IEM5 WC: Na`Vi rest [English subtitles]

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 2, 2011

- Hi Zeus! ... Is it tasty? Eating for free! This is CeBIT overview. Speechless faces!
- Starix: Is it fun video or not?
- This IS a fun video!!
- * ceh9 sings*
- So, Edward, how did you sleep tonight?
- Edward: Great!
- I opened a ventlight, you didn't get cold my sweetheart, did you?
- Edward: Nope.
- ceh9: If we're going to live like that for another 5 days, we'll catch cold.
- OMG. I think you're going to have a swedish family in 2 days and if it comes to 5 days... yeah.
- Zeus: I can also say something....
- Cool, great, it's awesome! We're switching to our next team memember!
- *everybody laughs*
- Markeloff! Why don't you share cigarettes with your teammates?
- Markeloff: Because I told everyone at the airport that I bought cigarettes only for myself...
- Zeus: I was a greedy child!
- *everybody laughs*
- Parents told me not to share...
- Zeus: Parents didn't have much cigarettes in the childhood *laughs* weren't sharing with me.
- Well Sergey always shares with me. I guess it has a hidden motive, hasn't it? I know we are secret lovers but ok.. Marina, don't be jealous.
To markeloff: - Hey, how are you? Markeloff, when are you going to find you a girlfriend to date her for a long and happy time?
- Markeloff: When I have time to find her.
- Find her?? We've been looking for her but failed to do so? *laughs*
- Zeus: Some girls come to our lives, stay there for some period of time and dissapear. They want us to give them some time. And Marik is such a guy... OK, BYE! I'M GOING TO HANNOVER!
- I know, I know... Edward, I have a question for you too: when are you going to find a girlfriend for you? The love of whole of your life!
- Edward: I have the same answer.
- Weeeeell, I have other objectives...
- Zeus: The answer should be "when I fell it love with a real princess"
- Zeus: Sasha, when are you going to find a girlfriend for you?!
- I have one! Lots of them... Hello to all the girls who know me!
- Zeus: Sasha, when are you going to find a boyfriend for you?
- I have one... We're not living together because we're hiding our relationships. Swedes!
- Sergey, have you decided to be the master of the camera on your own?
- Starix: What to ask you about...
- I was featuring on the stream and people asked me such questions... I don't even know what to say...