O Brother, Where Art Thou? (4/10) Movie CLIP - Baby Face Nelson (2000) HD

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Is this a road to itta bena?
Uh... Itta bena?
Everett: Itta bena?
Isn't that-- isn't that, uh...
Stay on this here road.
Nah, that ain't right.
I was thinking of, uh...
Take this road.
Nah, nah, nah, that ain't right.
Pete: It seems to me there's a road...
Cow road that used to lead all the way--
Pete: Well, most of the way.
That ain't right, either.
Hop on in while you give it a think.
Everett: Right. Delmar.
George: Any of you boys know your way
Around a walther ppk?
Well, see, that's where we can't help you.
I don't believe it's in mississippi.
Friend, some of your folding money has come unstowed.
George: Just stuff it down that sack there, will you?
You boys aren't bad men, I take it?
Well, it's funny you should ask.
I was bad till yesterday,
But me and pete here been saved.
Delmar: I'm delmar, and that there is everett.
George nelson.
It's a pleasure.
Grab the tiller, will you, buddy?
Hand me that chopper. Ha ha ha ha!
Say, what line of work you in, george?
Ha ha ha ha!
Come and get me, coppers!
You flatfooted, lame-brained, soft-ass sons of bitches!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
No one can catch me!
George: I'm george nelson!
I'm bigger than any john, live or limp!
I'm 10 1/2 feet tall!
George: Cows.
I hate cows worse than coppers!
Delmar: Oh, george. Not the livestock.
Come on, you miserable, salaried sons of bitches!
George: Come and get me!