iPhone 5 Predictions - Bigger Screen, Better Camera, LTE

Uploaded by pizzafootbal on 05.07.2012

hey guys what's up
in today's video I've got my iPhone 5 predictions
this is basically what I think we will see
in the upcoming iPhone five so let's go ahead and get started
so first Im' going to talk about the release date, now usually apple releases
new software and hardware
at same time for iOS
they will release iOS 6 this fall actually according to apple
so that's pretty legitimate
i think that they will release of the iphone five at the same time as they
release iOS 6 I mean this makes sense they've been doing this for years
and i don't see why they would break the streak
so personally i think we will see a september or october release date
for the iphone five next is the processor now i think that there is a
chance that that the iPhone five will get an A6 processor now
the iPad 3 has the A5x which
is very similar to the A5 in that it does have dual core
c_p_ u
but it does have quad core graphics instead of dual-core graphics like on the
a five
i think it's possible that apple might just take another step
and put the A six into the iPhone five
but i think it's also a little bit more possible
that we will see the a five x
in the iPhone five
we've seen that the iPad one and the iphone four had the same processor the
iPad 2 and iPhone 4s had the same processor so it does make sense
then we'll see the ipad three and the iPhone five have the same processor uh...
but it is possible that Apple
wants the iPhone
to have
a newer processor i think
that there's a small chance of that happening really alright so we've been
rumors has been the screen size screen size screen size
screen size
all over the place
personally i think that the iPhone five is going to have a different design
a bigger design
so they will have a larger screen i'm thinking about a
three point seven to four inch display
maybe somewhere in between there
uh... with the same pixel density
uh... as the iPhone 4 and 4s
this will all be possible
because of the new design
i think that apple might stick with the current
uh... basis of the current design on the iphone four s
just make it a little bit bigger maybe thinner maybe thicker if they need to
uh... something like that
i think we'll at least something new as far as the design
alright so I'm
absolutely positive that we will see
l t e or some other form of four g in the iphone five i mean this is almost
as the iPad three had four g and its not even a phone so I think we will
definitely c l_ t_ e_ support
in the iPhone five
uh... we do kind of have four g support at least that's what apple says it is
it's not exactly four g a_t_t_'s 4g at least what they market it as is
faster three g essentially so i think that we will see l_t_e which is more
of a true four g
in it for the iphone five
are so as far as the cameras i think that we will definitely
some sort of upgrade
now personally i think that we are
definitely ready for a new front facing camera we've had the same one
the four
any four s and the quality isn't that great it's a very low pixel count the video
quality isn't that great
and really apple people to use
you know facetime to communicate with people so i think if they improve the
front facing camera
though definitely would be great i'm hoping for seven twenty p video and
three to five megapixel still shots i think this would definitely be
a nice feature to have as far as the back facing camera
we might see something like that nine or ten megapixel camera and maybe
slightly better optics or something like that
i don't think we will see huge upgrade their as we just got a big one
with the 4s but it is certainly possible
because that's what apple has been doing thank you so much watching
let me know what you think we'll see in the new iPhone five
right below me and i'll be sure to
reply to a few of you and read almost all of your comments if they're good of
that's it for this video see you in the next one