Xtra interviews Darcy Michael

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>> ROBIN PERELLE - It's great to see you again Darcy, but I have to tell you I didn't even
recognize you.
>> DARCY MICHAEL - That's the goal. I have a lot of enemies so it's really nice because
now I can walk by and smile and they don't have a clue. It's weird right? I get freaked
out when I walk by reflective surfaces. Who's that? Oh that's me.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - When I first met you living in Ladner, scruffier, hairier, heavier, and
you called yourself the undercover fag. Who are you now?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - God, I don't know. I'm adorable though. If I had known I was this
cute I would have put in an effort in years ago.
>> I've lost 100 pounds since last year. A hundred! Yeah, I lost you. No I did, you used
to be right here, we used to have some fun. Oh my god. It's weird though when you lose
weight especially 100 pounds the first thing people saw is "How did you do it" and fat
people are like "How did you DO IT!? Tell me the secret." And there's no secret it's
what we've always been told. You know, it's diet, exercise, cocaine that's how you do
it. I'm just kidding it was AIDS.
>> DARCY MICHAEL - I don't know who I am anymore, I just know I'm not dying and I feel fantastic.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - I'm very glad to here you are not dying. Is that why you changed your
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Well no, well I had a health scare so I was like okay let's pay a little
more attention.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - But if you are no longer the undercover fag
>> DARCY MICHAEL - I have no act I know!
>> ROBIN PERELLE - Does that mean you have to change part of your act?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Well the DVD is kind of that's all retired now. The new DVD 'One Skinny
>> ROBIN PERELLE - Yeah shameless plug
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Yeah shameless plug it's three dollars people. I wanted to record it
and get it out there because I knew the act was done.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - Ok but you are worrying me a little about new act. When I first say
the ad for your special and I factored in your increasing success. I thought oh no,
he's not toning down is he?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Oh god no. If anything I could care less now. Well you've seen the
>> ROBIN PERELLE - I loved the special, I was so relieved. It was great.
>> DARCY MICHAEL - If anything I think I have more freedom now then I ever did before because
my confidence is through the roof. Probably over confident if anything. But I could give
a fuck. I'm having a great time and if people don't like what I am doing then there's the
door, you don't get a refund. No one is safe, nothing is untapped anymore in the new show.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - Is there anything you won't touch?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Uhh... no. I think if it's funny it's funny. Like I talk about my cancer
in the show, people don't like that sometimes. I deal with it in a different way then you
deal with it. You don't want to sit next to me at a funeral is what I'm saying. Because
that's when I'm the funniest. My mom won't let my dad and I sit together because he can't
hold it together. Like dark hours are when I'm super funny.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - What's your favourite part in the new special?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Uhh definitely the Oprah.
>> Well I fucking jerked off after the gym I should have called Guiness, I shot across
the fucking room. It was like Oprah cum. It was like "I'm coming!" You get some sperm,
you get some sperm, everybody gets some sperm.
>> DARCY MICHAEL - I love it because gay guys on stage don't talk about sex to straight
audiences very often. I don't know why I get away with it. But audiences dig it.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - You know my favourite part from your special is the one about adopting
the Filipino woman from Walmart. I walked around saying Okay
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Okay. It's weird because I hesitate with jokes like that because I
don't think there's anything racist about the joke per se. But people get very sensitive
about race related humour. I do get hesitate but I do love that joke.
>> You're going to be our kid now. Ok. We need someone for the parade. Ok. How old are
you? Ok.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - Do you ever take any heat for not being politically correct?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Not yet but I just think the wrong people haven't seen it yet. Because
I do make some pretty racy jokes. Especially in the newer stuff. Equating my weight loss
to AIDS probably is going to get me in trouble. But hey it's the glow that counts.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - How important is it that it might get you into trouble.
>> DARCY MICHAEL - I don't care. I think anyone who when you dissect comedy then you've clearly
got too much time on your hands. If you don't like a joke, don't laugh, move on. That's
the way I look at it. If someone says something that I find offensive. Shitty for me. Talking
about comedy is like dancing about architecture. There's no point. You either laughed or you
didn't and then you move on. People might not get it. I get more flak for saying fag
on stage than I do for anything else and that's from the community. I don't care about it.
Faggot is a word that I love and use and take to the grave. I think we are at a point in
society where we are trying to sensitize all of our language. I'm adamantly against that.
We have words to use that are powerful and strong when they need to be and fun and campy
when they need to be. And if we start taking words out of our language. Then we have no
way to communicate with each other. Sometimes someone is a fucking faggot. And other times
he's a faggot. You know? It's just a good word. If people don't like it then don't come
to the show. Or come to the show I don't care, I want your money.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - So you are playing at Yuk, Yuk's in Vancouver soon in time for father's
day. You - a weed smoking, dick-driven, rauchy as hell dad. How cool is that?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Father's day weekend is perfect for me. There will be people coming
to the show to you know bring their dads and stuff and hey there are other types of dads
out there. Just don't bring social services. That's all I ask.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - I promise I won't tell them.
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Please don't
>> ROBIN PERELLE - Is it hard having a new look after all of the years of getting yourself
known with the previously look?
>> DARCY MICHAEL - I'm like the Madonna of comedy. I'm just always going to switch it
>> ROBIN PERELLE - Just keep re-inventing yourself.
>> DARCY MICHAEL - Two more years and I'm going to be Asian. Although if I smoke anymore
weed today I could be Asian.
>> ROBIN PERELLE - It is so good to see you again
>> DARCY MICHAEL - It's been great thank you.�