120625 JJ Project MTV Diary Cut ep 1

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Jr: Did you click the record button?
JB:Is it clear?
Jr: Really Handsome!
JB&Jr: We are JJ Project!
JB: Its our shooting
JB: Which appearance of us should we show to you?
Jr: When it look honnest and dignified?
Jr: Actually we will show all of our stylist to you.
Jr: JJ Project's diary starts now!
JB: Let' see. Let's go
June 15th Daegu & Busan Fansign Event
[On the way to Busan]
Jr: We're on our way to Busan
Jr: Are you recording?
Jr: Maybe
Jr: My mom, my parents are all there in Busan
Jr: I will record all happenings with my parents.
Jr: Is pretending of being cute is fine? like this.
I heard that the pictures are release already.
Jr: I did't see the magazine yet.
Jr: So i'll check and see them in the website.
Jr: How is it? Handsome?
Jr: Here is the restroom
Jr: Jaebum is awake.
Jr: He's going to washroom.
Jr: Come,and say something.
JB: Hello. Bounce, Bounce
Jr: Where are you going?
JB: I am going to the washroom. I'm sorry.
Jr: Will you bring this to the wash room?
JB: Ah nope. i'll end this for now.
Jr: Jaebum hyung will go to the washroom.
Jr: I will go as well.
Jr: This is dance king
JB: I'm so sorry.
Jr: Yo~ ho~
[Arrived in Busan Fansign Event]
JB: Do you want to come in?
JB&Jr: Hello we are JJ Project!
Please take care of us always
Jr: The fansign event now starting.
Jr: There are a lot of fans who went today.
Jr: Hello
JB: Hello
Jr: We are really thankful to our fans.
JB: Next one
JB&Jr: 123! it has been JJ Project!
JB: we are really happy and enjoyed the fansign event.
JB: we are hoping that there will be more events in future.
JB: Is the recording clear?
Jr: Today the fans really like us. We are really thankful!
Jr: Uhm this is my hometown.
Jr: And now we will be showing some of our gifts to you.
Jr: To all the fans that are giving us a big care and love, giving thing like this,
Jr: I love you!
Jr: Can you see it clearly?
Jr: Ahhh I'm so hungry~
Jr: Here are my parents.
Jr: Quickly! Quickly!
Jr: Come here just seconds
Jr: Here's my mother and my father.
Jr: Come to Busan and see my parents.
Jr: They will prepare a lot of delicious food.
Jr: I love you Mom and Dad!
Jr: It's really big, right?
[Arrived in daegu Fansign Event]
Jr: It is an University.
Jr: It is Daegu Polytechnic University, right?
Jr: Yes, it is.
Jr: Jaebum hyung went to the washroom again.
Jr: Even though our visual changed..
Jr: Fans will come, right?
JB&Jr: edema, edema
JB: we swelled when we were sleeping in the car
JB: I'm curious to see how many people came to the university.
JB: We're hoping they wil be many.
Jr: Yes, so that we will meet anyone.
JB: Pretty sure. But we will just go there and see. Hwaiting!
Jr: We are in the waiting room now.
Jr: Jaebum hyung is fixing now.
Jr: I really want to see our fans as soon as possible!
Jr: Is it fine to go out like this?
Jr: Go! Go!
Jr: Jaebum hyung, say something.
JB: It's time to meet our fans now. Will you come with us?
Jr: 123
Jr: It's our fans.
JB&Jr: Hello we are JJ Project
Jr: Are there anyone who listened to the broadcast?
Jr: None?
JB: Thank you!
JB: Ahhh. She requested me to dance.So,I did it.
Jr: 1,2 start!
Jr: Are you okay?
shaking hands
Jr: Goodbye
Thank you
JB: We are very thankful to all the fans who came.
JB: Please take good care of us in the future too!
JB: Finally, the fansign event has ended.
JB: There were a lot of people. we are really thankful.
JB: We received this small electric fan from our fans.
JB: Ah~ It is cool! Thanks!
JB: We will about to eat now
JB: We are starving!
JB: Let's go!