Could you be an architect? Part 3

Uploaded by howtoarchitect on 10.06.2009

This is the third video in a five part series called Could you be an architect? In the last
video I said that there are four simple questions you should answer regarding your inclination
to become an architect. The third question is Are you proficient in the language of your
choice? I never heard much about my proficiency in English as an important part of my work
of an architect, but it is. Your ability to command the language business is conducted
in is critical. What I mean by command is by being good at writing and/or speaking.
Words are one of the ways the architect conveys information concerning the design of a building.
When it comes to design and construction the architect plays two roles, a salesperson and
a scribe. Ill explain. Its the architects job to sell himself and his firm in order
to get work. Thats where being a good salesperson comes in and thats one of the times the architects
verbal ability is important. Its also the architects job to convey their ideas, intentions,
details and clarifications to the client, consultants and contractor once theyve got
the work. Thats where being a scribe comes in. The architect must be able to efficiently
write out in detail their intentions so other people can carry them out. Its the architects
job to work with all the many consultants, designers, contractors, lawyers and clients
with written efficiency and an eye for detail. The architect generates and reviews contracts,
meeting minutes, construction documents, clarification documents, change orders, etcÉ All of these
documents require a certain amount of ability and finesse when it comes to writing. So if
you enjoy or have a gift for writing and/or speaking it will definitely come in handy.
Look, It took a long time for me to get good at writing and I love to talk but that doesnt
mean Im really good at it. That said, if you like to do something its half the battle.
See you for part 4.