CGRundertow VERY HUNGRY CAT for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 19.12.2011

Ah, free iPhone games... Is there anything better? How about a good free iPhone game?
This guy is taking a little cat nap, and what else would a cat dream about but eating birds?
Are they angry? Hard to say, but the cat looks pretty happy eating them and pretty hungry,
it’s Very Hungry Cat for the iPhone.
Brought to you by the developers of Glass Tower, another fun app out there. Very Hungry
Cat’s concept is really simple, it can be explained in like 10 seconds, or 3 panels
on the tutorial... Eat these... Don’t eat these... Tap these. And that’s what we want
for a mobile game on the go, simple, easy, addictive.
Very Hungry Cat functions well, looks nice and is a fun little reaction game. Probably
the only requirements for a free app to have any success. I’ve seemed to notice a lot
of these reaction types of games in the App Store as of late.
Like I said the concept and game-play is simple and this is one of the better one’s I’ve
tried. So the game starts off easy and quickly gets a bit more challenging. As the music
picks up, so does the rate of birds and bombs and dynamites flying at you. Miss too many
birds or swallow something you shouldn’t and it’s bye bye kitty. It’s kind of funny
too way he bites it, depending on how you lost. Don’t worry, he’s not dead... He
just wakes up.. Right??
Anyway, along with a top score, there are also a number of achievements to complete.
Eating a certain number of birds, getting certain scores, etc. Unlocking the achievements
isn’t just for bragging rights though, each one will add elements to the game as well.
Adding new birds for more points, objects to tap for lots of points and power ups as
If you get really into Very Hungry Cat, like I did, you can purchase the full version for
99 cents. This will eliminate the ads and allow for unlimited play giving you the opportunity
to complete all of the achievements as well.
There isn’t a lot more to say about this game, it’s well done and enjoyable and that’s
why it was the top free download when I got it and still high up on the list as of this
recording. It may get lost in the pile of games stored away on my iPhone, but for now
it’s what I load up anytime I’m waiting around for something, need to kill some time,
or want to something to do that’s kind of mindless for a few minutes. Definitely try
out Very Hungry Cat and it’s even worth the dollar for the full version. Now come
on, this guy’s wasting away! Feed the poor guy already!