Why Do We Love Zombies and The Walking Dead? Episode 4 of Scare U with Dr. Margee Kerr

Uploaded by TheScareHouse on 03.10.2012

"If is was surrounded by these things, would I stand a chance?" - "No problem, if you have a gun just shoot 'em in the head"
Are they slow moving?
Yeah, they're dead...
They're all messed up.
Hi Guys, and welcome to Scare U
I'm Doctor Margee Kerr, scare specialist here at the ScareHouse, and today we're talking about
one of my favorite scares ... zombies.
Ah... zombies.
they're everywhere
The CDC even has a zombie preparedness plan
just in case there's a zombie apocalypse.
but what exactly is a zombie?
Well, zombies come in many shapes and sizes.
Pittsburgh's George Romero is often cited as the father of the modern day zombie
but even he didn't originally conceive of his monsters as "zombies"
but rather insatiable cannibals. In fact, Romero's zombies were the first
on-screen depiction of the flesh-eating undead.
Zombies, like clowns, have a long history
The basic concept of the zombie, or the reanimated dead, appears in
cultures across the globe and dates back centuries
let's stick to this country for now
so we've got the traditional, hands out in front
mindless zombies of the sixties
and the run for your life, highly motivated and fast moving zombies
of the early twenty first century
but they all have one thing in common
they want to eat you.
but that's about it
they don't want your money, they don't like torture you and they don't really
want to turn you into the human centipede.
Zombies are the quintessential architect of the mindless evil.
There's no room for psychoanalysis here
There's no abusive parents or possession of the devil to
explain their actions
they're just hungry.
But we, as the viewer, love to add our own opinions or
political or social messages the horde may be trying to represent,
War? Infection? The decline of social morals? You name it.
and that's the beauty of the zombie - it can be whatever scares you most.
add onto that the very innate fear of being chased and you've got one scary character.

Our "fight or flight" response is in high gear when confronted with a horde of zombies
we must run or fight.
There's no conversation, bargaining for life, or trying to appeal to their rationality.

you're pretty much screwed
That's why we fear them
but why are we obsessed with them?
better yet why are YOU obsessed with them?
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and remember...aim for the head.