So you want to be an architect - Part 6

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Hi you guys.
I'm so glad you're here.
I have things to share with you.
One, stop looking at my arms.
I was just trying out some tanning lotion.
Next, welcome to MyDamnChannel LIVE.
I'm Beth Hoyt.
I'll be your host.
Hey, have you ever been to a pig roast?
I went to one this weekend.
I feel--
I feel super great about myself.
Just kidding.
I'm total whack.
I feel bad, I feel full.
I feel like an animal, but I ate an animal.
Look at this.
Wait a second, wait for it.
I just had it and I clicked it off.
This is happening now.
I'm sorry.
I much prefer this kind of pig roast.
Here's our pig.
I will be the first one to kick it off.
Um, pig, you're so fat. you're so fat.
Charlotte's Web read go on a diet.
I look great, my eye make-up looks great that day.
The sun--
the colors are, it's--
I think that was working for me.
What do you think?
OK, just give me a few more second to digest.
Mentally and--
And you guys enjoy The Co-op of the Damned.
This one's called Naked Dead.
Stop staring at my tits.
-I don't think that I can.
I mean, yes, I will totally stop staring at your tits.
Just bring them back.
-I love your boobs.
-Ah, you haunt the shit out of me, you
beautiful dead lady thing.


Hey, what happened to the lady?
-Yeah, you totally perved her out.
She asked me to switch apartments.

-I could work with this.
-Aw, man.
-Yeah, you're a naughty little dead boy, aren't you?


And I'm back.
I've got ya.
OK, tomorrow after the show here I'm headed to Californaye
for VidCon.
I'm so excited.
But I'm getting there via a redeye flight.
And on top of my pig roast hangover, it's just-- it's not
going to be good.
Luckily, Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop blog for this week is
called Fly Better.
Do you know Goop?
It's where Gwyneth Paltrow gives helpful advice to
OK, here are a few tips from this Fly Better post.
First, some must have toiletries for your carry-on.
She's got some active silver spray.
Gotta have that.
She's got some hand sanitizer that is not pure alcohol.
Both of these products are available only in the UK.
All right.
Also some must haves, three more body creams,
that equal over $200.
you know what?
Thanks for the advice, I'm probably going to head up to
the CVS travel section.
But thanks though.
Next she recommends on Goop that you choose the aisle
window combo for your seat.
You know that one in the private jet set that is both
the aisle and the window?
Ha-ha, that's great.
It's such good advice, but I'm just going to--
I'll stick with my middle seat in the back of coach.
Because if you're locked in, if you are like locked in
between those two people, then when you fall asleep, they can
support you.
You know?
So there's no moving anywhere.
There's a recommended lightweight but durable
suitcase on there.
It's just under a grand.
I've got this one from TJ Maxx.
The zipper isn't quite broken yet.
Probably on this trip, this is probably when it breaks.
But it's not broken yet, so I'm still good.
And there's some great advice on how to
eat on a long flight.
Which she says is to avoid snacking.
which is not an option.
Snacks on a plane.
He-he, right?
Snacks on a plane.
And to wear, she recommends for your flight just some
comfy leather shorts.
She also has some links to some Kashmir shit.
Listen, I've got some sweatpants from high school
that are great for a flight.
I'm all set.
OK, that wasn't helpful, but it was fun.
Was it?
Was that fun?
OK, now I want it to some of your comments and we're going
to do just that right after this.

-And the house is haunted.
-Yeah, we know.
That's why we got it so cheap.
-You're the ghost?
-Ah, just like that, huh?
-Hey, show's Internet connection here, ghost?
-It's dial-up.
-Oh, my God.

-Oh , no.
-I'm out of gas.
OK, I'm going to go see if I can find a phone somewhere.
-You've come to the right place.
-So, this is your house?
-It's a commune.
-Oh, wow, hey, yeah, aw, hey.
-Because I loved hanging out with you guys.
I could really make my life here.

-19, I think.
-Yeah, 19.
-Oh, there it is.
-Ha, sorry I'm late.
Let me explain.
As promised, let's get into your comments.
Thank you for writing comments, so I can talk about
cmyanmar13, "You need a warning.
Warning video will hurt your face from smiling so much."
That's a compliment.
Thank you.
That's an interesting way to state a compliment.
I like it.
Warning I don't take compliments that well.
Warning, this is going to continue to be fun.
Warning, I love you.
Warning, next comment.
Scottlight, "my dad has a rifle, and once time he showed
it to me and was like, no.
And I never touched but a few times.
I don't know.
Let's party.
OK, Scottlight, let's just dissect that
a little bit first.
So he's talking about least on the show, when
Kurt Braunohler was.
We were having fun, and then he pulled out a gun for
Russian roulette.
You guys remember this?
That was when things got serious, because you just
can't do that on YouTube.
Guns are a no-no.
So scottlight, I appreciate--
I mean, the party attitude is fantastic.
I love the enthusiasm.
However, as soon as a gun comes out, party is over.
You know, drinking, just drugs, and
music, loud rock music.
You know?
So, that's my advice on that.
But I like, I like your positive energy, OK?
Next comment is from MrCP31992.
You can do Russian Roulette on YouTube.
Trust me.
We can?
I didn't--
I did not, I thought, I feel like an ass.
I told Kurt we couldn't, and then I, like, stopped the
whole show and the game.
Let's pl-- let play.
That would be fun for today.
It's a Tuesday, but that sounds like--
Do you have the gun still?
I'm only, I mean it's just me playing, but that's less,
because we don't have that here.
Ah, I let her take it.
Damn it, that would have been so fun.
All right, thanks for the-- thanks for the advice.
Next time.
OK, scottlight, forget what I said.
Party time, right?
OK, next comment.
SirFrancesLavey, NO pants, dance, candy party for kids.
Got it.
No pants.
OK, got that.
What was the next part?
Can I see that again?
Whoa, it's cold in here.
Oh sure.
This is how I always dance.
It's dance here.
I have other dance moves.
I don't.
I don't.
I went-- well, No, I do.
I have that one.
I have like--
OK, so I'm going to stick with this one.
What's the next thing?
Which one do you think I should go for?
The blue.
There's the majority of blues, I would not choose.
Oh, you can't see this.
I would have chosen not blue, because there's a majority of
blue, but the green and the red, I think are
peppermint/spearmint, which is not party, right?
Which is the next word?
Can I see it again?
Candy party for kids.
Did I say no pant-- oh, it is like raspberry.
For kids.
No, this is kid friendly.
Oh, with the pants.
Now we're safe for kids.
OK, this is a great prop for the rest of the show.
Let's see the next comment.
I love this show.
Beth looking great as always.
Also, did we ever learn why you're terrified of chickens?
First of all, it's not going to work out.
It's not going to work out for this.
Thank you for the complement.
That was very nice of you.
Second of all-- no, thirdly, with the chickens.
Did you never know, if you don't know, there are chickens
in my backyard.
My landlord built a coop, there are seven of them.
I'm terrified of them because, well, I'm getting more scared
of everything as I get older.
I'm not proud of this.
I recently--
I have developed the fear of heights.
I don't like a lot of animals.
And I recently am afraid of speed, like driving fast.
But the chickens, I went to feed them one day.
I had to.
And they were like running around.
Touching my legs.
And then I had to reach in between all of them to get the
one, get like the corn or whatever I was feeding them,
and they were touching my arms.
You know what I mean?
It was so scary.
So I'm sure that that's now, that's explained.
So you all, we all get that, right?
The eggs are delicious though.
OK, next comment.
Beth Hoyt is got enough to be a complete bitch and
get away with it.
Thank you and fuck you.
And you know what?
This is, this is bullshit.
I'm not doing this.
This is--
What is this?
The Earth?
Who cares?
Who cares about--
Did that work?
Was I still pretty?
When I did that, I didn't feel pretty.
I didn't feel pretty inside.
But thank you for that complement.
I'm just going to not take that advice, but thank you.
Oh hey, my first live show on YouTube.
Oh hey, Juda.
That's so cool that we were your first live show.
I remember my first live show, it was like 60 shows ago.
And I was nervous.
I wonder if you were nervous through you first live
Was that nerve wracking writing that comment?
That's interesting that it's your first live show, because
there's going to be a time, you guys, when this won't be
the first time.
It will be like when we all first went on Facebook,
because this is the future.
Speaking of, my panel--
I'm not trying to segway into this, but my panel for VidCon
that I'm doing, that Molly is on is why go live.
So we'll be discussing that at VidCon and all the pros and
cons of why go alive.
You guys know all the pros right?
Because you watch the show every day.
And there's so many reasons for it.
That's really stuck on that wrapper now.
That was successful live television.
That's all times for today.
So like I said, I'm headed to VidCon.
This is, again, a mistake I should have
learned from, you know?
That was my bad.
I'm going to be at VidCon with Molly Templeton, Shannon
Coffee from Coffee Chat, Daily Grace, Mark Malkof.
I mean, convention.
And I talk about it all on my new blog today,
check out Beth in Show.
And since I won't be here, because I will be in
California, my good friend Franchesca Ramsey, aka
Chescaleigh is hosting Thursday and Friday.
She is awesome.
And tune in tomorrow for a big show with Jordan Carlos.
I can't wait.
You're my favorite.
Never forget, I know what you did last summer.
I'm going to eat the rest of this candy.