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Hey everyone.
I'm Colleen.
Welcome to this week's recap of America's Got Talent.
We're finally done with all of the auditions, and now we're
in Las Vegas.
And the judges announced that there were
going to be two lists--
the judges' favorites, and the standbys.
So basically you were either really good or
you're sloppy seconds.
They said that if you're not on either one of these lists,
you flew all the way out for nothing because they're
putting you right back on a plane, and you're going home.
So the very first group we have tonight
was the danger category.
This is my least favorite category because I stress out
the entire time, and I watch the whole thing like this.
There was a lot of bicycles flipping upside down and razor
scooters that I haven't seen since I was 12 years old.
But there was this one guy who ate it from the American BMX
stunt team.
He faceplanted into the ground.
When they asked him how he was doing, he said, uh, I'm fine.
I'm good.
But he--
faceplanted into the ground.
All of the danger acts were fine, but I didn't think any
of them were good enough to actually win.
The next category was the female singers.
(SINGING) Ooh, yeah.
I didn't think any of them were that good.
I was so disappointed because there were people that I
thought were great in previous episodes who totally bombed
this time around.
The next category was the dance groups.
Funk Beyond Control was first, and they were dressed like
cats and kind of jumped around.
The Loyalty Dance Team came on next, and they had a lot of
great energy, but the
choreography wasn't that great.
Sharon was like, there's nothing different!
And then Howard was like, not strong.
It was kind of dull.
So I don't know how much further they're going to get
in this competition.
Then the 787 Dance Crew came on, and they were awesome.
They had great choreography.
I was super impressed until someone totally ate it and hit
their face in the floor.
Then there was the novelty round, which is basically just
the really weird people.
First, we had Horse, which is a man who just
gets his balls smashed.
Yay, America.
I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone would want to watch an
entire hour of a man getting hit in the balls.
The final category of the evening was
the classical singers.
Simply Sergio was my favorite part of the whole night.
He sang "O Sole Mio" and forgot the words.
(SINGING) O Sole Mio.
So Howard Stern was like, did you forget the words?
He was like, no, that's how the song goes.
We all know that you forgot the words.
Just admit it.
We'll love you more.
I felt like everyone in tonight's episode was nervous.
Everyone was forgetting words and messing up and falling on
their faces and almost dying.
And it just seemed like no one was very prepared.
So there were no eliminations tonight-- just a lot of
unprepared second auditions.
Hopefully the rest of the season gets better and better
and better, and people won't be as nervous.
Thank you so much for watching my recap on
America's Got Talent.
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I will see you guys next week for another recap.