4 Worst Condiments That Add Belly Fat

Uploaded by OneMinuteSixPack on 30.06.2012

Hi I'm Nick and welcome to One Minute Six Pack. Today's video is about four unhealthy
condiments you should avoid if you want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs. The first
one is mayonnaise. With processed refined soybean oil as the main ingredient, there's
actually nothing healthy about mayonnaise. It causes internal inflammation and harms
your omega 6 to omega 3 ratio. On the other hand, if you could find mayonnaise made with
100% olive oil instead of soybean oil; that would be considered a healthier choice.
The 2nd unhealthy condiment that adds stomach fat is ketchup. Sure, the tomatoes are healthy,
but unfortunately ketchup has a high percentage of sugar. In fact, the type of sugar that
most brands of ketchup are made with is high fructose corn syrup. This ingredient adds
belly fat faster than almost anything else in existence. The next condiment that should
be avoided is barbeque sauce. Believe it or not, this one is actually worse than ketchup.
Barbeque sauce is made with higher levels of sugar and less tomatoes.
The 4th and last unhealthy condiment that will cause you to grow love handles are store
bought salad dressings. Most contain large amounts of high fructose corn syrup and either
highly refined soybean oil or canola oil. Fat Free salad dressings are just as bad for
you because they're just loaded with extra sugar. That's all for today's video. To learn
more about how to lose belly fat and get sixpack abs, visit UniqueAbsVideo.com. Take Care,
and thanks for watching.