Hamza and his Fanboys

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Hi there,
Up until today I have tried to really only criticise the Koran and leave the religion
and the followers out of it - because at the end of the day I felt it was not their fault.
My opinion on this has changed today. A convert to Islam and a person who provides simplistic
arguments and tries at all costs to rub shoulders with known persons anywhere and everywhere
so he can name drop, has knowingly taken up the role of paid deceiver. So I will now criticise
people who are dishonest and lie to others and I will expose these individuals.
Before I was censored, when I was still allowed to participate in the meaningful discussion
on Facebook about the various topics in the life of Hamza Tzortzis I came across many
of his fan-boys commenting on my observations - after they had first clicked on "like" on
anything that Hamza posted.
Erm no, I have to take that back, because I can't prove it and Muslims want to see proof
for anything except the anything that involves their book, the Koran. So I need to tone this
down to: almost anything that Hamza posted
This guy Hamza accuses me of never having read his piece of drivel he calls an essay.
Well, he also claims I have insulted millions with my videos, so I think anyone can see
where his brain is. Anywhere but not on topic. If he, should I be right with my suspicion,
really try to position himself as the Muslim Dr. WLCraig, he has a lot of work ahead of
him to develop something like a presence. Difficult, without the intellectual capability.
Hamza, who makes a living from other Muslims and who is paid for what he presents here
on the net and whose job it is to convince people like me of the real contents of the
Koran has removed himself from the discussion with me. It was probably too difficult to
have to answer to rational and realistic questions and convincing Muslims of the truth of the
Koran is definitely a lot easier, as other Muslims don't ask these pesky, uncomfortable
One of these fan-boys on Facebook, a person called Jamshed Javed, caught my attention
as his reply is representative of so many of these replies made by ridiculously stupid,
erroneous, ignorant and misled people who follow Hamza and applaud his every burp. We
really need to appreciate that these guys - if I got this right he's also somehow affiliated
with iERA - are hired by iERA to provide a function, to do a job, which they get paid
for. These are professionals. They get paid real money in a real world, to come up with
this dream and fiction stuff. Can I provide better and more thorough research in my capacity
as hobby researcher? You bet!
Let's take a critical look at this message, a sort of reply to my post, where I challenge
Hamza to provide proof for his extremely bold assertion that all verses or rather sentences
in the Koran were "revealed" 100 years before any major translation from Greek into Arabic.
Which is wrong but irrelevant either way as nobody except Hamza thinks the point is about
whether Muhammad personally received the information before his death in 622 or 632 Anno Domini.
(the year of the Christian Lord - his words, not mine).
As for his claim regarding the alleged "revelation": is there any indication in the Koran, which
sentences were revealed when and where? No. Is there any definitive indication in the
Sunnah, which tells us which sentences were revealed when and where? No.
So we have Hamza using an unsubstantiated wild guess as foundation for his following
argumentation. Wow, highly professional!
So let me look closer at what Hamza's fan-boys can contribute to move the discussion forward.
I will examine the posting in form of a comment to my challenge, made by a character calling
himself Jamshed and get a feel for the level of the professional and intellectual capabilities
iERA is hiring and paying for.
His comment in all its glory is here.
And these are the points in more detail.
"Loooooooooooooooooooooooool" is probably supposed to be a long laugh. What is he laughing
about? We will never know as it is not referenced. Is this a mistake? Nobody knows.
Definition: - a clever, diabolical person who gets free
non-stop advertisement across the globe in millions of peoples electronic mail boxes.
- someone who sends unwanted email - person sending unsolicited e-mail, of a
commercial nature
Did I send any e-mail? Nope! Did I send anything unsolicited? Nope! It
was an ongoing discussion. Was my comment commercial? Nope! Unlike Hamza
and possibly Jamshed, who get paid real money for their unreal phantasies, I don't get any
money but need to pay for my activities.
Conclusion: Jamshed uses a word he does not understand. Mistake!
"OMG, what a blunder"
OMG or more commonly known as Oh My God seems to be some sort of incantation towards his
god. Purpose: unknown. Is this a mistake? Nobody knows.
"what a blunder"
blunder: a usually serious mistake typically caused by ignorance or confusion
What is the blunder? Nobody knows. We have to assume it refers to everything I said about
historic sources on Greek embryology.
Is citing a source for the refutation of a claim a blunder? Nope!
I'll skip the demonic laugh.
"I thought that was the crux of his point?"
He thought? Oops, mistake. Big mistake. But I will not count it against him. Poor boy,
he is trying so hard to do something useful with his brain.
"the crux of his point"
The crux of my point was different. Very different. Totally different.
Is a source " translating Greek medicine before the 7th century" relevant to my point? Nope!
"Seems he doesn't want to back it up"
No, it's not a matter of not wanting, but not having to. Do I need to? Nope!
Jamshed does not understand what I am saying or the logic behind it. He does not ask or
confirm, but jumps to the first explanation that comes to his deluded mind and it is wrong.
"falsify the miracle of the Qur'an"
Is that what he thinks what I am doing? Oh dear!
No, I am reacting to a claim that there are "scientific miracles" in the Koran.
Which was toned down to claim there are scientific facts in the Koran unknown at the time.
Which was toned down to claim there are scientific facts in the Koran.
Which was toned down to claim that the contents of the Koran does not contradict science.
Which was toned down to claim that the contents of the Koran is not wrong.
Which means that I still say: no, the description of embryology in the Koran is factually wrong.
Anything else requires proof.
Does "falsify" imply that something must have been established prior to this? Yes. Was it?
Nope! Is actively falsifying something the same
as waiting for proof? Nope!
"desire to falsify the miracle" is wrong, but a repetition, so I will ignore it.
"silly blunders" I show how Hamza ignores history and makes irrational, emotional statements.
Blunder? Nope!
"you yourself have no plausible explanation" I gave an explanation. Fail!
"Typical atheist" What is a typical atheist? Atheists have nothing in common, except they
realise that there is no proof for any god. Most scientists are atheist is as common a
factor as you will get. Otherwise this is a nonsensical statement. Fail!
"We don't know who/what created the universe" An atheist saying: "who" created the Universe?
"we know it's definitely NOT God" I don't know of any atheist stating there is definitely
no god. Fail! Educate yourself on epistemology.
"we know it's definitely NOT God" Again, I don't know of any atheist who would make that
statement. Fail!
"yet they offer nothing as proof for a plausible alternative explanation"
Because there is no proof either way, this statement is false!
"verses concerning embryology and biology make up but a fraction of the verses"
If there are so few sentences on the topic, even more of a reason for them to be correct.
"verses relating to all matters of science" Complete lie!
I don't even need to qualify this.
"atheists will turn around and try to suggest" No all I want is proof for a claim! Fail!
"Muhammad must have known about it through research" I don't know any atheist who suggests
this. Fail!
"If he had knowledge of all these sciences" Nobody assumes or thinks this. Fail!
"except he couldn't read or write" Nobody I know has any proof for this outside of the
Koran. Fail!
"The entire atheist perspective simply shatters "
There is no such thing as an atheist perspective. Every atheist is an individual and atheists
only have one single thing in common: the lack of belief without evidence in a god.
And nothing is there that can shatter either. Childish.
"It simply cannot be" No proof, no evidence. Fail!
"And they call US deluded, lol."
And now you know why. The "lol" at the end further cements the initial impression that
Jamshed has no idea what he's talking about as he does not have the brain to grasp what
the discussion is about.
According to Word there are 297 words in Jamshed's comment. With 19 errors. One error every 16
words. Not a bad score.
Would anyone call this person knowledgeable? Would anyone call this person educated?
Would anyone say this person knew what the story here was?
Would anyone say this person had any idea what was going on?
But he was clever enough to click on "like" when Hamza Tzortzis wrote something.
And others went ahead and clicked on "like" to this very posting with the 19 errors. What
does that tell me about the professional and intellectual status of Muslim apologetics?
No further questions