frolo: That suspicious/questionable attire. You are a gypsy, aren't you?
Phoebus: Judge Frolo! I have bad news!
Frolo: Whatever is it, Captain Phoebus?
Frolo: I am interrogating this gypsy.
Phoebus: This child is a gypsy? That can't be. He's just a child.
Frolo: I will be the judge of that.
Frolo: Anyway, did you not have something to report, captain?
Phoebus: Oh, yes! Monsters! They appeared in the town square.
Sora: Monsters?! Leave it to me!
Phoebus: Wait! It's not safe!
Frolo: Grr! How annoying!
Frolo: 20 years and I still haven't exterminated those gypsies!
Frolo: And now, these mysterious monsters come and disrupt the peace of my town...
Sora: I knew it, Dream Eaters.
Sora: What're you doing?! Hurry! Run away!
Quasimodo: Run away? Don't be silly!
Quasimodo: It's a festival! I'm the king!
Frolo: Quasimodo!
Quasimodo: Master Frolo!
Quasimodo: Stop it! Stop it, please!
Quasimodo: Why doesn't anything work out for me?
Sora: Run away, hurry.
Esmeralda: I'll help.
Sora: Hm? You are...?
Esmeralda: Esmeralda, I'm a gypsy.
Sora: Thanks. I'm Sora.
Frolo: Damned gypsy!
Sora: All right! Now the real fun starts!
Sora: That guy. Quasimodo, was it?
Sora: I hope he is ok..
Quasimodo: This is Big Marie.
Esmeralda: Bonjour! (Hello!)
Quasimodo: It's my favorite.
Sora: Looks like you're okay Quasimodo.
Victor: Yes. That is correct.
Hugo: Not one scratch!
Laverne: Quasimodo's stronger than a stone!
Sora: Huh... Wha?!
Sora: The statues talked!!
Laverne: What, we aren't allowed to talk or something?
Quasimodo: You should stay here forever.
Esmeralda: No, I can't do that.
Quasimodo: Why? This place is a sanctuary.
Esmeralda: But there's no freedom. Gypsies can't stand being in trapped in stone walls.
Quasimodo: You helped me. This time I'm going to help you.
Esmeralda: But we can't leave. All of the doors are being watched.
Quasimodo: We aren't leaving through doors.
Quasimodo: Okay? Let's go.
Sora: He left...
You guys seem to know all about Quasimodo.
Laverne: We've been with him for a long time.
Victor: More than 10 years.
Hugo: From light till night!
Sora: In here?
Laverne: Quasimodo can't leave here! Orders from Judge Frolo.
Sora: Why?
Victor: Long story.
Hugo: Basically, Quasimodo isn't so easy to look at so Frolo keeps
Hugo: Quasimodo here to protect him from the townspeople.
Laverne: Quasimodo would always watch the festivals, but he wanted to go to them by whatever means he could.
Laverne: So he built up his courage and went outside but...
Victor: Who would have thought those monsters would have appeared.
Hugo: You're one to talk. Have you seen your face?
Victor: Don't confuse me with you!
Hugo: You wanna do this?!
Laverne: Behave yourselves! You are both ugly!
Laverne: I fear that his heart will be locked up this time.
Sora: You shouldn't close in your heart.
Sora: I'm gonna go talk to Quadimodo.
Frolo: Precious Quasimodo, you know nothing of the outside world.
Frolo: The people of the city will laugh at you, they will call you a monster.
Frolo: I am the only one that can protect you.
Frolo: So, you mustn't leave this church.
Frolo: Do not forget: This is the only safe place for you.
Quasimodo: Yes, Master Frolo
Phoebus: Wait!
Phoebus: You,
Phoebus: Have you seen a gypsy around here?
Riku: No, I haven't.
Phoebus: I see. Thank you.
Phoebus: I am very sorry my lord. The gypsy got away.
Frolo: Those accursed gypsies get under my skin!
Frolo: Why did you come all the way over here just to tell me that Captain Phoebus. You're useless.
Esmeralda: Thank you, you helped me.
Esmeralda: I'm Esmeralda.
Riku. I'm Riku. I just have never heard of a gypsy before. Why were you being followed?
Riku: Why were you being followed?
Esmeralda: Frolo has started the gypsy hunt...
Esmeralda: We gypsies love freedom, that's all we want.
Esmeralda: But Frolo is tries to bind us with laws.
Esmeralda: Now, it appears he has called the captain of the guard for the hunt.
Esmeralda: I feel a strong darkness in his tenacity.
Riku: A person who holds darkness, huh?
Riku: I'd like to know more about Frolo.
Esmeralda: I don't know anything about that man.
Esmeralda: But, if you to to the cathedral, you may be able to learn something.
Riku: Is anyone here?
Quasimodo: Who are you?
Riku: Riku
Quasimodo: I am Quasimodo.
Quasimodo: Sorry to inform you but the minister has left so...
Riku: I'd like to know about Frolo. Do you know where he is?
Quasimodo: Master Frolo went to the outskirts of the city to do business.
Riku: You know Frolo?
Quasimodo: Yes, o-of course.
Quasimodo: Master Frolo protects me from the outside world.
Riku: Protecting you from the outside?
Quadimodo: If the townspeople see me, it's obvious that they will make fun of me...
Riku: Did Frolo tell you that?
Riku: People can't judge anyone just by appearances
Riku: I have friends that look through to my heart.
Riku: You should go outside and make those kind friends
Quasimodo: I can't.
Quasimodo: Master Frolo says that I mustn't go outside.
Riku: Is the reason that you are imprisoned in here just because of Frolo's orders?
Riku: Listen to your heart.
Riku: Frolo's on the outskirts of the town, right? Thanks.
Riku: How unlike me... (to say things like that)