Deaf Talkabout-February 2012

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Hello, Welcome to Deaf Talkabout, I am Richard.
Hi, I am Rita
Lovely, I am Jamie
I am wondering what is Deaf Talkabout?
Deaf Talkabout is about improving the lives for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Community in Northern Ireland
and we also have this TV too. We find out more soon.
Really? We will have a new TV episode every month. Let’s have a look who our
leaders are.
Hello, I am Chris and I am the founder of Deaf Talkabout
Hiya, I am Richard and I am the Deaf Talkabout leader
Hi, I am Adam and I am the Deaf Talkabout producer
Hi, I am Holly and I the Deaf Talkabout leader
Oh, so you are a leader, I noticed it is only for young people?
No, we can have older people involved as a leader for Deaf Talkabout. You should
think about getting involved. We shall see.
Old and young people who are interested in becoming a leader for Deaf Talkabout
are welcome as well as your ideas and events.
Now we are going to have a look at the Northern Ireland Go Kart Competition that
took place last month.
We are in L/Derry for the Northern Ireland Go Kart Competition. Why are we having
this competition? To select a team out of 35 drivers for the Euro championships
coming up in May. It is exciting and thrilling stuff here at the moment. Trying
to compete to getting that first place. Now coming along to find out more.
Hello, this is the 11th Northern Ireland Go Kart competition. Today, we are in the
heat competition to
get through to the quarter finals, semi finals and the finals. We are having a trial
for the yearly Euro
Championships in Germany this May.
So far it is good and tonight we will be having a buffet, disco and giving out the
I am now getting ready to race, 6 laps and it is going to be challenging. Talk to you
Hi, my name is Louise, I am the organiser for N.I Deaf Go Kart.
I start go karting about 3 years ago and it is fantastic.
We have a women's team and you are more than welcome to join us, men think
we cannot take part in Go Kart.
One of our drivers Linda, who is one of most successful drivers in the women
Today, Northern Ireland Go Kart have 17 women competing and the top 3 women
so far are - Myself,
second is Clare and third is Steph. I hope to win and along with the top 3 men too.
Last year England hosted the championship and two years ago Belfast
hosted it. It was my first euro
championships and I came second, so very happy with that.
I am enjoying the Go Karting so far but it can be hard at times because others can
be quite aggressive and
furious. I can be at risk of getting hurt. Sometimes there can be disagreements
due to bumping or
crashing into each other.
So far it is good, Can I come first? I am not sure. My aim is to be the number one
driver for Ireland. All of
the Irish drivers to come first in this Euro championship.
As you can see, the go kart is going well and I hope Northern Ireland do well.
Liverpool and Man Utd are
playing today and hopefully Liverpool will win.
Wow, Go Kart looks fantastic, would I get involved? Not Sure, what about you?
No way, I would be terrifed to get involved. What about you?
No, I am not that keen but found it really interesting to watch the races but
congratulations to Richard and
Clare O'Connor on being the overall winner.
I heard there was a bowling competition recently with HTT. Were you involved?
No, my mum who is Deaf as
well was involved.
Hello, my name is Robin Beattie, and everyone knows me quite well. I am the
co-ordinator for Deaf bowls
under Ulster Deaf Sports Council.
In Northern Ireland there are currently about 60 Deaf bowlers.
Hello, I am Kevin English from Belfast and I represent St Joseph Deaf Bowling Club.
We are a good team
and we are playing against different other bowling clubs like HTT and Kinghan
Church. I am enjoying myself.
Hello, I am Ryan and I am here to play bowls for St Josephs and there are three
teams St Josephs,
Kinghan Church and HTT competing with each other.
So far it is alright, lots of action happening at the moment.
The strongest team in my opinion is Kinghan Church, but it is fun to play.
We need more young people to join bowls in the future so Deaf bowls continues to
Hello, I am Wendy and I play for HTT. We are based in L/Derry.
I am hoping that HTT will win today.
In 2015 we will be hosting the International Bowls competition in Belfast.
New Zealand, Wales, Austraila,
Scotland, England and Northern Ireland will be coming to compete here. It is the
first time Northern Ireland
are hosting this competition.
I am extremely proud, Ulster Deaf Sports Council and Deaf community have worked
hard to host this
competition in 3 years time.
It is amazing to see 60 Deaf people involved in Deaf bowls, but it seems
suited for old people?
No, I saw young people involved in that clip.
You are right that young people are involved in Deaf Bowls. Kevin and Ryan
who spoke to us seem heavily involved with bowls.
Deaf Talkabout should try and encourage more Deaf people to get involved with
Deaf bowls. What do you think?
Yes, we should, have you thought about getting involved?
Now we have a look at Mr and Mrs and Blind Date
Tonight is about Mr and Mrs and Blind Date. Tonight is about raising money for
the NDCS.
If I was your date, where would you take me for the weekend and why?
I would take you to Portstewart
I would take you abroad, maybe Spain perhaps? We would go swimming and go
for a walk along the beach.
Anywhere she would like to go and I would treat her very well
ermmmm... well... only because the offer of the good holiday, is my reason for
picking number two.
Richard picked me to go on a date with him and I was really surprised, because I
was not expecting it.
I am excited but we will see what happens.
I am really happy and I think I made the right choice! I am looking forward to
going on our restaurant date.
Mr and Mrs and Blind Date event was to raise money for the NDCS - National Deaf
Children Society.
On 22nd April, I will be attempting to do 26 miles at the London Marathon.
Mr and Mrs night, we had 84 people attending to support this fundraising
event raising £750 for NDCS.
That night was fantastic, lots of fun with 8 couples taking part in the Mr and Mrs and
a couple winning.
We also had two blind dates as well, with two couples winning to go out on a meal.
Overall, that night was a huge success and congratulations to all those involved
and thank you.
Lovely, cute and sweet.
Mr and Mrs and Blind Date was really romantic.
At Mr and Mrs, unfortunately I lost, my husband Raymond got two questions
wrong. Ah well...
Wonder what has happened with Richard's date with Rachel?
I knew you were going to ask on how I got on with Rachel. Last Friday, Rachel and I
went to a Italian restuarant.
When we met, was a lovely atmosphere between us with lots of talking and
laughter. We got to know each other's lives a bit better.
Nothing serious is going to happen but we are going to remain good friends. We
will keep in touch in the future.
That sounds beautiful, tell me did you kiss at the end of the night?
Unfortunately no, my lips are out of date but maybe another time.
Oh, you know what we have on next? I don't know what is on next?
Wait, he knows what is on next. Let me guess, football?
How have the team been getting on lately?
Before we were a small team, but now we have made a lot of progress with young
players coming through.
We are working and training hard to maintain our ball, fitness work and tactics
for the upcoming match in London, against Fulham this weekend.
It is the semi final of the British Deaf Cup.
We have a look in more detail with what happening.
This Saturday, it is a big day in history for Belfast Deaf United. We won the British
Deaf Cup last year,
and we will be in London to play against Fulham who are a strong team.
We are confident, as we have been training hard for this match on Saturday.
We are confident we can achieve a good result.
Today, Belfast Deaf United are in training in preparation for Saturday's match
against Fulham.
This will be a tough match, we are looking forward to it but I am confident we will
beat Fulham.
We are competing in the British Deaf Cup and we won this last year. If we beat
Fulham, maybe we can achieve win this cup two years in a row?
Belfast Deaf United are a strong Deaf Community team, in which we have won a
lot of trophies over the years.
The players worked really hard in training. We are a good example to the community
in Belfast as we have players ranging from Hard of Hearing to profoundly Deaf.
Their attitude is fantastic, the team spirit is superb and we all worked hard
I think it is fantastic that Belfast have a sports team and I hope it continues to be
successful in the future.
It looks great, and all the players working hard in training. I wish you all best.
Thank you, I am involved with Belfast Deaf and I have been working hard.
Hopefully we can reach the final in May.
If you are interested in joining Belfast Deaf United, you are always welcome to
join us. Contact us through Facebook - Belfast Deaf United.
How will we know about the result?
It will be on Facebook on Saturday around 5pm.
I heard recently there was some kind of Deaf event at Morrison's Pub.
Oh yes, it was the first Deaf Talkabout gathering event on 3rd February. It was
He is right, the whole night was fantastic. About 40 people of all ages attended.
Lets find out more...
Hi I am Gary, I am here at Deaf Talkabout
event that was on facebook.
I like here coming here every month
Deaf Talkabout tonight, I am really impressed. Wow, lots of people here,
about 30 or 40 people?
It is the 1st time in about 10 years since we last had something like this.
Really impressed and hope there is more in the future.
I hope this continues on as I meet new faces.
Deaf Talkabout, really lovely, relaxing, switch off from everything and just go
with the flow.
I hope it will happen again.
I agree with you, it is more informal, general catch up here tonight at
Morrison's, which is a good venue as it got plenty of space for us to sign.
Looking forward to the rest of the night.
Will there be another Deaf pub in the future?
Maybe you think this event only for young people? No, different ages young and old.
Hey, you are using wrong sign language.
Next week we will have Northern Ireland Sign Language classes for Deaf people
but a few hearing people who are interested too.
Not international signs like you.
Next week event, Northern Ireland Signs. Lets have a look.
Hello I am Eamon, I am really looking forward to teaching you all Northern
Ireland Signs. Hope there is a good turnout for you to learn our beautiful
proud language.
Hello, I am Michelle Hull, want to let you know about BSL NI, what is our language
and our signs. Come along to find out more.
Hello, during my time when using sign language, then slowly it started to change
and now we miss our old signs. I want to bring the old signs back again. Because
the old signs are beautiful and rich.
Now I want to teach you our language.
It starts at 2nd March at 7.30pm
You will learn lots of new signs and experiences. We will see you there!
Oh I definitely need to learn BSLNI as I have picked up far too much international
sign language!
Thats right, I'll see you there.
Throughout March there are more events.
Maybe you have ideas and feedback etc. Please email us.
What do you reckon? Yeah?
Now this is us finished for this month's programme.
Bye bye