Tea Party of Fiscal Responsibility Wasting Time & Money on Licensing Fight

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Here's a bizarre fight that's going on over trademarking... well, let me put it this way,
who owns the Tea Party, in a sense. Is there any set owner? Are there any people in charge?
We hear so often that it is an ownerless movement, so I don't know that there really is any individual
who does own it.
Louis: Who owns the Democratic Party? Who owns the Republican Party? I mean, it's...
David: Right. Well, in April of 2009, Barry Cole attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Wichita,
Kansas. He's an entrepreneur, and he said you know what? There's a potential market
here, I'm an entrepreneurial guy, so within a week, he applied for a trademark for the
name Tea Party Patriot, OK? And he arranged to sell T-shirts, flags, pins, license plates,
other stuff on eBay and then on another website. So eight months later, he gets a cease and
desist letter from a lawyer representing the, quote, "Tea Party Patriots", which is a group
that now says it is one of the largest Tea Party groups in the country, and they accused
Cole of committing a trademark violation.
Well, a year of legal wrangling going back and forth, the Tea Party Patriots didn't respond
to a request for documents and then they dropped the matter altogether. Cole, meanwhile, is
still awaiting word on Tea Party Patriot, with no S, trademark application. Tea Party
Patriots, whose site also has a full line of stuff, includes golf towels, cigars, no
electronic massagers that I know of yet, they're still seeking approval to own the term Tea
Party Patriot.
So in... when we hear... number one, I don't know that we really have an answer here, I
think you're right, there is no more owner of the Tea Party than there is the Democratic
Party. However, there are tons of Democratic items sold, right? I mean, the stickers, bumper
stickers, pins, all with the Democratic Party logo.
Louis: Right.
David: So presumably there is some licensing that is in place there. Who can license the
Tea Party? But the funniest thing is this has clearly cost, at this point, time, bandwidth,
and plenty of money. And I thought that the Tea Party was all about smaller government,
fiscal responsibility. Couldn't all of this money spent on legal fees to sell Tea Party
tchochkes have gone to further the Tea Party message? It doesn't seem very fiscally responsible
to me.
Louis: Tchochkes.
David: Yeah. That's what they are, really.
Louis: Yeah.
David: I mean, golf? Who needs a Tea Party golf towel, by the way? Well, it's like a
Bill O'Reilly floormat, welcome mat for your house. Do you really... who would have that?
Louis: Not me.
David: A No-Spin Floormat.
Louis: What's next, Tea Party thongs?
David: [Laughs] Very good, Louis. On today's bonus show, a new Wikileaks report about Syria.
Louis: How about Tea Party tea?
David: Yeah, that would be the obvious one.
Louis: Yeah.
David: Like chamomile.
Louis: Earl grey.
David: Yeah. Decaf earl grey is Louis's big thing, he told me before the show. On the
bonus show, a new Wikileaks report about Syria. [Laughs] A North Korean magic show, and the
keys to deceit, how to tell if someone's lying. There's actually a new study out. There's
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this and the conclusion to our interview with Chris Martenson as well. All that and more,
stay tuned.
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