Google Fiber - Bringing Ultra High-Speed Internet to Kansas City

Uploaded by googlefiberofficial on 13.11.2012

Google Fiber is coming to Kansas City and we’re bringing an entirely new, ultra high-speed
To install this new technology in your home, we’re building our network from the ground
up, stringing fiber optic cables through your neighborhood.
We start by connecting your home to one of these fiber optic cables, which contains a
glass thread capable of transmitting gigabit internet speeds.
On the day of your installation, we plan to arrive right at the start of your appointment
When we arrive, we talk you through the process, and answer all your questions.
To get you connected, we begin by bringing fiber into your home.
The Fiber Jack converts the fiber optic signal into data your computer can understand.
Your home is ready to get online once we plug in the Network Box, a Google router designed
to provide gigabit speeds and built-in Wi-Fi.
TV subscribers also get a Google DVR called the Storage Box, and a Google Fiber TV Box
for each TV you choose to connect.
To connect each TV, we use your existing cable wiring or install new cables if needed.
Once we’ve set everything up, we’ll show you some of the many features of Google Fiber
TV and your new remote control, the Nexus 7 tablet.
And then we’re off so you can start enjoying Google Fiber.