04 Revelation of Truth - Illuminati Identity

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Chapter 4 illuminati Identity
Hello I'm Patric Macnee
The Illuminati is said to be a global secret society
that has been operating for centuries...
A hidden brotherhood that includes some of the world's
most influential people...
people of all races and religions...
that hold top positions
in government, churches, business, education, science,
medicine, military, financial and charitable institutions.
Secret societies have existed for thousands of years...
They all have one thing in common, unique knowledge
which they swear by oath to keep secret...
For armed with this knowledge limited to themselves
they believe they can control others
One of the earliest secret societies
still exists today, the masons...
It is believed that its origin date back to ancient Egypt
when only a select of stone workers
possessed special mathematical knowledge
necessary for building the pyramids
Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit trained professor of canon law
well versed in the occult,
formed a new secret organization
that would unite all the secret societies
for an unthinkable purpose
To gain complete control of the world and its resources
and to achieve total domination of its people
Weishaupt described it as a New World Order
His diabolical brotherhood
was founded on a synthesis of the themes
of secret societies that had gone before
To his followers the founder listed
the 5 top secrets of the primary means
that would be used to accomplish
his dark goal of total world domination...
1. Monetary and sex bribery would be used to gain control of men
already in high places in the various levels of all governments
and other fields of endeavor
2. The illuminati who are on the faculty of colleges and universities
were to cultivate the best students for the cause
3. Influential people and specially trained students
under the control of the brotherhood,
would be placed behind the scenes, of all governments,
religious and financial institutions and used as agents
4. The secret society will develop absolute domination of the media
so that all news and information could be slanted to convince the masses
that a One World Government is the only solution to our many problems
5. The final phase of the operation would employ all resources
in place to initiate military coups, that would overthrown
all opposing governments,
and put the world under one global government
controlled by the illuminati...
Since Adam Weishaupt founded the secret organization in 1776,
its tentacles had extended into many other nations around the globe.
Even the United States shows telltale signs...
the most obvious is on the back of the US one dollar bill
Prominently displayed are the pyramid and the eye...
The illuminati's insignia put there in 1933
by order of president Franklin D. Roosevelt,
underneath of the latin words "novus ordo seclorum"
which translates as "New World Order"
Can the unthinkable plan
for illuminati global domination be stopped?
The only thing a secret society fears
is being exposed...
Today books on the frightening subject are gaining wide distribution
the internet is filled with information about the secret organization...
We can only hope that the people of all nations around the world
will see the signs and hear the clear warning
that there are those looking on the shadows
who are planning to take away our freedom...
Why people join the Freemasons Lodge?
Welcome to modern Freemasonry
As we give you a glimpse into the fraternity
it has affected man's life for centuries...
and why I and thousands like me share the special brotherhood
First the members of my Lodge
And not just a collection of brothers
who get together in meetings and other functions
They serve as a social outlet
and mentors to achieve my goals...
Masonry has introduced me to business leaders
that otherwise may I have never known
these personal connections represent just a slice...
of the faternity's benefits...
The global information network is a private club
It is worldwide we have members in over 170 countries
And here is a secret... all... Successful people
are a member... of a private club or association... all of them
That club could be an exclusive country club
It could be (I quote) a secret society like "Skull and Bones"
It could be an association, it could be the harvard alumni association
They all are a member of some club or association
The other advantages of being part of a club or a group
You have the ability to network with other people
and since people in these clubs and groups
make a pledge to help other members first
Members help other members so you have...
advantages unfair advantages...
against people who are not members of these clubs or groups
The global information network is a club that has been developed
by 30 people...
who run the GIN counsel they are all billionaires from around the world
They are all members of these high level clubs and societies and groups
These elite clubs, societies and groups
were only available to members of the privileged elite class
So we decided to form the global information network
and make it available to everyone
so what ever dream you want the club is going to help you
achieve that dream make more money
Just the stock recommendations you can get...
there are already people who have made
300 - 400 % returns on their investment
by information they have learned from other members
in our stock recommendations in the club it's mind boggling
the benefits...
And these joint venture opportunities
Ground floor things that we don't even reveal only to members only
where people just making out outrageous amounts of money
because they are the members of the club... It's the inside club
Members have had the ability to meet members of royalty...
High level politicians from around the world...
celebrities... sports... superstars
that you would never had the chance to meet otherwise...
all because you are a member...
This is going to the top just like, Amway, Herbalife (MLM companies)
the list goes on...
Freemasons Ideology
Today Freemasons Hall is located in Great Queen Street
In the coven Garden district
The Freemasons Hall is the central meeting place
for 8600 Masonic lodges
In United kingdom,
above one of the columns outside Freemasons Hall in London
there is a symbol of Masonic global power, the globe rut in a net
Another inscription now in Hebrew above the main entrance
reveals their ideological origin
Kadosh Adonai, Holy Yahweh (god of old testament)
These words were originally written on the meter of the Chief Rabbi
in the Torah this meter means the "Holy Crown"
Freemasons hall is full of varius Masonic symbols
Inside there are as many as
20 small Temples together with the grand Temple
with its mosaic ceiling, stained glass windows and carved doors
The Masonic Temple George Washington Memorial
in Alexandria Virginia
This building in Alexandria
is situated not far from Washington DC
It leaves a great impression
Jewish Hanukkah & Ark of covenant
Freemasons have taken over another important symbol
from the Temple of Solomon
The two pillars Jachin and Boaz
which correspond to Osiris and Isis
Only upon attaining a high degree
Is the Freemasons informed that the great Architect of the universe
Is called JUH-BUL-ON
In the degree called the Holy Royal Arch the 13th
the appearance of the Masonic god JUH-BUL-ON is revealed
He has a spiders body and three heads
that of a cat, a toad and a human head
In this way the father God
the god of the heavens and the god of death were united
The defector and Freemason of the 32nd degree
Bill Schnobelen confirms this...
This is the name of God (The masonic god)
JUH like Yahweh or Jehova
BUL is Baal the god of the cannaanite's
ON is another name for the god Osiris
who is like the sun god in his underworld capacity
The Jewish Tribune back in 1927 in New York City
gave us an idea of what Masonry is all about
Masonry said the Jewish Tribune, is based on Judaism
Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual
and what is left?
Freemasonry thoroughly Judaic...
We were talking about Shriner Freemasonry
and how it links Islam to the secret societies
Let's continue our interesting litle investigative study
The Shrine (Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine)
The shrine is the "Show Army of Masonry"
Maintains a very high profile
it is necessary to be a 32nd degree Mason
for 6 months before being eligible to join the Shrine
Only the highest Freemasons may join the Shrine
the Shrine is in the name of Allah, did you know that?
So here the Christians of so-called "Christians" of the 32nd degree
who now know already that they worship Lucifer
come to the Shrine, with a Koran on the altar
Now the Bible is gone
when you reach the highest level of Freemasonry
and become a shriner the Bible is gone...
We sealed our solemn oath in the name of Allah
the God of Arab, Moslem and Mohammedan, the God of our fathers
Is Allah the God of our fathers?
Isn't that interesting that they all working together behind the scenes
This is all a joke...
Here is Judge Ragheb Idriss ex-governor
Grand Master and Sovereign Grand Commander of Egypt
There is the Fez as their symbol
this is an Mason himself who showed me in Lebanon
that's most of the high Muslims were all Masons
he himself was a high Mason
Masonry let's go to this Masonic Temple
in Oklahoma and what do we see? We see a Fez...
and we see Arabic symbols
and we see a Fez...
and of course MOSLAH...
(meaning) Muslim, Allah
So Freemasonry at the highest level
worships Allah, who actually, directly is Set
Symbol of the moon and the star....
Mason Lodges exposed...
1997 was a very important year for the Masons in Turkey.
There had been secret recordings performed in masonic temples...
and these videos had been displayed in Channel 7 for many days.
The secret videos recorded in two different Lodges
shocked both Turkish people
and the masons who had not reached to high degrees.
The expose of the Masons who had been protecting their secrecy since
the establishment of the first Mason lodge at Instanbul in 1738...
and the display of the true face of masonry
have been discussed for many days
Introduce the candidates to us
Serdar Buyukustun, his profession is electrical engineering
Aykut Erensoy, his profession is electrical engineering
Kenan Ali Akman, his profession is free trade
Identifications of the candidates have been understood
bring them inside
Gentlemen, now repeat this oath after me
which was already read just now...
the in front of the Mason group which is standing here
with the symbol of the great architect of the universe
I swear it with all my wish, all my will and with fully of sincerity
(Repeating the oath)
I will not disclose any Masonic secrets,
which will be told and shown here to me,
to anyone other than a Mason
and at anywhere other than a Mason lodge.
(Repeating the oath)
I will work towards the aims of Mason's
(Repeating the oath)
I will obey the principles of the Free Masons Grand Lodge.
(Repeating the oath)
These swords pointed at you symbolizes that from now on,
if your life will be attacked, Masons will defend you.
In the other recordings which were published shortly after,
these shocking videos, Masonry in Turkey has been completely exposed
In these videos, a satanic worship ritual was being preformed
where only 33rd degree masons can join in.
The senior master who managed the ritual was drinking the blood
of a goat which was sacrificed for Satan on the middle of the lodge...
floor and he was finalizing the satanic worship ritual
by saying some prayers in the language of Hebrew.