Clan of Amazons

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My friend. your work is great
But this is no place to embroider flowers
l'm here not to embroider flowers
Then to embroider what?
To embroider the blind
My cart...
''Pingnan National Treasury''
Where is the jewellery?!
Master Jiang. look
How did you get in here?
l walked in
Do you know what this place is?
The place for embroidery
Who are you?
An Embroidery Bandit that can embroider the blind
What do you want?
l want to embroider the blind Jiang Chongwei
The Bitter Gourd vegetarian banquet is amazing
Even Buddha will be moved if he can smell this
That's true
But if one wants to taste it. he will not only...
need to cleanse himself. but also need to be patient
And also it'd take the right guest in right mood. too
All the dishes are here...
This vegetarian banquet smells so good
You flatter me
Where are they both?
They are still playing chess
lt's your turn. Lu Xiaofeng
l know
The pawn takes a move
Hua Manlou. you've got only one move left
One move is enough
l move my pawn and there goes your Bishop!
That's true. l can't believe that a man with...
good eyesight will lose to a blind man
l can't believe that the ambitious Lu Xiaofeng...
will admit failure
l have to. because the food is getting cold
Come. let's raise a toast
Do you know who is the most popular man...
lately in the martial arts world?
Ximen Chuixue
No way!
l've heard that he spends his time with...
Miss Sun of the Emei
He hasn't showed up for a long time
lf it's not Ximen Chuixue. could it be...
Ye Gucheng. Master of the White Cloud City?
No way. he is sick lately
So. who can that be?
lt's a man that knows embroidery
A man that knows embroidery?
He embroiders not only flowers. but also blind men
Embroider blind men?
Of late he has embroidered seventy or eighty men
How did he do that?
Using his embroidering needle; two needles for one
Among them. four or five are our friends
Since when have you become so aware
...of the latest development?
Don't you forget that l've got a junior
...who is up to the latest news
Jin Jiuling
That's right
Jin is recognized as the top man
...of the past thirty years
No matter what kind of criminal case it is;
Once it is in his hands. he can crack it
This time you got it wrong
He couldn't solve this case
That's why you invite me to come for dinner
You got it
Because there's only one man among all...
what can find out the secret of the...
Embroidery Bandit
You've told me all that you know
You don't know who he is?
l don't even know where he learnt his martial arts
l only know that he sports a beard
And he's a big man in a jacket
That's correct
There's no clue left except...
this embroidered scarf
This man is really skillful
He can even steal into the heavily guarded treasury...
of the House of Pingnan
Jiang Chongwei has been known...
for his unsurpassed martial arts
And even he was defeated by his needle
What's more...
His embroidery skill is pretty good
Maybe the Embroidery Bandit is actually a woman
And wears a big jacketjust to confuse us
That's simple. l know someone that...
can tell me at once if this embroidery...
is made by a man or woman
Hua Manlou. l'll go to the Hua Mountain tomorrow
Are you coming with me?
l don't like messing with other people's business
Moreover. that's the place of your future in-laws
Why would l go there?
Since Ye Gucheng is sick. l'll pay him a visit
Okay! Convey my regards to him
l will. And my regards to any pretty lady...
that comes along your way to the Hua Mountain
Miss. these flowers are so pretty
But they're just too high
ls that so?
Miss Xue. you're so skillful
Of course. l'm from the Flashing Needle family
The Flashing Needle of Xuebing is really something
So it's you!
Who can imagine that...
a lady as elegant as you...
is actually the famed Flashing Needle master
Miss Xuebing
Forget your glib talk. Let me ask you this
Why haven't l seen you in the past few months?
Could it be that long? ln that case...
why on earth didn't l come to see you?
Don't you know why?
So you know why?
Of course l know
Because you forget the others upon seeing me
And forget me upon seeing the others
lf l've forgotten you...
Why would l come today?
People visit the temple only to plead for something
You come today to ask me for a favor
You're so smart. l do have a favor to ask
But not from you
This silk comes from a famed shop...
named Fu. located in the capital
They have only this one shop and no other branch
Only the truly professional...
will know about this shop
Mrs. Xue. please tell me if this embroidery is...
made by a man or by a woman
Of course it's made by a woman
Are you sure?
This kind of silk is usually for making shoes
For shoes?
Yes. if you have two pieces of this
You can make a pair of red embroidered shoes
Oh. right
Jin did say the Embroidery Bandit wore red shoes that l know what's going on!
Hey. you can tell me the secret of the red shoes
l do not talk about secrets while eating
ls there someone called Lu Xiaoji here?
A friend said Lu Xiaoji will have...
a charming lady accompanying him
This lady here is very pretty
You must be Lu Xiaoji
Didn't the guy just tell you that...
to find out if someone is really Lu Xiaoji
...there is another way to do that
Stop. he's really Lu Xiaoji...
Who asked you to come here yelling?
A while back someone paid me...
to bring a letter here for Lu Xiaoji
He also said Lu Xiaoji... Lu
Where's the letter?
l've given him the letter
Let us go and get paid
How come there's not a word in it
Why is that so?
The wine is here
''Sikong Zhaixing will steal the scarf before dawn''
Such bad luck!
Who is this Sikong Zhaixing?
He is a legend in the martial arts world
lf he wants to steal anything
He will get it for sure
He has never failed
You haven't told me the red shoes' secret yet
Just like the Green Clothing Society
The Red Embroidery Shoes is a secret organization
The only difference is: they are all women
That's why they are more powerful
How come?
Because women are stronger than men
The food is here
l'm sorry
lt's okay
The other dishes will be here soon
Who is he?
He is quite skillful
Forget him and let's eat first
l feel so hot
Me too
l need to go back to my room
And take off the clothes
No. they may have added something in the wine
This substance will generate heat in a human body
lf you take off your clothes the poison will take effect
Alas. the red scarf is not with me
l'm afraid they may have an eye on me
So l hid the red scarf here instead...
in the afternoon
Didn't even keep it with yourself!
Of course
Hurry up. there's a thief...
Hurry up...
He ran away
Your scarf is gone
Who are you?
l'm the man that has come...
to steal your scarf tonight
Sikong Zhaixing
Why don't you go after Sikong Zhaixing?
Why chase that man?
The scarf is here
That one is fake
The real scarf is here
How come you have two scarves?
Since l know Sikong Zhaixing...
will steal the scarf
l went to the silk shop...
to buy a similar one
Because the only way to keep the scarf...
from him is to let him...
get the fake one
That's why you intentionally disclosed that...
the scarf is under the pillow;
And the real one is actually with you!
Only by doing so can we follow them...
to find out the mastermind behind the plot
This is the nunnery
Nunnery is for women. right
And the Red Shoes' Society also comprises of women
But we haven't seen anyone yet
Who are you?
That's my question to you
What are you doing in here?
l'm Lu Xiaofeng
l'm here in search of someone
Who are you looking for?
The Embroidery Bandit
The thief of Master Pingnan's treasury
That's right. How many nuns live in here?
Just me
Hey. what is it?
Since you're the only one living here
You must be the Embroidery Bandit
Because you asked Sikong to steal the scarf from us
What scarf?
This one
Because this is our only clue in finding out...
who is the Embroidery Bandit
Strange indeed! Why does the Embroidery Bandit
...choose this place instead of
some other places?
Do you know who l am?
Who are you?
Qingxia. is there an argument with someone?
Brother. guess who is here
Who could be here at this late hour?
Lu Xiaofeng
What? Hero Lu!
And he is...
He is my brother. Jiang Chongwei
Captain of the House of Pingnan?
That's right
Sir. how come you are here?
Where else can l be? You think a blind man...
can continue managing the National Treasury?
So you've seen the Embroidery Bandit in person
What kind of a person is he?
He's s not a person. he's a devil
l've never seen someone as skillful as him
Say. even if you find him
You can't defeat him!
My brother heard that Jin will ask for your help
Since then he has been wanting to meet with you
Hoping that you can avenge him
lt's such a surprise that you're here today
By the way. here's your scarf
Never mind. this is the fake one
lt doesn't help when you let them steal...
the fake scarf intentionally
Maybe the mastermind senses our intention...
right from the beginning
He is not an easy fellow to deal with
What are you doing in here?
l've had a dinner prepared...
as an apology to you both
Because a while back l have filched your scarf
Bullshit. The scarf is still here
When l ran into you just now
l've already stole it
Very good
This is yours
But why?
l admit that my profession is to steal
But l also know that Lu Xiaofeng...
is a honorable man
So l've arranged to pass on...
the fake scarf to someone else
And return the real one to you
Wine is here
Who is he?
He's my apprentice. Sikong Zhaihua
l apologize for what has happened just now...
By the way. can you tell me...
who asked you to steal the scarf?
Please forgive me
Thieves also have their rules. l've to keep it secret
But you people also rest assured that...
whenever l meet him. it would be in disguise
That's true
Brother. let's forget what has happened
Come. let me raise a toast to you
As a way of an apology
-Please... -Okay
Who asks for your apology!
Before you leave this room
l'll show you an act ''caught in the scene''
What happened?
lt looks like the wine has poison in it
Hold on
Why do you have to kill your Master?
Who said l want to kill my Master?
My Master instructed me to do so...
in order to give this letter to you
l've returned the scarf to you in person; farewell
Sikong Zhaixing
That's right. this kind of silk is indeed...
manufactured only by our company
l've heard that you record...
every single transaction
That's true!
Could you please look up...
who has bought this silk
That would be almost impossible
We have too many buyers for this kind of silk
Can't pin down who bought this
So. for the past two months...
is there any male buyer for this kind of silk?
A man? No way
Thank you
Sorry for the bother
Not a man. but there was this nun though...
who bought this silk a month ago
A nun?
Didn't you say the Red Shoe Society just had women?
How does one make out if they aren't women?
You can only be sure after stripping them
That's right. let's get to it
This one is a man
Hey. these two are also men
There are five men altogether
Wanna lose your pants. too?
All of them are men
lf your life is dear to you...
then tell me where is Jiang Qingxia
Otherwise l can't be nice anymore
Strange. there are men in Red Shoe Society
Who is Jiang Qingxia exactly?
Anybody here...
How come you are here?
l don't know. someone hit me
Actually l've been unconscious until now
Where is your sister?
This is very strange
Ever since last night when you visited us
She left quite early this morning
...and hasn't returned yet
Have you ever imagined that your sister...
could be related to the Embroidery Bandit?
Or could be linked to 'Red Shoes Society'?
Because a nun has bought the same kind of silk...
as the one used in that embroidery
How can that be? She's my sister...
Please don't be upset yet. there are so many nuns
lt may not be her
Moreover. l've fought with her last night
Her skill is not good enough to blind...
so many men in such a short while
But. if she is not a part of this...
why did she have to leave!
Maybe she nurtures a secret...
that she doesn't want anyone to know
What should we do now?
To find the other pair of red embroidery shoes
Come in & get rich...all games played here
You go and try your luck
What language are they speaking?
lt's Cantonese
What is this place?
This is the Guangdong street
Master. please go up for a good meal
Smells good. what is this?
Three...three six
We are eating three six?
No. no...we will eat something better
Who are you looking for?
l'm looking for Mr. Serpent
What is it for?
l'm Lu Xiaofeng. l need to talk to him
Please wait a moment
What's going on?
l want him to take me to a man called Serpent
Serpent? Who is he?
While coming in now.
Did you notice the people on this street...
Gambling inside...
Why would l want to notice these people?
Because among these people
At least twenty of them...
are criminals wanted by the government
Forty of them are the most skillful thieves
And another hundred of them are killers
All of them are followers of this Serpent
Mr. Serpent is the king of this street
Why do you want to see him?
Since he's got so many followers
...nothing can escape him
And no one can hide from him
So you want him to help you...
to find out the person in red shoes
Mr. Lu. please come along to meet Mr. Serpent
The bill. please
Don't worry about it
Thank you. honestly
Let's go
We'll be back for this
This way please
Please come this way
Mr. Lu. please
You are Lu Xiaofeng?
Yes. What's up. Bro?
l've heard that you're very good in martial arts
Who are they?
They are my men
l told them you're very powerful
...and they don't trust me
They wanted to give it a try
Now do you all believe me?
Mr. Lu. please
Mr. Lu. how are you?
Hello Sir
lt's so nice of you to visit a useless man as me
Please take a seat
Thank you
How are you doing lately?
Pretty good
Mr. Lu. whatever you desire;
As long as you can find it here. you can take it
lf not. l can find it for you
l'm looking for a pair of red shoes
What? Red shoes?
lt's a pair of red embroidered shoes
l hear The Red Embroidered Shoes Society an organization forjustice
Formed by seven women
All of them are top martial artists
You are looking for them?
Okay. l'll do that for you
Won't you ask why?
Not really. as long as we are still friends
Mr Serpent is looking for the Red Embroidered Shoes
Serpent is looking for the Red Embroidered Shoes
Serpent is looking for the Red Embroidered Shoes
They said Lu Xiaofeng wants to see her
lnform the headquarter of any news
l'll take your leave
No formalities
You may return
You know Mr Serpent seeks Red Embroidered Shoes?
Yes. l know
Get a load of that!
l saw that it looks good on you
So l bought a pair for myself too
Yours are very nice too!
How come so many people are wearing red shoes!
Red Shoes. buy it quick...
lt's no wonder so many today have red embroidery shoes
lt's him...
Your red shoes. your red shoes
Please give this letter to Lu Xiaofeng
Red Embroidered Shoes
Sure. it doesn't take long to find them
lt's not me that found them
But they have found me
l told them l'm looking for the Red Embroidery Shoes
So he gave this letter...
to my friend at the South City
l know who you are
and you want to see me in urgent
l'll wait for you in the West Garden tonight
The West Garden
This way please...
What would you like?
Anything that is good
Sure. sure...
lt's so crowded here
How do we know who is the Red Shoes?
That's simple
lt will be the one that wears red shoes
So you will lift up everybody's dress to check?
Fried chestnuts...
Hey. come here
The fried chestnuts are fresh and it's still hot
Ten cents a catty. how many do you want?
l don't want any of it
Here is ten silver dollars
l want you to do something for me
Only you can do this
Because as it is you are a hunchback
You're like looking for something on the ground
So l want you to find me the person...
who is wearing the red shoes
Sure. sure
Once you found it. inform me immediately
Sure. sure
But. the roasted chestnuts are real crisp
Please give it a try
So you're pretty smart after all
Thank you
Hey. steady there. okay?
Hurry up...hurry up...
Sir. we're closing now
Shall appreciate if you could leave
l'm sorry. but we're waiting for someone
That's okay. we won't close the door then
But the staff needs to go
You can sit for as long as you like
Okay. we are leaving!
That nanny with the chestnuts...
must have left with your money
She looked honest though
Good. there are a few chestnuts left
What happened?
The chestnuts are poisoned!
Didn't you want a chestnut just now?
Come. take one
My chestnut...
can kill ten persons
Both of them have taken one each
Come. my children!
Children. kill them both
Then we will have a hundred thousand taels of gold
Xuebing. don't go too far
Where is she?
Mr Lu. something has happened
What is it?
Jin wants to see you at once for an urgent matter
What? lt's The Serpent's home again?
What brings you here?
The Serpent
How did you find out about this?
l don't know. he's the first one to discover that
l dropped by for another matter
But once l opened the door. l saw this...
This is strange
This is no easy place to get in
So the murderer...
must be his good friend
l don't know who killed him
But l know who he died for
For whom?
That's right. Xuebing has disappeared
l'm looking for her
lt's because he has found Xuebing
That's why he was killed
This note is found in his hand after he died
''The East alley. above the West Attic''
What? Xuebing is here in the attic
No. Xuebing has disappeared
This evening
They said they heard some strange sound in here
l think they are afraid that...
we will recognize Xuebing's clothing. That's why
...they changed her clothes and took her away
Red shoes
Captain. Look
Embroidering needles?
Take it to the headquarter
Don't open it
We can't let others know that we've been here
Beware of any secret weapons inside
lt's okay. this box is pretty light
lf there's some secret weapons inside will be much heavier
Master Jin. Master Jin
He is still breathing
lmmediately get a doctor to detoxify the poison
Hurry up...
Use the back door. don't let other people see you
Send away all the cops on the street
There are only two cops on the street
Says who?
Those two pointing here and there...
are your men
And these three too. and also...
the one selling noodle as well as the customer
Four more at the end of the street
All except that beggar...
are the cops
Like that. huh! How did you realise that?
l know it. and the murderer knows that too
Now send them away
Tell them they can go home
You can go home now
Go away. don't stay in here
They are all gone now
What should we do now?
For the sake of this letter
The murderer will come back for sure
Let's make a small hole in this chest
Put the letter in the box...
and cover up the hole with the box
You and l will hide away downstairs
...and watch that hole of the chest
lf someone takes the box away
The light will come in through the hole
By then we can get the man...
for sure. right?
Let's wait for him here
Let's just wait
lt's 3 a.m. and no one yet!
Stay still!
So the beggar we saw just now...
is the top martial artist
The Black Devil
Hey. why did you kill him?
He was our only clue
We could have read his letter
Now we have no more clue
Where's Hua Manlou?
They say. after visiting Ye Gucheng. he went...
to the Huang Mountain to see Ximen Chuixue
What. you need his help?
Yes. this case is getting complicated
Xuebing has disappeared and The Serpent was killed
Now even Jin Jiuling is poisoned
All my clues are gone
So far l have not yet seen...
a pair of genuine red embroidered shoes
Someone is looking for you. Master Lu
Master Lu. l've been asked to hand you this letter
l was also told that after you read the letter
You'll give me a hundred silvers
How do you know l'm here?
Sikong Zhaihua
You still remember me!
''Society meeting to be held at Mid-autumn festival
There's a famous prostitute named Ouyang Qing...
who has worn red shoes for her whole life''
Who gave you this letter?
A pregnant woman
Now you go to the Huang Mountain at once to get...
Hua Manlou. How much you want for it?
When l came here. my Master told me that
l can charge whoever that needs my service;
But not Master Lu. Not only should l not charge you
...but l have to be very efficient. l'll go at once
What does it say in the letter?
lt says l should go see the famous prostitute...
with the red shoes. Ouyang Qing
Hey...l've waited for one whole day
How come she's not here yet?
She's here
Miss is not seeing anyone at the Mid-autumn festival
How can that be...
l've brought a hundred thousand taels of gold
...just to have a look at her
Can you just do us a favor?
Ask her to open the window...
and let us see her from here
Let us all take a good look at her
l'll give her all the jewelry that l've brought
That's right...
Okay! Then let me ask her again!
Thank you
Listen. all you down there
Miss has pity on you all
Now she will open the window
...and let you all take a good look
Even just a glance is worth it all
Thank you. thank you all of you
l'm a bit busy today
Let us meet some other time
Okay. all of you have seen her
Leave the stuff behind and please go now!
lt's really worth it
A hundred grand for a glance. not bad
Ouyang Qing is very pretty indeed
Please come again
That's truly the most famous prostitute ever
C'mon. hurry and clean up for Miss
Take the stuff inside
Be careful
Quick. get moving
Why are you so slow...take it all in
Everyone gone?
Yes. they have all gone
We've packed up all the gold and jewelry for you
Thank you
Don't mention it
Oh. not at all
Hurry up
Prepare the sedan for me
How come you're still here. who are you?
Me? A man
The man that wants to take one more look at me
You're wrong
l do not want to look at your face...
but your feet
My feet?
And would like to wager a bet with you
What kind?
Here is a hundred grand cheque
l'll take a gamble on the color of your shoes
lf l get it right. you've a feast prepared
...and stay with me tonight
And you also have to answer my questions
What if you get it wrong?
Then you can have this check
Okay. then what is the color of my shoes?
l guessed it right
Thank you
We'd do it once more
About what?
Here is a cheque for two hundred thousand dollars
Again. on the color of your shoes
Just now didn't you see that it's yellow?
What l saw was just the right foot
Now l'm putting my money on the left foot
l've never heard that...
a pair of shoes would be different colored
Do you accept?
Of course
Watch carefully
lt's here
Yellow again. right!
lt's red
Who are you?
l'm the nosy Lu Xiaofeng
No wonder
Yes ma'am
Prepare a banquet
Now l have a few questions for you
Go ahead!
Where are you going tonight?
That has nothing to do with you
lt does. because you wear red shoes
Next time if you meet someone with red shoes
...stay away from alcohol
ls the sedan ready yet?
Let's go
lf l didn't pretend to have taken your wine...
how would you bring me to your headquarter!
What are you doing?
l'm sorry. l'm sorry
Farewell. Lu Xiaofeng
The Red Embroidery Shoes!
''Red Embroidery Shoes Society Headquarters''
Seventh Sister. hurry up
That wine sure smells very good
You flatter me
Your dishes is the real treat here
Sixth Sister. where are your dishes?
Coming up. Fifth Sister...hurry up!
l need to get my yellow bag
That's right. let's see what we've got here...
before they come
Hasn't been a very fruitful year
l got only sixty thousand in banknotes
Same here...just fifty thousand
Because this year the corrupted officials have...
hidden their money at a more secretive place
l've done pretty well
l've killed forty to fifty robbers
These are their noses
So many...
What about you. Seventh Sister?
Here are fifty contracts of houses and lands
l've divided up the other properties...
all for the poor
Good. you've all done very well
When Big Sister comes. she will be all praises
So Big Sister is here already
Yes. she is changing inside
l'm all set
What? She is the Big Sister!
Madam Gongsun
Big Sister. let me get the bag for you
We meet after a year...
and you are still so pretty
l haven't seen you for a year...
and you still got that glib tongue
Where are Third and Fourth Sisters?
You know them
Every year they are the last to come
l'm not the very last one
-Fourth Sister -Fourth Sister
l could have been here much earlier
But first l had to get changed
Secondly. there was a nasty fellow l'd to get rid of
Big Sister
Here are cheques for over eighty thousand...
and there's a lot more jewelry
Now you've enough to acquire some land
Where is Third Sister?
l'm here
Third Sister
So it's really Jiang Qingxia!
Third Sister
Hello everyone
We are all here. let's be seated
You're the last one
The same rules as last year. right?
Not to get drunk. Not to let go
Of course!
This is our rule. it will not change
Come...have some wine
Big Sister. why is there an empty seat?
Because l still have a guest to come
Come in. Lu Xiaofeng!
Next time. if you know l'm here
Please call me up sooner
What are you doing here?
l'm here to investigate a case
He suspects that the Embroidery Bandit case...
is somehow linked to us
Because the Embroidery Bandit wears red shoes
No wonder you came to see me
He's here to check me out. too
So what are you going to do now?
Arrest you all
Hold on
Arrest us? No problem!
Let's compete for three rounds; if you win...
All seven of us will go with you
What if l lose?
Then you have to take my word
We are not connected to Embroidery Bandit case
Okay. what kind of competition is it?
The first round. a competition of poetry
Of course. martial arts and literary arts
The second round. competition of the sword
The third round. competition of lifting skill
Okay. even if l lose the first round
l still have the second and third
Fourth Sister. you are the best in poetry
Yes. Big Sister
How do you want to compete?
lt's up to you
Don't think l can win this round anyway
Let's do this! We will compose a poem
But we also have to act out every action
How's that?
Then l will start first
A picture in 3 steps and up the tower in seven steps
Swinging under the half moon
Walking on the flowers
Seeing an ugly face under the burning light
Very skillful
Master Lu. it's your turn now
A feast for eight with three bottles of wine
Seven women for one man
What? You...
What are you doing?
You take advantage of us
Let me handle this
You said seven women for one man
Fourth Sister just mentioned that...
you have to act out every action
Of course!
Come. let us take him to the bed
Don't you girls rush for that!
l haven't finished yet
Okay. go on
Of carelessness hit by strange illness since last year
A paralyzed man has disappointed seven women
l can't engage in intercourse
Good for you...Such a doggerel!
Okay. this round we'll get even
Go get changed
Yes. Big Sister
We'll start the second round
Move the table away
Third Sister
You'll lead the Plum Blossom Maze
Yes. Big Sister
This Plum Blossom Maze...
is the most powerful stance of the Red Shoes
lf you can jump out within a hundred stance
Then you'll win this round
A hundred! l don't need that many
How arrogant!
There are only two stances left
Let's see how you get out of this
Two stances?
That's enough
Altogether a hundred stances. and l've got out
Lu Xiaofeng. you haven't failed your reputation
Looks like l must win the third round
So you'll compete with me in inner strength
That's right. All of you. go get changed
Explain to him the rules
While Big Sister is getting changed...
someone will come out with a gong
When the gong is hit. Big Sister will run
You've to catch her at once
lf you can catch her in five hits...
Then you'll win in this round
This is the man that will hit the gong
They are here
Big Sister is inside
When the gong is hit...
Big Sister could run in any direction
You've to watch carefully
So. are you ready yet?
l don't know where she will come out from
How should l get ready?
But you can just start
l'll see what l can do
Get ready for the gong
l'll count up to three
One. two
Come on. catch her
There were three. whom should l catch?
Three more hits to go
Two more
One more
Hold it there. Madam Gongsun
How do you know...
l am not one of those three?
Because. you know...
no matter how fast one runs;
l. Lu Xiaofeng can still catch
Except the one that doesn't run
Also. if you have to dress up as a man next time
...better not wear fragrance
Lu Xiaofeng is Lu Xiaofeng
Where is she?
Why are you hiding up in the tree?
Because l need to know if anyone is following you
l know you want to see me for the robbery case
Altogether eighteen sets ofjewelry
Eight hundred thousand silver dollars
and ninety four gold taels are amiss
You've always thought that...
we are the robbers
But. after the competition...
l'm sort of having second thoughts
Because all you girls together are too good...
for that little amount of money
lt's because of this word of yours
l've tried my best to bring you...
to our Red Shoes Headquarter
So you've brought me here on purpose
lf l wouldn't have so desired...
you couldn't follow me here;
Think about this. Ouyang Qing can still disappear...
when she is surrounded by so many people
That's true
But why have you brought me here...
all by yourself?
Because there is a spy among our sisters
lf not. who will know that Jiang Qingxia...
belongs to our society;
And shift the blame to her using that scarf
You have also suspected us based on that
That's right. But besides your organization...
there's someone else l doubt
l have a suspect in mind too
And l can find out the truth immediately
Now you take me to Jin Jiuling
When the killer knows about this...
He'll surely be after my life
By then we will know who he is
Don't move
Who are you? What do you want?
l need money
How much?
A hundred thousand
Or l'll get your life
l...can do that
But l want it right now
Yes. l do have it right now
l'd never have expected...
Leader Meng to be such a generous person
Master Lu. so this is a practical joke on me!
By the way. why do you want to see me?
l've captured the Embroidery Bandit
Please take me to see Master Jin
Why would you want to see me this late?
Master Lu has captured the Embroidery Bandit
She is the Embroidery Bandit
All of her acupoints are blocked...
Except the one for talking
Now l've captured her. l've finished my job
But you have to do one thing for me
Ask her. where is Xuebing?
Of course
lt's very late now and l'm tired
l'll get going. See you tomorrow
Right. see you tomorrow
The guest is leaving
Ever since they left your home
l've been following from behind
Don't say anything yet. Take her somewhere else...
before he returns
Who are you? What do you want to do with me?
Don't you forget that...
your acupoints have been blocked by Lu Xiaofeng
Lu Xiaofeng. where are you?
You'll die terribly!
Yelling is no use. This is a secret chamber
Even if you shout yourself hoarse...
no one will hear you
Even so. you should wait for me to enjoy a little
Get up
Looks like her acupoints have really been blocked
Master. her acupoints have really been blocked
So it's you!
That's right. it's me
Why have you robbed so much treasure
...and shifted the blame on us?
Because l've heard of Red Shoes as being...
a very skillful and yet secretive organization
l've always thought that Lu Xiaofeng...
will be unable to find you girls
l just didn't know that you're so stupid
But this is alright as well
Now l will kill you. and the case...
of the Embroidery Bandit will come to an end
Because everyone will take for granted that...
The Embroidery Bandit is the Red Shoes
Now when l kill you. there's no more clue left
Jin Jiuling. be very cautious about it
That's right. if they didn't make sure...
whether or not your acupoints are really blocked
...l won't even dare come in
Serpent was killed by you
Because he happened to be Lu Xiaofeng's friend
Besides. he was very influential
But Lu Xiaofeng is right
lt will take his most trusted friend to kill him
lt's good that l've my spy...
among his associates
The worn-out house and the poison...
are all for deceiving Lu Xiaofeng
What about Xuebing?
That's the last step to fool Lu
What else have you to say?
Just one more thing
You shouldn't have told me all the secrets
Your acupoints?!
Were never blocked in the first place!
A while back you...
l had to find out...
who is the real Embroidery Bandit
But l saw that you're so scared you've wet the bed
Don't l even know how to pee?
Gongsun Lan. no matter how smart you are
You're just wasting your time
First. you may die here today
Second. even if you can get out of here
...nobody will trust you
Because since long l've held a good reputation
And you are a suspicious devil head
You think what you told me just now...
hasn't been heard by anyone else but me. huh?
l've told you. l only do what l'm sure of
When l asked for Lu Xiaofeng to be seen off
l actually sent off someone to watch over him
Next time if you want to watch over me
Get someone more skillful
Lu Xiaofeng. since when did you start suspecting me?
The day when Serpent died
Because when l went in. the lights were still off
This means Serpent died before it got dark
And there are so many people around him before dark
An outsider couldn't even get close to him
So. those who can kill him...
will only be you and Lu Wenhu
Your second mistake is that torn-down house
The way you decorated those two houses...
is actually perfect
But the clue is the poison
lf l'm the killer...
l'd try to do it with some secret weapon;
Why should l need any poison?
And what aroused my suspicion the most...
is the word of your own cohort
Even though cops like you guys...
can earn a lot of dirty money;
But. he is just too rich. he can pay off...
a hundred grand at any given time!
You done with your speech?
l'd just like to add...
Admit your guilt. Jin Jiuling!
You have said that l'm very cautious
My house is always prepared...
for you guys to come
They are the top martial artists from the gangsters
l got them especially for you
Come on
Jin Jiuling
l don't think you have any more chance tonight
Says who?
As long as l can kill you both...
nobody will know what has happened tonight
l could never imagine that among the guards...
we have such a vicious person as you
You. you bastard!
Don't move
Jin Jiuling
You better surrender all the stolen goods
We are here at the nunnery again
The nunnery?
Where is all the gold?
What happened?
What happened?
Where did this expert come from?
l have no idea
Who are you? Please tell us your name
No need. He is actually my friend
Have you ever noticed that in a place of darkness
...the blind are the most skillful!
lt's because their ears are the most sensitive
Chang Mantian
No. Jiang Chongwei
No wonder. Lu Xiaofeng is...
considered the most wittiest and outstanding
Why would you team up with Jin Jiuling?
lsn't that your eyes were...
hurt by the Embroidery Bandit?
That's true. but l've hurt my own eyes
...when l was practicing
l'll be blind sooner or later
For the sake of my future livelihood...
l teamed up with Jin to set up all this
So your sister Jiang Qingxia is also a part of this?
Of course. lf it's not for her.
How would we get to know...
the secrets of Red Shoes group
What's more. maybe you are not aware of this;
But my sister and Jin are actually lovers
So she willingly betrayed you all
Don't try to open that iron door
lt's locked from outside by an iron chain
Just wait here for a peaceful death!
Hard to tackle
l can't see how he moves in the dark
Where else would you like to go. Lu Xiaofeng?
Who is it?
Of course it's Hua Manlou
At times it's lucky to have a blind friend!
Master Lu
You're here too!
Yes. we are all here
How do you know this place?
You're forgetting the fact that...
l've brought the red scarf to this place before
That's right!
Wait a moment
l'll cut the chain from outside
Jin Jiuling. where else can you escape to!
Even if l don't escape. you can't kill me
Because l'm holding Xuebing hostage
Where is she?
Come along if you want to know...just you!
No. Master Lu. He is too crafty
Easy there!
lt's just Jin Jiuling. l think l can handle it
Please lead the way!
Get on the boat
Jin Jiuling. where is Xuebing?
Xuebing. how are you?
Do you need to ask?
You're not the most cautious person...
in the martial world
lf you want to deal with Lu Xiaofeng...
you've to come up with a better plan. mate
lt's futile
This iron cage is made by top craftsmen
No matter how can't budge it
So you're here too
ls it alright?
lt's okay. Haven't l told you that...
l will get all those treasures.
as well as win over Lu Xiaofeng
Buddy. why do you hate me that much?
l'm known as the top cop around
But no matter what happens...
they'd all want to look for you
This is the most unpleasant thing in my life
So l did all this...
besides aiming for the treasure
l have to let everybody know...
that l'm stronger than you
Am l right? l've often...
told you not to show off
lf you don't mind my being too talkative
...l've one more question for you
What do you plan to do with us?
l plan to sail for Northeast...
to an uninhabited island
l've prepared another boat
After l move away all the treasure from here
...l'll leave you to your death on the boat
Jiuling. we've got enough money now
Why should we kill them?
lf we don't kill them...
one day they'll track us down and kill us
Jiuling. l think...
Qingxia. do you love me?
l love you
Then ask no more
Please just do whatever l ask you
Think of something!
What are you looking at?
l'm looking at how far are we from the shore
We can't even see the shore
How about we bet on that?
My God. we are dying...
and you still want to gamble!
Who says we are dying?
l can wager with you that...
Jin Jiuling will come out right now
...and release us
You're nuts!
lt took him much effort to capture you;
Why'd he let go?
You don't believe...let's bet for a hundred
Jin Jiuling...
Jin Jiuling. are there keys to these two doors?
Of course!
Then get ready to open the doors!
Because l'm going to set fire
l've calculated carefully
The boat is in the middle of the sea
lf it's on fire now
No matter how strong the wind is certainly can't go back ashore
That means the boat will sink right in here
Even if you live...
the treasure will be gone
Hold on
lf you set fire now...
You will kill yourself first
We have to die anyway
l'd rather be a roast pig
Bloody hell!
Don't forget. our family is known for secret weapons!
Come on. open up
You owe me a hundred
Jin Jiuling
You can never defeat me
lt seems you still have time...
to talk to Jin Jiuling
lt's too late
Jiuling. you've done wrong
Qingxia. Qingxia...
l did nothing wrong
Whyever did God have to make me...
as well as you. Lu Xiaofeng?!
You are all here. too!
We've been following you from behind
lt's just that our boat isn't fast enough
Red embroidery shoes' folk aren't easy to get rid of